How To Safely Lose Weight While Pregnant? Everything To Know


Gaining weight beyond the limit is never a happy thing even if you are going through the pregnancy phase. Even though the best way to reduce the efforts of weight loss after pregnancy is to prevent unwanted weight during the same. However, while undertaking a weight loss journey during your pregnancy, you should be extra cautious, since you are carrying two lives in one body.

For this, it is important to learn and understand the safe and scientifically proven ways. In this article, we will help you get to know them, explain them in detail, and also give some bonus tips and tricks for the same.

You may also find the preferred dietary pattern to be followed during this time to prevent unwanted weight gain and also to promote healthy weight loss. You can also find the ideal weight that should be maintained during pregnancy according to your body weight. 

Is It Safe To Lose Weight During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman is supposed to gain weight in a healthy range. However, if you are someone having a greater BMI (Body Mass Index) even before pregnancy, the weight gain should be limited. These people may consume fewer calories than the rest of the pregnant women.

But pregnant ladies with a lesser or normal Body Mass Index (BMI), may consume more calories through food in order to have the supply for the baby inside. There is also nothing wrong in doing safe exercises during pregnancy that do not impact the abdominal region. 

The first and foremost thing that you should accept is that pregnancy comes with weight gain, which is quite inevitable. This is a natural process, and the body will retain its former weight once the delivery is done up to a limit.

Is It Safe To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Even if there are certain common workout plans and dietary patterns to be followed during pregnancy, make sure you seek the expert opinion of your gynaecologist before venturing out to follow them.

This is because pregnancies may have individual complications and this can only be identified and analysed by the consulting gynaecologist. However, it is always good to stop binge eating in the name of pregnancy cravings and start following a healthy lifestyle so that you will not gain unhealthy weight during this period. 

Healthy Weight To Be Maintained During Pregnancy 

The second and third trimesters are when weight gain happens at the most accelerated pace in a pregnant lady. If you are underweight it is okay to gain 28-40 pounds during your pregnancy. 25-35 pounds is the appropriate weight gain range for those who are under normal weight.

Overweight women may only gain 15-25 pounds during this period. It is important for obese women to restrict their weight to 11-20 pounds. 

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Ways To Lose Weight During Pregnancy 

1. Follow Calorie Deficit 

According to a healthy individual, there is no need to take additional calories in the first trimester of your pregnancy. When you enter the second trimester, you may add 340 calories per day to support the baby’s growth. In the third trimester, you may increase this up to 450 calories per day.

However, if you are aiming for weight loss, you may cut down calories with the consent of your dietician and gynaecologist. Avoiding processed foods, alcoholic beverages, junk, carbonated drinks, sweets, etc. can also help you with this. Adding vegetables and fruits to increase the fibre intake can also help. 

2. 30 Minutes Of Physical Activity

There is nothing wrong with doing low-impact workouts during the pregnancy period. You may work out for 30 minutes for 3-5 days per week. If you find this difficult you may also start with a lower intensity. Swimming, walking, and prenatal yoga, are some of the best workouts during pregnancy. Make sure you are not getting your hands on painful and high intensity since this can cause you more harm than good. 

Wrap Up

These are the healthy ways to lose weight during pregnancy and it is always a better idea to maintain a healthy weight. Make sure you address any abnormalities in your weight by immediately reporting it to your doctor to stay safe and healthy throughout the pregnancy. It is also important to not stress yourself during this period and enjoy the beginning of the wonderful journey of motherhood. 

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