Counter Push-Ups For Arm Fat – Different Variations Of Counter Push-Ups


Everyone starts their fitness journey with push-ups in their rooms. When you start your workout and do some push-ups for the first time in your life, there will be difficulty in doing them. As some time goes by and you get used to those push-ups, it gets easier, and more repetitions can be done. Starting something new is always tough; the same goes for workouts. Here, you are going to learn about all the variations and their benefits.

How Push-Ups Will Lower Your Arm Fat?

When looking to lose fat from your arms, push-ups are the most basic and effective exercise. There are pushups you can do to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Each and every fitness enthusiast does push-ups for their chest and arm muscles. Push-ups target your triceps and chest muscles drastically. There are many variations of push-ups you can do to lose fat in your whole upper body.

Variations Of Counter Push-Ups

There are tons of variations in push-ups. A counter push-up is one of them. A counter push-up is solely for beginners. You can rely on these counter push-ups to get initial results for a couple of starting months. Here are some variations that you can do to lose arm fat gradually:

1] Inclined Push-Ups

An inclined push-up is done while partially leaning onto a counter edge or a table. You can start doing push-ups on the edge with the correct form, make your body straight, tuck in your elbows, and lower the shoulders to do the counter push-ups. An inclined pushup will target your lower chest and triceps.

Inclined Push-Ups

2] Declined Push-Ups

A declined push-up is done while laying your leg on the counter or table. This exercise can get a bit difficult, as it is an advanced form of counter push-up. Doing a declined push-up will make you lose fat on your triceps and build your upper chest and triceps muscles at the same time.

3] Inclined Holds

Inclined holds are like planks, but done on the counter or table; they will be less effective in burning the fat from your body. Doing inclined holds targets your biceps and core. You can do inclined holds easily at your home, but remember to do it with the correct form.

4] Dips

Doing dips on the counter or a chair will target your triceps effectively. This exercise is quite popular among gym-goers to build their triceps muscle. Remember to do the dips on an even surface and with the right form to prevent injuries.

Exercises To Target Your Biceps

Counter push-ups are not effective in targeting the biceps, which is a major muscle that makes your arm lose fat faster and gain muscle. These biceps exercises will help you lose fat from the frontal part of your arms.

1] Dumbbell Curls

A dumbbell curl is an exercise that is done with two dumbbells in both hands. Stand straight, glutes squeezed, and start doing curls. This will target your long head of biceps and lose fat. A bicep curl is only effective if done correctly.

2] Barbell Curls

Barbell curls are done using barbells, and if you like, you can get yourself barbells and weights at home to do the exercise freely. A barbell curl needs to be done with lighter weights at the start. Do this exercise in repetitions to get the most results out of it.

3] Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are done seated on a bench with dumbbells. You can do hammer curls at home as well with your personal dumbbells. This exercise will target your brachialis, the shorter head of your biceps muscles. A hammer curl makes you lose fat from your arm effectively, as it burns your fat rapidly and is hard to perform.

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Do Counter Push-Ups Lose Your Arm Fat Or Not?

The answer to that is yes, but a counter push-up will only target the backside of the arm while losing fat. When you are a beginner, you can choose to do counter push-ups if you are a beginner but try to build strength faster to advance your exercises for better results. Remember to follow your diet and complete rest, as these two are the other side of the coin in losing fat.


In conclusion, counter push-ups are an effective exercise to help reduce arm fat and tone the triceps. By utilizing the resistance of a hard surface like a kitchen counter, they isolate the arms and maximize calorie burn.

When done properly and paired with a balanced diet, counter push-ups can strengthen, slim and sculpt the upper arms. As a simple at-home movement, counter push-ups are a great option to incorporate into any fitness routine targeting arm fat reduction.

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