Common Injuries In Female Athletes – Know More!


Female athletes are more prone to having injuries than male athletes. The reason is the basic anatomical difference between the male and female bodies. There are some injuries that most women athletes suffer from due to the way that their body is structured. 

It is not like women get more injured in sports than men. It is more like there are differences in the impact of their injuries, the way they get injured, and the reason for getting injured. In this article let us read about the common injuries in female athletes. 

What Are The Common Injuries In Female Athletes?

  • ACL Strains And Tears

ACL strains and tears are common injuries in sports and they happen to women as well as men. However, more female athletes suffer from ACL strains and tears than male athletes. 

The ACL is a ligament in the knee and in the case of women, the anatomical structure of women is in a way that there is less muscle mass around their knees compared to the male athletes. Therefore, women are more prone to getting this ligament overstretched. 

  • Pulled Muscles 

A pulled muscle can be described as a muscle injury that happens when the muscle gets overstretched, more than the normal and healthy range. It can happen all of a sudden or this can develop over the course of time due to the overuse of the muscles. 

It is most common among women in running and jumping. 

  • Runner’s Knee

A runner’s knee is when there is soreness in the front part of the knee and around the kneecap. It can cause pain, and stiffness and can also restrict movements. 

The main reason for a runner’s knee is because of the knee cap altering from its natural alignment. 

Shoulder Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries

Another one on the list of common injuries in female athletes is shoulder injuries. Women athletes have comparatively less shoulder stability and they can suffer from a shoulder injury due to upward reaching movement, a swimming stroke, or while volleyball. 

  • Stress Fractures

A stress fracture can be defined as an overuse injury. This is an injury that is caused over time. When you use the same bone for a long time, repeatedly, it can stress the bone and lead to fracture. It happens more in women athletes above the age of 30, as bone mass will be lower in them. 

These are only some of the most common injuries in women athletes. The difference in the body structure of men and women in which women have a wider pelvis and less stable shoulder can make them more prone to injuries. Some other common injuries in women athletes are shin splints, concussions, and disc bulges. 

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The Bottom Line

The key is to understand your anatomical structure and beforehand know the injuries that you are at a high risk of when you perform a certain sport. Thereby, you can know how you can try your best to prevent his injuries from happening. Starting rehab exercises is a healthy approach to reducing the severity of injuries.

Another key factor is getting the right treatment at the right time. For that, you need to diagnose the injury first. So, always note even the minute changes in your body, and make sure that you feel the same way when you do each activity as you used to feel and do not miss any signs that your body gives you. When you are injured, complete the relative rest before you get back to the sports. 


Q. What is the most common injury in female athletes?

The most common injuries in female athletes are ACL strains and tears. It is because when compared to male athletes, female athletes have less muscle mass around the knee area which might increase the chances of the ligaments getting overstretched. 

Q. Why are female athletes more prone to injuries?

The difference in the body structure between men and women, also makes female athletes more prone to injuries. Women have wider pelvis making them more prone to have lower body injuries.

Q. Why are female athletes more prone to knee injuries?

As women have more wide pelvis the alignment of their lower body is different in comparison to the lower body of men. The knees of women will be tilted inwards more and the ankles are more wide apart. 

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