What Are The Benefits Of Tongkat Ali For Women? Uses & Side Effects


With a wide variety of herbal supplements, Tongkat Ali is another type of herbal supplement that benefits both males and females. It is extracted from the root of a shrub native to Southeast Asia. Also, it is useful for treating various chronic diseases like malaria fevers and improving male infertility. Moreover, it aids women with several benefits and improves hormonal disbalances, mental stress, and others. 

Tongkat Ali is a type of flavonoid and alkaloid that provides antioxidant properties to the body. However, if you are unaware of the benefits of Tongkat Ali for women or need an idea about the right usage and dosage, then you are at the right article. Here are the essential benefits of his herbal supplements for women, which help boost overall health and well-being.

Top Benefits Of Tongkat Ali For Women

Tongkat Ali, or long jackfruit, is a great herbal supplement that provides individuals with hormones balancing positive impact. However, research is still going on about the benefits or side effects of this herbal medicine. Let’s see some top benefits of this herb for women in detail-

Benefits Of Tongkat Ali
  • It Helps In Reducing Weight

The hormonal changes or imbalances in women are reasons for weight gain, causing further problems in the body. However, the intake of Tongkat Ali in women has helped in weight reduction and provides the body to be in shape and fit. It helps to reduce excessive fats and relieves early aging. Further, it helps to control the estrogen levels, cholesterol levels, and others within the body and overall reduces bad fat.

  • Provides Relief From Stress And Anxiety

If a woman is suffering from stress and anxiety, then consuming Tongkat Ali would be the best choice. It controls the stress-causing hormone levels and decreases anxiety. Also, it boosts mood swings and improves overall mental health. It is considered similar to taking pills for anxiety and stress and results in less stress, anger, and tension. 

  • Improves In Stabilizing Hormones Levels

The use of a natural herb supplement called Tongkat Ali in women helps to boost the hormonal change occurring due to aging, delivery, or other reasons. It controls the estrogen levels, cortisol, and others within the body and provides relief from many diseases. Moreover, it improves sexual well-being by boosting testosterone levels and providing energy. 

  • Helps To Activate Gut Health

If you are suffering from a deficiency in gut health, such as indigestion, stomach aids, ulcers, and others, then Tongkat Ali would provide the best benefits. Also, it helps to enhance the immune system and keeps you energetic with body and mind. Moreover, it contains anti-inflammatory properties that decrease pain and reduce the risk of chronic disease. 

  • Helps To Control Blood Sugar Levels

The use of Tongkat Ali also helps to control blood sugar levels and keep you healthy and well-being for a longer duration. Although exercise and a balanced diet play a major role in curing diabetes, this supplement acts as a natural booster. Moreover, when taking these herbal medications, it is necessary to control dietary carbohydrates, sleep well, and more. 

  • Helps To Reduce Or Fight Parasites

There are numerous functions going inside our body, and increasing parasites are one of them, which becomes the reason for intestinal problems. Moreover, the consumption of Tongkat Ali can help in fighting and removing unnecessary parasites. Further, it improves hormonal disbalance and relief from gastric problems. 

  • Helps In Promoting Skeletal Health

Weaker and fragile bones can be due to low testosterone levels in the body in women. It is best medicated by giving Tongkat Ali herbal medicines enriched with vitamin D, Calcium, and magnesium. Also, it maintains the perfect balance of hormones and bones. 

 Potential Side Effects Of Tongkat Ali For Women

Although there are many advantages of using Tongkat Ali for women in their health and mind, it covers some side effects. It may be due to the wrong usage of overdosage of pills or without taking professional advice. Let’s see some-

  • Giving restlessness, tiredness, and raised body temperature.  
  • Harming the reproductive properties of damaging DNA.
  • Increasing cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.
  • Increasing anxiety in some people.

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Bottom Line

Tongkat Ali is beneficial in providing ease of anxiety and improving reproductive function and overall mental well-being. However, it is suggested to take prescribed advice from professionals to reduce the risk of complications in the future. Also, nothing is more natural than having a better lifestyle, incorporating a nutritional diet and regular exercise. 

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