Top 10 Causes Of Stress At Workplace


Stressing out at your workplace can be highly consequential especially if you have career goals to fulfill and are not somewhere where you are supposed to be. There are a lot of different reasons for you to get stressed at work including atoxic workplace culture such as internal politics, lack of enough remuneration, and so on.

However, if you are stressing over tight deadlines, which can gradually increase your productivity levels, this can be beneficial too. However, constantly stressing over deadlines and getting exhausted can also affect the quality of your life and work.

Excessive stress at work can also destroy the quality of your personal and family life. If you are someone who is facing this situation, it is high time that you sort the issue out by adapting a couple of practical solutions that can effectively make your workplace a healthier ground for a mindful professional life.

This article is all about the causes of excessive stress that can be found in your workplace. Which can help you identify your stress issue and the reason for the same, in order to deal with it effectively. 

Causes of Stress at Workplace 

1. Toxicity culture at the workplace 

Even if it can be generalised and brought under a single term, “toxic workplace culture”. This includes a lot of different behaviours and habits from both the employees and the management. A toxic workplace culture can easily spoil the mental health of the employees working there. Eventually, we would also be able to see a decline even in the physical health of the people working there.

Stress at Workplace

It will also benefit the profit and long-term growth and development of the company. If you think yourself less resistant to these kinds of toxicity, make sure you are analysing and researching the company and their workplace culture before signing the offer letter. 

2. Unreasonable managerial demands

Unreasonable managerial demands can be quite harmful when it comes to maintaining proper mental health in the individuals belonging to an organisation. The excessive demands from the side of the managers can be quite stressful and eventually reduce the quality of the work from the side of the employees.

However, managers still focus on reducing human resources by increasing the burden imposed on a single employee. This can make people get burnout at work easily even if they love their job in general and have a passion to work mindfully. 

3. Harassments 

Harassments in a professional environment should be avoided at any cost. However, there are still managers who do this in the name of maintaining strict professional discipline. Getting humiliated in front of one’s colleagues can be highly consequential and the employee would start perceiving the workplace as a nightmare that he or she has to see and experience for real on a daily basis.

Apart from that, there are a lot of managers who make it even more difficult by reaching out to these employees during holidays and off days and harassing them online. 

4. Lack of proper communication 

When it comes to communication, this can mean the poor skills of the employees or people in the managerial roles or it can even mean the strict channels established at the workplace resisting easy and smooth communication. Lack of proper communication can lead to confusion, and unwanted tension at the last minute, and it can even affect the workflow of the people working in association with the team.

It can also affect the mental health of everyone who is related to it. Proper facilitating channels for communication can effectively solve the issue and make communication inside and outside the department quite easy. 

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5. Work relationships 

The relationships we establish at work are not our choice. Even if we do not find ourselves syncing well with the personality of our coworkers. It is inevitable to work with them in order to earn a living. It is the responsibility of the managers to look after such relationship conflicts in a workplace and take solutions to deal with them. 

6. Changes 

If the management of the workplace is quite fond of making frequent changes in the workflow and the reporting systems. There are high chances for the employees working in the organisation to get troubled and confused. Hence, it is quite important for the management to bring in new changes at a slower pace, giving ample time for everyone to adapt to it, rather than making it much more drastic and shocking, creating unwanted stress at the workplace. 

7. Insufficient avenues for growth 

If you are working in a professional where the management is solely focused on the Return on Investments (ROI) and also increasing the profit margins. You are highly likely to get stressed out. This is more likely to affect the young employees in the office rather than those who are already settled with their professional and personal lives. 

8. Uncomfortable workplace 

This means the facilities and atmosphere probably lack something such as proper ventilation, lighting, comfortable furniture, functional laptops, and so on. It is the duty of the management to sort out the issue and make it easy for their employees. They can also consider adding artwork and comfort corners at work, to make it a place, their employees would fall in love with. 

9. Job security 

Everyone comes to work with the intention of securing their career, do not worry about their financial responsibilities by ensuring a stable source of income and so on. Hence, if you are employing someone for the betterment of your venture. Make sure you can pay them well and provide them with job security, which can act as a reassurance for them, avoiding unwanted stress. 

10. Work-life balance 

This is also quite important since the employees are working to earn a living and not living to earn work. Reversing the purpose can destroy their professional lives and family lives and thus create stress and poor mental health. 

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Now you know the causes of stress that you have been putting up with at your workplace. If you are constantly exposed to these kinds of stress and torture. Take that brave step to walk out and search for better avenues and atmosphere that can value your skills and contributions way better. 


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