Blister From Basketball: How Do You Treat Athlete Blisters?


If you are an athlete then you definitely know what a blister is and what it can do for you. It appears in the form of a bubble on top of the skin and will be full of a certain fluid. Usually, blisters can form due to infections or allergies and even an injury can be a reason. Many usually mistake blisters for other skin conditions, but it has to be diagnosed and has to be treated effectively. Athletes can have blisters when they have to use particular sports implements to participate in their sports events. 

In this article read about all there is to know about when it comes to the right way of treating a blister and also the answer to questions such as “How To Prevent Basketball Blisters?’, and “How To Treat Blister From Basketball?”

If you are an athlete and have a blister you might be probably wondering “How do I heal blisters quickly?” Let’s see.

How Do You Treat Athlete Blisters?

There is a wide range of methods and ways in practice that can treat blisters.

How Do You Treat Athlete Blisters

The most followed ones are as follows:

  • Clean Well

 The first step when you spot a blister is to thoroughly clean the area with soap. Make sure to use antibacterial soap. That is to fight off any bacterial presence in the skin and also to prevent bacteria from getting active in the blister area. 

But before you proceed to clean the blister wash your hands to remove all the dust and dirt from the hand. Wash hands using the antiseptic soap. 

  • Take A Household Needle And Sterilize It 

You can get a  household needle that is fresh and unused and can sterilize the needle by heating it. Or, if you can not heat the needle, you can rub it with alcohol to remove the presence of any bacteria from the surface of the needle.  

  • Give Pressure To The Blister And Be Ready To Prick It

Now you have to give gentle pressure to the one deg of the blister and raise one of its sides higher than the other side. It should look like a squeezed balloon. 

Some people tend to swab the blister with a small amount of iodine before they take the needle.

  • Prick The Blister

Use the needle to gently prick the blister side and let the fluid inside the blister come out.

  • Push Out The Fluid

You can use a fresh and sterilized gauze pad to make the fluid come out of the blister until all of the fluid is out. Now that the fluid has been completely removed,

  • Apply Antibiotic Ointment To The Blister

This is to avoid any kind of harmful microbes infecting the blister.

  • Cover The Blister

You can cover the blister with a gauze bandage. 

  • Follow Up

Change the dressing every day until the skin completely heals. Also, check for rashes. 

Often basketballers have blisters, multiple of them, on their feet. Let’s see why.

How Common Is Blister From Basketball?

Blister from basketball is really common and almost every basketballer out there has experienced this. The feet of a basketball is always subjected to continuous and repetitive friction to the ground that causes a lot of pressure and strain on the feet.

As the feet are always closed with the footwear or sports shoes that are the right for them, tension can build and can lead to the formation of a blister. When one blister forms they treat it, but they have to play in the same condition, in the following days, blisters might take a long time to heal. 

Also, wearing the wrong footwear when you play basketball can lead to the development of blisters. 

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Blisters are a common condition that can happen to any sportsperson. It mostly appears in the feet as the feet are often covered with shoes. Athletes have to cover up their feet when they participate in sports events and when they train for it. The feet are covered also when they do other kinds of workouts.

This can subject the feet to constant heat, pressure, sweat, and friction on the ground which leads to the formation of blisters. Blisters are not hard to treat when you start the treatment at the right time. However, if the blisters keep on coming one after another. Multiple ones at the same time, you have to consult a medical care professional.


Q. How to prevent basketball blisters?

Make sure that the shoes that you wear are not too loose, or too tight. 

Q. How to treat blister from basketball?

You can use the same method of treating any other blister, cleaning the blister, using a needle to push out fluid, and applying an antibiotic ointment

Q. How to avoid blisters when playing basketball?

Always keep your feet covered and do not play on bare feet. Try wearing two socks

Q. Can blisters heal in 2 days?

It can take up to 3 to 7 days for the blisters to heal completely. 

Q. Does ice help blisters?

Ice might help to reduce the information and might ease the discomfort.

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