Bedbugs On Kids: Find Out The Home Remedies For Bedbugs


When you see some tiny insects in your beds, you might be wondering what they are and why they chose such a location. These bugs are resilient and won’t go away unless you do something about them. You should know what they are and how to eradicate them.

What Are Bedbugs?

Bed bugs are parasites that look like tiny insects. Their hosts are human and animal blood. They don’t enjoy sucking blood during the day to avoid being seen. They can also enter your home through cracks and small holes.

Bedbugs On Kids

They enjoy staying in soft textures like the bed and biting humans, including children. Children would have woken up due to its bites, but they can’t feel it and leave some signs on their skin.

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Symptoms Bedbug Bite

There are several symptoms to look for if bed bugs have bitten your kids:

  • Itching, which can be severe,
  • Papules on the body They differ in color based on the child’s complexion.
  • Odor from a high population of bedbugs
  • The bed will be stained with blood.
  • Bedbug excreta

Home Remedies For Bedbugs

If your home is already infested with these bugs, no worries; you can still eliminate them.

🔹 Let Them Go Hungry

Ensure these insects don’t get enough blood as usual from you and your children. You can use a vacuum device to clean your bed. This isn’t enough. Did you know that using Ziploc bags for your bedsheets for seven days will trap these bugs without food? However, bedbugs can survive without food for a long time, but they will have to fast, and it will temporarily eliminate all of them.

🔹 Use Diatomaceous Earth

While it’s not a quick solution, it can still dehydrate these bugs. To effectively use diatomaceous earth to kill some of these bed bugs, sprinkle it in small openings or cracks. However, you can only see effective results after more than ten days.

It’s not rocket science, so you can use it without supervision, and it’s affordable. However, you cannot stop there, even if many bedbugs are dead. Don’t forget to use the vacuum cleaner to remove their carcass, and keep doing it for better results.

🔹 Consider The Bicarbonate In Soda

Bicarbonate soda has always been used in movies to destroy even complex, fatal technologies. It can also kill bedbugs when you spray it on the affected areas. The bugs will suffer from dehydration and even death. While it’s affordable, don’t forget to use it with your vacuum cleaner to eliminate these bugs.

🔹 Apply Tea Tree Essential Oils

Tea tree oil is known to treat scabies, and bedbugs are no exception. It’s a threat to them because they cannot perceive human presence to get their food, and it will also eliminate them. While being affordable, it is readily available as a home remedy. Just mix twenty drops of it with 200 ml of water and target the bedbugs by sprinkling it, and it will do its wonders.

🔹 Use Vinegar

Most homes use vinegar but are unaware of its ability to kill bedbugs. It can remove these bugs and destroy their nervous systems due to its strong odor. While bedbugs can be affected when using vinegar, their eggs are not susceptible to its attack. The bugs will suffer and be trapped when you add vinegar to the affected areas and on them. It will be a painful experience for them as they perish.

🔹 Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is one remedy you shouldn’t take for granted because it can kill bedbugs. It’s easy to use and follows a similar process to the options above. Just sprinkle it on the affected areas and ensure it also touches the bugs so it can kill them.

🔹 Borax

Most people are unaware of Borax’s ability to kill bedbugs. It is a multipurpose home remedy for these bugs. You can sprinkle it on the bedsheet or add it to the water when washing your clothes.

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Bedbugs in your home should not scare you, but you should try reliable home remedies to kill them. Don’t forget to use various methods like diatomaceous earth, tea tree oil, vinegar, etc. to kill them. Also, wash your clothes with borax to banish these bugs effectively.

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