Best Foods To Increase Brown Adipose Tissue


Brown Adipose Tissue also known as BAT or brown Fat is a specialized kind of fatty tissue primarily responsible for generating heat in the body. Unlike white adipose which stores energy in the form of fat, BAT has the unique ability to burn calories to generate heat. This is called thermogenesis. Increasing BAT in your body could have multiple potential benefits.

Why Should You Increase Brown Adipose Tissue?

Doctors list many benefits of having active adipose tissue which include-

Increase Brown Adipose Tissue
  1. Enhanced calorie expenditure- This means BAT could help you with burning fat which is stored in your body already than taking up things that you are eating every day.
  2. Improved Insulin sensitivity- People who are unable to lose weight often discover that their bodies cannot regulate insulin levels which leads to fat buildup. However brown tissue ensures that you maintain your balance when it comes to insulin secretion thus aiding your weight loss journey.
  3. Metabolic health- Many people often suffer from metabolic disorders which makes it difficult for them to lose obesity however having an active brown tissue can keep the balance and expenditure of fat under control as per the body’s requirements.
  4. Cardiovascular health- The more you activity your brown adipose tissue to work, the better your heart rate will be. 
  5. Thermoregulation- Increased brown tissue can save you from hypothermia in extremely cold conditions.
  6. Adaptive immunity- Though the research is ongoing, scientists suggest that brown adipose tissue can also improve your immune system.

Best Foods To Increase Brown Adipose Tissue

The major difference between white fat and brown fat is the way that they store fat. While brown fat self-regulates the way it deals with its use, white fat is a reservoir and often stores fat for future use. This leads to obesity and becomes a real problem. However, there are some foods to be included in your diet that could activate your brown tissue and help you manage weight.

1. Spicy foods- Capsaicin is a bioactive component found in chillis and peppers. Due to the way it increases the temperature of the body, it is known to activate brown tissue and regulate the energy expenditure process. Capsaicin does this by activating a receptor in the tissue and the skeletal muscle TRPV that contributes towards thermogenesis. Gradually it can activate the metabolic rate and lose weight.

2. Green Tea- Catechins like Epigallocatechin increase the way our body deals with energy usage and it also works similarly to spicy foods and causes the body to overheat.

3. Red Grapes- Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in red grapes and berries. As it aids the mitochondrial function, the brown fat starts using itself up and the stored fats get burned naturally.

4. Salmon and Mackerel- Omega 3 fatty acids have multiple uses, one of which includes reducing inflammation. When the inflammation is decreased the body can optimize the way it deals with each chore and hence ends up raising its metabolic rate.

5. Whole grains- In whole grains, we aim to digest the fiber as much as we can so that it stabilizes our blood sugar level and improves insulin sensitivity.

6. Lean cut meat- Protein content in lean meat promotes muscle growth and maintenance. Having sufficient muscles is known to increase the metabolic activity multifolds and this helps breon tissues very much.

7. Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries-Filled with antioxidants along with phytonutrients, they are known to ensure optimized cardiac health and blood sugar regulation.

8. Coffee- Caffeine can not just keep you alert but also help you trigger thermogenesis which supplements BAT activation.

9. Ginger and cinnamon- Herbal spices are often known to have hidden secrets that would have advantages for our body and mind. Some studies say both ginger and cinnamon would trigger the BAT enough to control fat deposition by white fat.


However, one should keep in mind that these foods cannot work in isolation. One has to complement it with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sound sleep. The aim is to maintain a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle to get the best results. No single food can be a miraculous treatment and you shouldn’t rely on this theory either.

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