Anti-Inflammatory Diet: What Foods To Eat And Avoid?

Written by Danielle Foster

Our body goes through multiple impediments all the time. It is indeed a complex system but that does not discount its vulnerability to contract diseases at the bat of any eye.

Most diseases are attributed to the inflammation of various organs in the body which is why this article will discuss the full list of anti-inflammatory foods that you can eat to keep your body healthy and ready to work all the time.

We will also be talking about how inflammatory foods cause distress in the body making it weak not to be healthy enough. Read on to know if your favorite food makes the list or not. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t!

Why should we avoid inflammatory foods?

Before we introduce you to the coveted list, we will surely let you know why it is important to avoid foods that are inflammatory in every way.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Not only is it linked to various health conditions but eating them could upset your system- both your physiological and mental well-being. Some of the reasons include,

Chronic Diseases: eating certain foods has been linked directly to the causation of life-threatening diseases. This includes diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, and obesity.

Immune System: Eating inflammatory foods could also prevent the body from having a strong barrier against toxins and bacteria.

Digestive Health: Our digestive system is complex as it is and therefore creating foods that inflate the organs could be devastating and make you a patient for a long time.

Joint pain: The inflammatory foods could also have lots of trans fats or sugars in them which can cause immense joint pain like neuropathy.

Brain Health: Inflammatory foods can certainly affect the brain adversely. Not only does it impact the nervous system but it also weakens the response to stimuli.

What is the full list of the most anti-inflammatory foods you can eat?

The list includes,


Berries could be of many varieties which include blue, red, and black. It may also include raspberries and strawberries. Being full of flavonoids and anthocyanins, it can help the body heal and not get affected by inflammation of any kind. It also supports cardiovascular strength, cognitive function, and immune functions.

Fatty fish

Varieties of fatty fish include Salmon, Mackeral, Sardines, and trout which are known to have EPH and DHA. It can reduce the inflammation in the lungs, eyes, and heart and reduces the risks of arthritis too.


It is a vegetable that is known as cruciferous because of its high content of Sulforaphane. If you are body is affected by diseases or toxins, broccoli is that super-food that protects it from contaminating the bloodstream.


With the newly earned popularity, avocados are rich in Potassium, Fiber, and Lutein. All of this makes it an excellent protection against high levels of cholesterol and sugar.

Green Tea

Green Tea is loved by gym goers with its rich polyphenols including catechins. We cannot blame them for it can increase the metabolic rate, reduce inflammation, and make your body susceptible to fight off toxins.


A favorite in every dish, there are several kinds of peppers available. This includes green and red bell peppers and their spicy substitute chili peppers. To list what it doesn’t have would be easy considering it has everything from Vitamins to capsaicin which is anti-inflammatory, and oxidant and would be nutritious in all the ways possible.


Though mushrooms are a delicacy, this is not the reason why it is on the list. Shitake, Maitake, and Reishi varieties are known to be immunomodulatory. This means it has the ability to change the immune system in ways in which it could be stronger.


The red and purple ones deserve special mention as they have resveratrol, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. Even drinking wine could give you all the goodness of the fruit with its vitamins and minerals.


Did you think we would miss this one? Popular in various Eastern medicinal philosophies, the curcumin in turmeric makes it special in all the ways it can.

Extra virgin oil

Unlike normal oils, virgin oils contain monosaturated fats that are known to control cholesterol levels. This way it can protect the heart valves from narrowing down. Besides, it can also help the immune system with the production of WBCs which guard the safety of our body.

Dark chocolate

They too are rich in flavanoids which make them a favorite among gym goers. This helps them keep a slim body. However, when it comes to being an anti-inflammatory, dark chocolate essentially keeps all the toxins away and can also change the way your body works.


Those red little bubbles are not just beautiful but also have a lot of antioxidant properties in them. No matter how you eat it, you should try to have it in your body. If you love your skin, you can depend on tomatoes with no qualms.


Cherries in their original form are not sweet. It is only later that we add them into sugar syrup to make it tasty the way we want it to be. However, eating cherries could not be just fun but also healthy as the research says.


The items on the list are all anti-inflammatory and that too best in what they are. While many of them are superfoods, a lot of them contain sugar in superior amounts which could be a drawback.

So when you consume it you may want to regulate the level. Also, the Calorie count in some of them like avocados is higher so you might want to cut on them as well. It would be better to consult a doctor and take his/her advice before deciding on a particular fruit.

The choice of the fruit’s dosage should also be according to your health care worker. In any case, these fruits could positively reshape your life especially if you are suffering from any of the diseases listed above.


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