5 Effective Exercises To Stretch Your Lats: Feel The Stretch


When you are up for strength training in the gym or at home, one of the muscles that are on focus is the lats. People consider lat stretch because isn’t it good to have a well-sculpted and v-tapered back that can make opposite sexes drool over? Apart from a well-structured back, there are several other benefits of training your latissimus dorsi muscles that will definitely make you try these listed exercises. 

Spinal stability, good posture, and back and shoulder strength are the prime benefits that you will gain through regular implementation of these stretches. You can easily perform them at the gym and at home as not all of them need a piece of specific equipment.

Must Do Exercises That Can Stretch Your Lats

1. Dynamic Back And Shoulder Stretch

If you want to warm up your shoulders and improve their flexibility, flexion, and extension, then you must be regular with this back and shoulder stretch. This is one of the excellent pre-workout stretches that can make your shoulder and back muscles active. 

Dynamic Back And Shoulder Stretch

So, to do this, you must first stand straight with your arms on the sides and feet shoulder-length apart. Now, swing your arms in the upward direction while keeping your fingers pointing upwards. Move your hands back together after reaching up and repeat this 10 times. You can also hold your hands in the upward and backward position for at least 30 seconds to feel stretch on your lats.

2. Bench Kneeling Lat Stretch

Whether you are doing this at the gym or at home, it is equally beneficial to stretch your lats. In the gyms, there are benches available for you to do this exercise, but if you don’t have them at home, then you can place a chair in place of the bench. After you have fixed a chair or low table in a position, kneel on the floor and align your hips and knees hip-width apart. Also, make sure that the chair, bench, or table is reachable when you extend your hands forward. 

Now, put your arms at the edge of the chair and lean forward, bending your knees and hips. You must keep your spines straight throughout the process, and your arms must be in alignment with your shoulders. Now, lean back with your hips as much as possible while maintaining your position until you feel stretch in your upper back. Hold the stretched position for a few seconds before returning to the normal position, and then stretch for two to three times.

3. Hanging Lat Stretch

If you want to move to a more advanced level than the previous two stretches, then you must opt for a hanging lat stretch, as it helps you to correct your body posture and improve your shoulder mobility. For this, you need a stable bar that can hold your body weight without any problem. So, you must stretch your arms upwards and grab the bar above your head. Make sure that your grip is tight enough so you can put your body weight on your arms.

Once you have got the grip, lift your feet off the ground or just bend your legs a bit so that your body is in the air. Make sure that your body stays in one position and does not swing while you hold the position. Also, your shoulders should be close to your ears in a relaxed manner, and you must take deep breaths while hanging there. You can take short breaks in between and then repeat it for more times.

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4. Child’s Pose Lat Stretch

One of the most effective yoga poses that can help you to make your lat flexible is the child’s pose. This is also one of the easiest poses that you can do in the morning or whenever you feel tension in your upper back for fast relief. To do this, you must begin by getting into a kneeling position with your toes touching the ground and are knees apart. 

When you have settled in the position, raise your hands up straight and then lower your torso bending forward towards the ground. Your hips should lie on your ankle as you bend and touch the floor with your fingertips. Stay in the position for thirty seconds and then get up. Now, repeat this exercise 3-4 more times and feel that stretch on your lat.

5. Lying Whole Body Lat Stretch

If you want to stretch the whole body lat then you must go with this exercise as it focuses on your overall body. For this, you must first lie down on your back and keep your legs close and straight. When you ie down you must create an arc in the lower back so that you can easily move the parts of your body. Keep your arms at the and once you are in the comfortable position, swing both arms together in the upward direction.

Your palms must be facing upward while your back rests on the ground after your hands reach the top of your head. Now, point your toes pull your arms in the upward direction, and stretch as much as you can. Make sure to take deep breaths during the exercise and hold the stretched position for 30-60 seconds. You can also keep foam or towel under your lower back for support and bring your arms back to normal position for rest seconds.

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You must implement these stretch Your lats Into your fitness routine as it will not only enhance your flexibility but also contribute to the overall health and functionality of your upper body. Whether you are a man or woman, a well-structured back is the dream of many as it is one of the factors that infuses confidence in individuals. You can enjoy the prime benefits of lat stretches along with gaining back strength once you start doing it daily. You will certainly see a significant change in your shoulder and back structure and also your overall body.

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