Acne: Types, Causes, Treatment And Prevention


Acne is one of the most annoying and challenging skin problems that people of all ages experience. Take it from a person who has healthy skin, one acne and it can destroy the whole face! There is a lot to just a normal pimple if you talk about acne. How the acne differs, what are its causes and what are the treatments available along with the preventive measures can be known if a person knows about it.

Some people say that eating certain foods can bring a challenge to the skin health, whereas some people challenge the products that are used on the skin. Of course then there is the environmental pressure given by pollution that can challenge the skin overall and can make a pretty face goal in seconds.

Types Of Acne: How To Treat Them?

Do you want to explore the types of acne and what are its causes along with the treatment and prevention plans?

Acne is a multidimensional and comprehensive issue that can manifest with a lot of characteristics as well as challenges to the people. You will see many things like the appearance of cyst, blackheads or white heads commonly.

Let us explore the types of acne and how it can affect our healthy skin overall and make a person’s life challenging:

  • The development of Whitehead and blackheads are most commonly observed in teenagers as well as middle aged people. These are some of the non-inflammatory acne that is usually due to the open pores that are clogged and not properly scrubbed. You have to follow a routine of a cleanup session to fight through the white heads and black heads and make your skin as bright as possible – it is not a cake walk and requires a lot of pain and effort by the dermatologist!
  • Pamphlets and pustules are another form of acne that are usually more red and swell up. These are not just white heads and black heads. But certain type of lesions that are swollen up with a little red looking puss inside.
  • The development of modules and cyst is another challenge that people might experience and it is also another most common type of acne development. It is much more deeper and painful that can even lead to marks on the face and skin. You will see how the development of these Cysts and nodules can affect the overall appearance of the individual. They usually leave a brown black mark that is as annoying as a wound on your face.
Types Of Acne

Causes Of Acne

Now that we know all the types of acne it is very important to know the causes behind the same. Here we will discuss what all factors can affect and cause acne. People have to make sure that they can fight through this problem and lead a more balancing life when fighting with acne. 

You need to know a root cause for the same before you indulge with anything or any other skincare product accordingly:

  • If your skin has an excessive oil production, which is usually an over reaction of the sebaceous glands that can of course lead to poor blockage and also give a hard time to the overall skin. It is highly recommended to use all three products and not to indulge products with high content in oil.
  • If your skin has a lot of dead skin cells, it can also lead to poor pore clogging along with the fostering environment, for bacterial like infections, leading to acne and its complications on the face.
  • There is another factor that can also lead to acne or might be a possible cause which is a bacterial growth which is called bacteria P acne. It is one of the most naturally occurring bacteria that can lead to inflammation and acne lesions that are hard to deal with if not treated properly.
  • People in the teenage and early adulthood can face hormonal fluctuations that can trigger hormonal acne types. Usually puberty and women period cycle along with the pregnancy can make a face go dull in a second due to acne.

You have to know the root cause and deal with it accordingly and never lose hope.

Treatment And Prevention Of Acne

Acne treatment is also available in the market and people need to have a combination of approaches to deal with the breakouts on the skin. There are a lot of options available, some of them are given here:

  • You can always use the topical treatments or creams data directly applied on the skin to fight through the breakouts like acne. These are usually made of retinoid or benzoyl peroxide, which is always working on the bacterial and skin related infections.
  • You can also take oral medications like antibiotics or contraceptives. That can again help you deal with the breakouts. It is very important for people who are experiencing hormonal imbalance. I need to have a grip of it.
  • There is another option that is used for the worst cases of the acne, or where the faces are usually filled with these marks and scars and is also called as a potent medication. It is usually accutane which again can be given in the form of various medications and other things.
  • There are also some of the procedural or surgical methods by which the dermatologist might suggest to remove the acne completely from the face. It is usually for the cases that are severely affected by the same and people who cannot deal with the annoying acne.

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Prevention Of Acne


It is hence very important to understand your problem and what is causing it completely to cure and treat the acne in a more systematic manner. Make sure that you reach the best dermatologist who can help you through the various lifestyle changes like adapting to a certain diet and avoiding bad food habits along with the stress management techniques to lead a more healthier life. You also have to keep your body hydrated, along with the regular scrubbing and cleansing of the face to get a better look than before.


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