5 Best Weight Loss Drops: Our Top Picks To Slim Down Fast

Written by Elizabeth Brown

Obesity is the condition where your body has excessive body fat and that leads you to develop several other health issues. According to recent reports, it is found that every 2 of the 5 adults have obesity. This ratio is increasing day by day and that too at a faster rate. Many factors contribute to conditions like this. But the first and foremost among all would be the current unhealthy lifestyle that we are leading. 

The condition of being overweight is something that needs much attention. This can destroy a person’s confidence on all levels. Along with it, this can bring about many other serious health problems. This increasing number of overweight people creates a growing demand for weight loss supplements and formulas.

The remedies, tips, and tricks on the internet might work for some, but not all can completely rely on such remedies. Through this Best Weight Loss Drops review, I will be reviewing 5 weight loss supplements and find out if they are worth what they claim. 

5 Best Weight Loss Drops Supplements For Fast Results

I have taken 5 weight loss drops which are the most hyped and the ones that receive positive reviews from all around to articulate this review. The supplements that I have chosen are Ignite Drops, Cleanest Body, VivaSlim, KeySlim, and Revival Tonic.

Let us now examine all of them in detail by stressing factors like the ingredients used, benefits offered by it, pricing, refund policy, and working. Keep on treading if you are someone who is on the journey to find a legitimate weight loss supplement. 

Best Weight Loss Drops

  • Ignite Drops.
  • Cleanest Body.
  • KeySlim
  • vivaSlim.
  • Revival Tonic.

1️⃣ Ignite Drops

Ignite Drops

Ignite Drops is a dietary supplement that helps in reducing body weight effectively. It helps in boosting your energy levels and supports fat burning. The supplement can be used by men and women of all ages. This supplement is loaded with the benefits of many ingredients that are clinically proven to support healthy weight loss. 

Ignite Drops Ingredients

In this section, I will be dealing with the mention and properties of Ignite Drops ingredients that are used in this supplement. They are as follows. 

  • Maca Root: Maca root helps in lowering blood pressure and increasing energy levels. 
  • Green tea leaf extract: it can reduce stress and regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 
  • Astragalus root: it can reduce fatigue and treat issues of kidney failure.
  • Gymnema leaf: it helps in reducing body weight and high levels of cholesterol. 

Forskohlii root, eleuthero root, capsicum annum, and guarana seed, are all used in it. 

Ignite Drops Benefits

In this section, I will mention the Ignite Drops benefits that you will get after using it.

Ignite Drops Pros And Cons

  • Free bonus available.
  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. 
  • GMO-free formula. 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Safe to consume daily. 
  • One-time payment option. 


  • Only available on the official website. 
  • Might face a shortage of stock.

Ignite Drops Pricing

Ignite Drops is available at an affordable price. Several discounts and offers are also applied to the current price to make it even more affordable. 

  • 1 bottle-$69+small shipping fee. 
  • 2 bottles-$156+small shipping fee+1 bottle free+1 bonus free.
  • 3 bottles-$246+free shipping+2 bottle free+1 bonus free.

Ignite Drops Bonuses

With the purchase of bundle packages of Ignite Drops, you will get a bonus which is a bottle of ToxiClear. This is a body detoxifier that will help you to cleanse your body from within. 

Ignite Drops Refund Policy

Ignite Drops comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. You can try the supplement within 60 days and if you are dissatisfied with the results you can let the team know about this and your full amount will be refunded. 

Click here to visit the official website of Ignite Drops

2️⃣ Cleanest Body

Cleanest Body

Cleanest Body is the amalgamation of several herbs that are effective for reducing stubborn body weight, cravings, and bloating. It helps in detoxifying your body. The formula is also helpful in increasing your energy levels. It helps in maintaining a healthy gut by supporting a good digestive process. 

Cleanest Body Ingredients

The components used to prepare this supplement are given below. These Cleanest Body ingredients are sourced naturally and are sourced from non-GMO crops. 

