Alpine Ice Hack For Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

Written by Elizabeth Brown

Alpine ice hack or diet is given to the term or, let’s say, a routine of pouring a mysterious white powder with a glass filled with ice on your body. The supplement or the mysterious powder used in this process is either Alpilean or Puravive. Many TikTok influencers around the world are using these supplements and are getting quite a few views by posting their videos. Uncover the Alpine Ice Hack for Effortless Weight Loss!

Many believe that the product is just a stunt and can’t work in making you lose fat. There have already been tons of medications and supplements for weight loss, and most of them have side effects. Usually, people like to do experiments with new products, so the supplement is gaining popularity around the globe.

Anyway, here we are going to discuss all the things related to the effects and benefits of cold on your body. So, keep reading:

What Is An Alpine Ice Hack?

A new and mysterious white powder, claiming to be good for weight loss, has surfaced on the internet and is gaining popularity from the audience. Usually, when a person searches for these supplements, they get redirected to the official pages of either Alpilean or Puravive. Manufacturers of these supplements claim that their product shows extraordinary effects in weight loss. 

Alpine Ice Hack

This seems hard to believe, but according to the supplement manufacturers, it temporarily increases your resting metabolism and makes you lose fat faster. However, there is no proof that these actually work and neither have they been approved by the FDA. Most Tiktokers around the world are using these supplements, which is most probably for the views.

When it comes to getting the real benefits of ice treatment and losing actual weight, you need to get into an ice bath—the more traditional and beneficial method of taking advantage of cold temperatures and losing weight. 

How Does The Cold Temperature Benefit You?

When it comes to taking advantage of cold temperatures in your weight loss journey, ice baths are proven to work extraordinarily. Several fitness enthusiasts and popular bodybuilders have been seen using ice baths after their workouts. According to them, ice baths help them in muscle recovery, soreness, and better mental health. Experience the Alpine Ice Hack for weight loss.

Anyway, here are proven benefits that you can get from regular ice baths:

1. Boosted Metabolic Rate

When it comes to effectively losing fat, ice baths can play a crucial role in your metabolic rate. When your body comes in contact with cold temperatures, your outer body starts to get colder. Then, your body starts to increase your metabolic rate to increase inner core temperature. This leads to a temporary increase in metabolic rate, and your body starts to burn fat faster.

2. Improved Muscle Recovery 

Bodybuilders all over the world take ice baths regularly to lose fat faster. It has been proved that ice baths can increase your muscle recovery and help you gain muscle mass effectively. When you go through intense training or workouts, your muscle tissues break and need blood circulation to recover. Cold temperature increases that circulation and increases your muscle recovery rate.

3. Better Cognitive Functions

Not only do ice baths increase your muscle recovery and metabolic rate, but they also make your mental health better. Regular exposure to cold temperatures can increase blood circulation all over your body, including your brain. This can lead to better cognitive function and better mental health. Spend a healthy amount of time in icy cold water daily and enjoy your mindfulness and stress-free days.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Cold Temperature?

Usually, taking ice baths will only be good for you, but when it comes to certain people and their conditions, it can show some side effects. The chances of side effects are meagre. But there can be times when a person can spend excessive time in the cold, which can lead to conditions like frostbite and hypothermia. Make sure you are spending appropriate time in your cold bath and getting nutritious foods afterwards. Anyway, look at these possible side effects of cold temperatures:

1. The Danger Of Getting Frostbite

Frostbite is a condition mostly faced by professional mountain climbers when their skin gets exposed to cold for too long. Similarly, if you are spending way too much time in your ice baths. It can cut off the blood circulation in particular areas. Possible areas to get affected by frostbite are fingers and toes.

Usually, when you spend around 10 to 15 minutes in cold temperatures, your body starts to feel numb, which means your blood circulation is slowing down. Now that’s the time you need to get out and warm yourself up to prevent any damage to your skin cells. 

2. Risk Of Hypothermia

Usually, ice baths are done to increase your inner body temperature and lose fat from the faster metabolism. However, there is another side to it, and you need to note that the inner temperature only increases temporarily and starts to decrease dangerously afterwards. 

When your body reaches under 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to show signs of hypothermia and ignoring them can lead to organ failure and, worse, death. Spending more than 10 to 15 minutes in cold temperatures is just stupidity and shouldn’t be done in any circumstances.

3. Affects Heart Health In Some People

Now, here is the situation where if you have any heart-related issue, like arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy or any type of cardiac syndromes, you need to stay away from ice baths. As you are dipped into cold water, it can lead to an increased heartbeat and in your condition, it can be deadly. Even if you are going into the cold water, make sure you are measuring the temperature and staying in there for not more than 5 minutes.

Summing Up

The main thing about the Alpine Ice Hack is that it is completely based on supplement usage, and we have much better choices than using some mysterious white powder to lose weight. You can go for a run, eat healthy, and take ice baths after your workout. Doing all this without failure can lead to a healthy heart, lean body, and better mental health. Chill Your Way to Weight Loss Success with the Alpine Ice Hack!


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