What Are The 4 Types Of Immunity? Understanding Your Body’s Defense Systems


The immune system is a sophisticated system much like all the other processes in our body. What makes it stand out is its intricacy and detailing and how each cell is connected to fight anything that stands in the way of having a healthy life. These proteins defend the body from foreign invaders like viruses or bacteria.

types of immunity

Our body has 4 kinds of immunity including the following-

As its name suggests, it is the first line of defense that kicks in when the body is attacked. This is usually present at birth and doesn’t specialize in a fight against any disease in particular. Primarily consisting of barriers like skin, mucus, and stomach acids, innate immunity also involves certain white blood cells like neutrophils and macrophages that can engulf and destroy pathogens during a process known as phagocytosis.

4 types of immunity

It is a more targeted approach planned by the body to mitigate the problems caused by pathogens. Not only does it take time to develop but also provides long-lasting protection. Active immunity gets triggered in real-time; that means it is usually acquired when you are infected by the disease. It could gather the information it stored when previously attacked and apply it to the current scenario. Moreover, you can also artificially induce adaptive immunity by opting for vaccinations, where a small weak pathogen is introduced to stimulate an immune response. Once triggered, the immune system activates its memory the next time you are attacked by the foreign body and is activated by the T and B cells.

This is the kind of adaptive immunity that is activated by the body’s own response to a particular problem. As stated above, it could include both natural and artificial immunity that could start as soon as the body recognizes the pathogens to which it was introduced. For instance, people who contract chicken pox are known to be immune to it. This means the body memorized the model of the bacteria that could attack the body when chicken pox pops up. This makes it a natural way. Additionally, there are artificial ways including vaccination where the body is tricked into believing that it is being attacked and then familiarized with the dormant form of pathogens. It is usually given in infancy to protect the body from any risks as without it. One could be extremely vulnerable to diseases that are wiped off the face of the earth otherwise.

This involves the transfer of antibodies formed in one person to another. Though it could be related to receiving cells from the host. The recipient’s body is still required to complete the procedure. It can be both natural and artificial. Naturally, mothers transfer their antibodies from the placenta when they bear the child in their uterus. When they are birthed, mothers transfer the necessary through particulars through breast milk which is why it becomes so important at the early stages of growing.

Babies who don’t get enough mother’s milk end up having poor immune responses as they grow up. Artificially, some individuals are given the antibodies cultivated in labs injected into their bodies. However, This is often short-lived and is also optional. It is because the antibodies you receive might not get a foothold in your own body. And if the system is severely compromised. There is no way the receiving could do anything for their body.

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How To Improve Immunity?

Developing immunity is an organic process and includes-

  1. Eating a balanced diet– After you grow up, you derive all the nutrients from the food which makes it necessary for your food to have all kinds of Vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
  2.  Water– It removes toxins and helps kidneys process any harmful substances that would not even need an intervention by active immune systems.
  3.  Sleep– Correct your biological clock to make it work efficiently.


All four immunities work in tandem to protect the body from any kind of invasion. Over time, defenses could also become weaker due to your dietary and lifestyle habits. To avoid this, you should take care of the immune system as much as you would for anything else.

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