  • Fennel seed: it helps in increasing nutrient absorption and also helps in boosting energy levels
  • Marshmallow root: it can regulate high levels of blood pressure and improve digestive properties. 
  • Pumpkin seed: pumpkin seed can improve digestion and support regular elimination. 
  • Clove bud: Clove bud aids in losing body weight along with boosting energy. 
  • Peppermint leaf oil: it promotes good quality sleep and freshens breath. 
  • Papaya seed extract: it is rich in nutrients and vitamins that help in regulating digestion.

The supplement also contains ingredients like a garlic bulb, oregano leaf oil, wormwood herb, slippery elm bark, and black walnut hull. 

Cleanest Body Benefits

The Cleanest Body benefits offered are mentioned below.

Cleanest Body Pros And Cons

  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • Free bonuses are available. 
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Free of GMOs.
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered GMP-certified facility. 
  • No chemicals and stimulants. 
  • Replicas are readily available. 
  • Shortage of stock. 

Cleanest Body Pricing

In this section, I will mention the price details of the Cleanest Body. It is available in 3 different packages.

  • 1 bottle(30 day supply)-$69+free shipping.
  • 3 bottles(90 day supply)-$59/bottle+free shipping+2 free eBooks.
  • 6 bottles(180 day supply)-$49/bottle+free shipping+2 free ebooks.

Cleanest Body Bonuses

You can have access to 2 free eBooks with the purchase of 3 or 6 bottle packages. The provided eBooks are mentioned below. 

  • Free Bonus #1: Secrets of Mayan Shaman radical body renewal in 30 days or less. 
  • Free Bonus #2: The eight government screw-ups that are costing you over $225,000 in healthcare costs. 

Cleanest Body Refund Policy 

Cleanest Body is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. All those dissatisfied customers can ask for a full refund within 60 days. 

3️⃣ KeySlim Drops


KeySlim Drops is a weight loss supplement that can naturally give a boost to your metabolism levels to aid the burning of extra calories. It helps in reducing cravings and hunger along with regulating appetite. The formula is also effective in enhancing your mood. 

KeySlim Drops Ingredients

The ingredients used in this supplement are given below in bullet points. Refer to know the benefits of each KeySlim Drops ingredient. 

  • L-ornithine and Chromium Picolinate: they help in controlling appetite and enhancing performance. 
  • GABA: GABA promotes better mood and controls appetite along with boosting energy. 
  • Licorice extract: it regulates high levels of blood sugar and promotes healthy skin
  • Grapefruit and grape seed extract: these ingredients reduce fat absorption. It prevents the fat from depositing. 
  • African Mango Extract, forskolin, and capsicum: it burns fat without affecting lean muscle mass. 

ingredients like L-tryptophan, l-Alanine, tyrosine, maca root, astragalus, panax ginseng, eleuthero, HCL, and so on are also used to make this unique formula. 

KeySlim Drops Benefits

The use of certain ingredients in this supplement provides the following benefits to your body.

KeySlim Drops Pros And Cons

  • Free bonuses are provided.
  • Made using organic ingredients.
  • Processed in an FDA-registered GMP-certified facility.
  • Easy to use supplement. 
  • Free of gluten and GMOs.
  • Vegan supplement. 
  • Only available on the official website. 
  • Counterfeits are readily available. 

KeySlim Drops Pricing

KeySlim Drops is on the cheaper side when analyzing the ingredients used and the quality. This formula is available in 3 different packages and the KeySlim Drops price range is as follows.

  • 30 days supply-$79/bottle+shipping fee.
  • 90 days supply-$59/bottle+free US shipping free bonuses.
  • 180 days supply-$49/bottle+free US shipping+free bonuses. 

KeySlim Drops Bonuses

You will get 3 free bonuses with the purchase of KeySim from the official website. The bonuses are given below. 

  • Free Bonus#1: Biohacking Secrets.
  • Free Bonus#2: Supercharge Your Body.
  • 1-Day Detox Miracle Guide.

