How Does Reishi Mushroom Effectively Influence Male’s Hormone Levels? – Research Revealed!


People have been using various methods to increase sex hormone levels for centuries. But very few techniques are available that actually fulfill the needs that humans need and prove an effective result in increasing the testosterone level.

One such method that has been popular in recent times is the consumption of Reishi mushroom, which is also called Ganoderma lucidum (GL) extract.

The GL extraction is known to increase the testosterone level in middle-aged males due to anti-androgen effects. So, let’s find out how this claim is true and how the reishi mushroom can inhibit testosterone production.

What Are The Effects Of Androgen In The Testosterone Level?

Hence, Reishi is not the new remedy that has been circulated on social media in recent times. The GL extraction has been used as a natural medical remedy for thousands of years.

According to Chinese culture, Reishi is believed to prevent cancer and improve the immunity of human beings.

According to recent studies, mushrooms offer various active components like anti-androgen that help to reduce the level of testosterone.

An androgen, which contains a group of sex hormones, is responsible for increasing the male sex traits. These male traits can help to grow in various parts of the male body and even decide the depth of the voice.

Testosterone Level

However, the problem occurs when the increasing number of traits start creating problems in the human body.

The increased amount of testosterone can cause various health issues, which can be chronic as well. It is also responsible for promoting diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In such cases, an individual needs to decrease the male sex hormones to achieve a moderate amount. This increased testosterone can affect fertility and even thicken semen, which can affect the sexual lifestyle.

In this case, GL extraction plays an important role in reducing the testosterone level and maintaining the overall fertility of the male sperm.

How Can Anti-Androgen Of Reishi Mushroom Help Lower The Testosterone Level?

According to recent scientific research, reishi mushrooms are known to increase and decrease the testosterone level.

The fungi contain both triterpenes and anti-androgen properties that may increase the testosterone level and even decrease it if required.

Therefore, it is recommended for both those who have low levels of testosterone and even excessive sperm content.

Triterpenes are the active component in mushrooms that helps to stimulate steroidogenesis in males. These types of elements can influence the testosterone level in the body with very little research.

Unfortunately, there are very few studies available that can prove the claims that GL extraction does, and research is still ongoing.

Increased testosterone levels are essential in males to pursue a healthy life, which not only increases the fertility of the male sperm but also provides other health benefits.

The increased amount of male sex hormones can help in muscle gain and provide energy to do various works. But sometimes, as time increases level of these hormones may create problems physically and mentally.

In such cases, the anti-androgen properties of reishi mushrooms play an important role in inhibiting testosterone production.

The consumption of GL extraction can significantly reduce the 5 alpha reductase level.

This reaction may result in the conversion of testosterone production into the more potent DHT (Dihydrotestosterones).

DHT is an androgen sex steroid which is responsible for repairing of growth of the prostate and the penis. Additionally, it is also sebum and hair in the various parts of the body.

As a result, it also inhibits the testosterone level and maintains the amount in the body.

Now, you might notice that this is a contracting ability of the reishi mushroom and raises the question of who should use this fungi plant. The answers always depend on the usage and the way an individual has used it. So, the next topic is all about how to use the anti-androgen properties of reishi mushrooms to maintain the testosterone level.

How To Consume Reishi Mushroom To Opt For Anti-Androgen Effect and Inhibiting Testosterone Production?

Reishi mushroom is available in different forms. You can enjoy the benefits of Reishi mushroom from raw extract to supplements like powder and capsule form.

However, when you consume its raw form, you probably won’t like its taste because the earthy flavor might not taste you well.

Nevertheless, if you want to slow down the testosterone production in your body, you always have the alternate option to intake Reishi mushrooms.

To get the optimum anti-androgen effect of Reishi mushroom, you can have its supplements. The reason is it is easy to carry and consume and keeps you away from tasting the bitter flavor.

Further, you can use Reishi mushroom by adding a spoonful of its powdery supplement or drinking its tea. Alternatively, you can consume it by preparing several recipes using Reishi mushrooms.

Some Easy Methods To Consume Reishi Mushroom

  • You can prepare a healthy smoothie using seasonal food and then add a spoonful of reishi powder supplement.
  • Prepare a nutritious tea with reishi.
  • Make soup using a variety of green vegetables and then add reishi to it.
  • Cook a bowl of quinoa by adding multiple vegetables along with reishi.
  • Use reishi mushroom to infuse its flavor while making an egg omelet.
  • You can also prepare snacks or sweet delights using reishi mushrooms to get enriched sweet bites.
Methods To Consume Reishi Mushroom

While consuming reishi mushroom in any form, one thing you must note is that its effect on different bodies can be different; sometimes, it can immediately reflect the changes, or sometimes it can take more than usual time.

So, in the latter case, you must be patient and try to maintain a proper diet by adding Reishi mushroom as the core element.


Hope you have better understood the effects of Reishi in inhibiting testosterone production after going through the above-shared information.

You also understand the ways to consume Reishi mushrooms to get the optimum effects of anti-androgen.

Now, one thing you should always keep in mind is that whenever you want to start taking Reishi in any form, you must consult your doctor.

Also, you must keep an eye on changing hormonal levels in your body in a time frame.


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