Combined Sections Meeting AASPT Excellence in Research Award

Of the 300+ research abstracts submitted to AASPT each year, only one is recognized with this highly competitive award. The scientific quality and relevance to sports physical therapy of each submission is rigorously evaluated using a blinded process, with the highest ranked receiving the award.


Past Recipients

Clinical diagnostic accuracy and magnetic resonance imaging findings in patients referred by physical therapists versus orthopaedic surgeons and nonorthopaedic providers
Josef Moore, Don Goss, R. Baxter, T. DeBerardino, D. Taylor, D. Fellows

Effect of ACL reconstruction on the femoral nerve H-reflex
Michael Rosenthal, Josef Moore, D. Taylor, T. DeBerardino

Supervised clinic-based physical therapy versus home exercise in the treatment of acute lateral ankle sprains
Marc Weishaar, Josef Moore, T. Pendergrass, Don Goss, E. Slivka, R. Green, P. Stoneman

Hip and knee strength, EMG activity, and kinematics in subjects with patellofemoral pain syndrome
Lori Bolgla, Terry Malone, Tim Uhl, Brian Umberger

The effectiveness of a balance-training intervention in reducing the incidence of noncontact ankle sprains in high school football players
Tim Tyler, Malcolm McHugh, M. Mirabella, Michael Mullaney, Stephen Nicholas

Identifying impairments that predict function: a preliminary step in developing return-to-sport guidelines for ACL reconstruction
Trevor Lentz, S. Tillman, M. Moser, P. Indelicato, Steven George, Terri Chmielewski

Correction of posterior shoulder tightness is associated with symptom resolution in patients with internal impingement
Tim Tyler, Stephen Nicholas, Michael Mullaney, Malcolm McHugh

Prevalence and relationships between disordered eating, menstrual dysfunction and musculoskeletal injury among competitive female interscholastic runners
Mitchell Rauh, J. Nicholas, Michelle Barrack

Fear of reinjury/low confidence 1 year after ACL reconstruction: high prevalence and altered self-ratings
Trevor Lentz, G. Zeppieri, M. Moser, P. Indelicato, Steven George, Terri Chmielewski

Axial loading rates during walking and running in females with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and healthy controls
Brian Noehren, C. Miller, H. Wilson, C. Lattermann

Pre-season shoulder ROM screening as a predictor of injury among youth, adolescent, and professional baseball pitchers

Ellen Shanley, Micheal Kissenberth, Charles Thigpen, Lane Bailey, Richard Hawkins, Lori Michener, Mitchell Rauh

A postural control sway complexity protocol for detection of post-concussion deficits in youth

Catherine Quatman-Yates, Jason Hugentobler, B. Janiszewski, N. Mwase, B. Kurowski, M. Riley

Achieving symmetry in ACL return to sport testing does not represent prior functional levels

Elizabeth Wellsandt, Mathew Failla, Lynn Synder-Mackler

Young athletes after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with single-leg drop-landing asymmetries at the time of return to sport demonstrate decreased knee function two years later

Matthew Ithurburn, Mark Paterno, Kevin Ford, Timothy Hewett, Laura Schmitt

Risk for lower extremity injury following concussion: a matched cohort study in soldiers

Joseph Kardouni, Tracie Shing, Craig McKinnon, Dennis Scofield, Susan Proctor

Clinical and return to sport outcomes by graft type after completion of a secondary ACL prevention program

Angela Smith, Jacob Capin, Ryan Zarzycki, Lynn Snyder-Mackler

Peak vertical ground reaction force and center of mass vertical excursion are prospectively associated with injury in elite cross-country runners

Christa Wille, Mikel Stiffler-Joachim, Alyson Kelsey, Chuck Hart, Bryan Heiderscheit

Prospective validation and responsiveness of the University of Wisconsin Running Injury and Recovery Index

Evan Nelson, Stephanie Kliethermes, Bryan Heiderscheit


Recognizing AASPT members who have contributed significantly to sports physical therapy research.

Team Concept Conference Abstract Awards

Launched in 2019, accepted abstracts are evaluated by a panel of judges for scientific quality and relevance to sports physical therapy, with the top research and case report posters being recognized.

Past Recipients

Research Poster Award:
Parental beliefs not associated with pain and function among adolescent athletes with anterior knee pain
William Rice, Mitchell Selhorst

Case Report Poster Award:
In-season blood flow restriction training for decathletes with patellar tendinopathy: a case report
Jason Brumitt, Tyler Cuddeford