KeySlim Drops Refund Policy

KeySlim Drops comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. With this policy, you can try the supplement for 60 days and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a full refund. 

Click here to visit the official website of KeySlim Drops

4️⃣ VivaSlim 


VivaSlim is a dietary supplement that has been promising in supporting healthy weight loss. It can power up your fat-burning process and transform your body into a fat-burning machine. Your cravings, hunger, and the habit of overeating are also controlled by the intake of it. 

VivaSlim Ingredients

The major VivaSlim ingredients used in this combination are mentioned below with their use.

  • L-Ornithine: it helps in losing body weight by boosting metabolism. It is also effective in increasing immunity.
  • L-Carnitine: it can move fatty acid to your blood to be burned as energy
  • Maca: maca helps in boosting energy and aiding weight loss. 
  • L-arginine: it can effectively reduce body weight in waist circumference.
  • L-Glutamine: helps in regulating insulin and losing weight. 

VivaSlim Benefits

The ingredients in this supplement help in providing you with a wide range of benefits. These are the VivaSlim benefits:

VivaSlim Pros And Cons

  • 365-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free shipping for all packages.
  • Made using natural ingredients.
  • Manufactured in a facility that is strict and safe. 
  • Only one-time payment is involved. 
  • Easy to use formula.
  • Face shortage of stock easily. 
  • Many recreations are readily available. 

VivaSlim Pricing

This section contains the VivaSlim price details. Take a look at it to know more about the price and packages. 

  • 1 month supply-$49+free shipping.
  • 3 month supply-$39/bottle+free shipping.
  • 6 month supply-$31/bottle+free shipping.

VivaSlim Refund Policy

The seller of this formula provides a whole year to try the supplement and check if it provides results or not. All those dissatisfied customers can approach the seller and ask for a refund. 

Click here to visit the official website Of Viva Slim

5️⃣ Revival Tonic

Revival Tonic

Revival tonic is a liquid formula that helps you maintain optimum weight easily. It can reduce stubborn body fat by treating the root cause that leads to weight gain. Your metabolism levels are boosted with the intake of it by which there is an increased rate of fat burning in the body. 

Revival Tonic Ingredients

The ingredients used in this supplement are given below.

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is great for boosting metabolism levels. This helps in losing weight.
  • Apple cider vinegar: apple cider vinegar can curb your appetite. 
  • Raspberry ketones: raspberry ketones can reduce your appetite and cravings.
  • Resveratrol: resveratrol helps in reducing obesity

Revival Tonic Benefits

In this section, the benefits of consuming Revival Tonic are listed.

  • Reduces body weight.
  • Regulates appetite and curbs cravings.
  • Increased energy. 

Revival Tonic Pros And Cons

  • Free shipping is available. 
  • No hidden charges or subscription fees. 
  • 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • Made under strict and sterile conditions. 
  • Prepared by using high-quality and effective ingredients. 
  • Formulated in the liquid form. 
  • Availability is limited only to the official website. 
  • Counterfeits are available. 

Revival Tonic Pricing

Revival Tonic comes at a reasonable price. The current price deals of this supplement along with other offers are given below. 

  • 1 bottle(30 day supply)-$69+free US shipping.
  • 3 bottles(90 days supply)-$59/bottle+free US shipping. 
  • 6 bottles(180 days supply)-$49/bottle+free US shipping.

Revival Tonic Refund Policy

Revival Tonic is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Customers can try this for 60 days and check if it is working or not. If not, ask for a full refund from the seller and you will get your money back.

Click here to visit the official website of Revival Tonic

Choosing the Best Weight Loss Drops: The Methodology Behind My Top 5 Picks

Before purchasing any dietary supplement, several factors must be taken into consideration. In this section, I will mention some of those areas that you need to spread your focus on. 

Ingredients used: You should thoroughly go through the ingredients list to check if any ingredients are allergic to you. Also, the quality of the ingredients is important. Check if these ingredients are backed up to support the root cause. 

Manufacturing details and safety standards: Customers should be aware of the lab facility in which this is made. It is safe if it is manufactured in an FDA-approved GMP-certified facility. 

