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Start your career off right with AASPT!

If you’re a student or a new professional, you have questions. Questions about residencies and fellowships. Questions about where to find a great job in sports physical therapy. Questions about making the transition from student to professional.

How do I find an AASPT mentor? How do I interact with others like me?

We’ve provided this area of the AASPT website just for you. Explore the benefits of AASPT. Find out where to connect with other students and new professionals. Discover our TeamMates program that links students with experienced sports physical therapists as mentors. Volunteer to serve your Academy and meet others who share your passion for sports physical therapy.

Most importantly…join any or all of special interest groups (SIGs). This is where true mentorship in your chosen areas of practice begin! SIGs are open to all student members as well as graduate members!

National Student Conclave
Residencies and Fellowships
Special Interest Groups

The Kevin Wilk Traveling Fellowship