Does Lemon Water Help With Bloating And Indigestion? Explored!


If you are someone who is struggling with the issues of bloating, constipation, and several other digestive issues, you might have tried a lot of home remedies and medications for the same. When it comes to stomach issues, people always make it a point to come up with home remedies that contain lemon.

This is something that can be widely seen among people across traditions and geographies. Apart from all these, the easy availability of lemon has also made people try this for their digestive issues and various other health issues.

Why You Should Start To Drink Lemon Water?

Digestive Benefits of Lemon

In this article, we will be discussing some of the most important things regarding the uses of drinking lemon water for various health benefits particularly focusing on bloating. Apart from that, we will also be discussing some of the most effective home remedies and medications you may try your hands on if you would like to have a speedy recovery from the bloating issues that you have been suffering.

Digestive Benefits of Lemon

Admitting to the purported benefits of lemon, it can be said that, lemon can effectively treat the issues with your digestive system by boosting its health. It can also deal with the issues of indigestion such as bloating and constipation. However, the most important thing to be kept in mind when it comes to having lemon for your digestive issues is to have it in moderation. Having lemon in excess can have adverse effects on your digestive system.

The acidic nature of lemon water can also easily increase the acidity in your stomach and thus make you suffer from issues such as heartburn and stomach burn. If you keep on consuming lemon for these benefits in excess you may stand an elevated risk of having more complex health issues such as stomach ulcers over time. However, having it in moderate amounts can even help in curing and alleviating heartburn and stomach burn issues.

Other health benefits of having lemon water

Lemon water is one of the most popular and healthy nonalcoholic beverages available out there. This can help you improve your health and overall wellness in a lot of different ways. However, it is important not to add extra sugar to the drink and thus make it unhealthy. If you have it by adding salt, the drink would be quite effective in balancing your electrolyte levels and also keeping your blood pressure levels balanced. Apart from that, this drink can also keep you energetic and hydrated without having the feeling of exhaustion.

When you compare other energy drinks, especially caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee, lemon water is way healthier and will not leave you dehydrated after consumption. Apart from that, this drink is not at all addictive like normal coffee and tea. It is also suggested to have this instead of your morning coffee to eliminate all the possible side effects of having coffee daily. Apart from that, drinking lemon water can also effectively improve your immunity levels and thereby keep you resistant to a lot of other possible infections and diseases.

How to deal with bloating?

Bloating is one of the most common issues faced by people all over the world regardless of age and traditions. This is because of the change in dietary habits and lack of proper exercise that can be widely seen in people nowadays. Hence most people suffer from the issue of bloating daily. Lemon water is one of the most effective and easiest remedies to solve such issues.

Since it is easily available in your pantry, you may have it whenever you feel bloated or indigested. However, there are also a couple of other methods by which you can sort the issue of bloating with the limited resources that you have handy. One of the most effective methods is to have a tablet of any antacid from a reliable brand. These chewable tablets are quite easy to carry and consume to fix the bloating issue in hardly any time.

Apart from that, you may also drink a lot of water to fix the issue. Moreover, it is also important that you consume food during the right intervals so that you will not end up aggravating the acidity issues. While following all these, it is also important that you look after your diet and lifestyle habits to prevent the issue of bloating in the long run. To get that done, make sure you are including food items with much dietary fiber.

It is also vital that you reduce the intake of salty, sugary, oily, food items along with all other kinds of junk and processed foods. Moreover, working out regularly should also be made a part of your daily routine so that you will not end up having digestive issues such as bloating and various other health issues in general.

How to consume lemon water for bloating?

If you would like to consume lemon water for bloating, you must keep an eye on the quantities that you have during the day. Even if there are not any specific scientific studies proving the safe quantity you must consume, you may have around 2 glasses of lemon water per day so that you will not end up having side effects from the same.

Apart from that, if you are consuming it specifically to cure bloating, having it during the morning hours can also be much more effective. Moreover, make sure that you are drinking a lot of water throughout the day even if you are having lemon water or not to alleviate the difficulties of having intestinal gas and bloating in excess.


Now you know how to consume lemon water for bloating and other issues without having adverse effects on your digestive system and overall health. The key is to have lemon water in the right quantity so that you will the best out of it and can also avoid the issues caused by the same. However, if you are seeking a sustainable recovery from the issue of bloating, it would be essential for you to look after your dietary habits and your workout routines as well.


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