Customer reviews: Going through genuine customer reviews will help a lot to arrive at a better conclusion regarding the purchase of a supplement. Also, you will get to know if the supplement provides any side effects from the comments and remarks of users. 

Availability and pricing: You should make sure that the supplement is available for delivery to your location. Also, the price should be reasonable and affordable to you.

The Science Behind Weight Loss Drops

The 5 supplements taken for analysis of Best Weight Loss Drops have the same ingredients in common. These ingredients are clinically proven to support healthy weight loss. These components work in perfect harmony to treat the underlying cause that contributes to weight gain. Ingredients like L-ornithine, L-Alanine, astragalus, and maca, are some of the commonly used ingredients. Details regarding the scientific evidence to support the efficacy of some of these ingredients are given below. 

A study was published by the National Library Of Medicine on the effect of L-alanine supplementation and it was found that this component helps boost energy cells. Also, it uses sugar in the body to produce energy. It can also strengthen the immune system. 

Another study by the National Library Of Medicine on the effect of astragalus suggests that this ingredient is effective in reducing blood pressure and diabetes. Also, a healthy immune system is promoted with the intake of it. 

Tips For Taking Supplement

Generally, weight loss supplements are advised to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. That too at least 30 minutes before breakfast. Taking weight loss supplements in the morning has many benefits. It can work in your body to make you feel more energetic and vibrant. Also, it helps in reducing cravings and hunger. So you eat less the whole day and weight loss is initiated.

Wrapping Up!

Through this 5 Best Weight Loss Drops review, I have chosen 5 weight loss formulas for analysis. All five of them are made using good-quality ingredients. They are processed in an FDA-registered lab facility by following good manufacturing practices.

Each of them has a money-back guarantee which ensures the authenticity of. Also as per the customer reviews, each of them receives positive responses and feedback from people after using them. Taking into consideration all these factors, it can be easily told that these supplements are safe and worth giving a try. 


1. Are these supplements safe to consume?

Yes, all the 5 formulas mentioned in this review are safe to consume as they are made using high-quality ingredients in high standards-making facilities. Also, they are free of harmful chemicals and stimulants. 

2. Can I purchase any one of them from any local stores?

No, these supplements are available only on the official websites and this is a deliberate move from the seller’s side to limit the action of replicas. 

3. Can I take these supplements without a doctor’s prescription?

All these formulas are created safely using organic and effective ingredients. So there is no threat of side effects. But if you are someone with any known allergies or health issues, it is always better to take the opinion of a doctor before consuming such supplements.

4. Is there a specific group who can only consume it?

No, these supplements are designed to work on men and women of all ages. Children under the age of 18, pregnant women, and feeding mothers should stay from these formulas. 

5. Does the seller of all these supplements provide a 100% money-back guarantee?

Yes, you are free to choose any one of these 5 supplements as all 5 come with a 100% money-back guarantee. 


  • This review is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.
  • Results from using this product may vary for each individual.
  • Consult your doctor before using this product, especially if you have any medical conditions or take prescription medicines.
  • This review may contain affiliate links that provide commission to the reviewer.

Our recommendations are rooted in genuine belief in the benefits of the products bring to users. When you purchase through our links, we may earn a commission, supporting our testing and development without adding any cost for you. Learn more.

Elizabeth Brown is a registered and licensed dietitian with over 10 years of experience helping clients successfully achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals. She received her Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Washington and completed her dietetic internship at Harborview Medical Center. Elizabeth specializes in bariatric patient care, working closely with bariatric surgery teams to provide pre- and post-operative nutrition counseling. She has supported hundreds of patients in preparing for weight loss surgery, adopting the required dietary changes, and making lifestyle adjustments for long-term success. She stays up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in bariatric surgery aftercare through her membership in the Obesity Society (TOS) and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). She is an avid speaker and educator, presenting regularly at local and national conferences on topics related to post-bariatric nutrition and weight maintenance.

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