Foods To Avoid When Building Muscle – All You Need To Know!


If you want to build muscle, please stay away from these foods, when building muscles, you should not only go full throttle in your training but also pay attention to your diet. You should avoid these foods.

There is a lot of truth to the saying that abs are made in the kitchen, because you can quickly ruin your great workout by putting the wrong things on your plate.

Best Foods To Avoid When Building Muscle

To achieve success in your workout you must be intentional to part away with these type do foods.

Light Drinks

It sounds tempting, no sugar, no calories, maximum tastes. But it is precisely in this details that the Problem lies. To make the light drink taste so delicious, they are pumped full of sweeteners, flavors, colors and other synthetic additives. This confuses your body. The sweet taste signal to your body mechanism that here comes energy, even though that is not the case, your insulin levels skyrocket and only to then falls back again without doing anything.

Light Drinks

Consequences of this are food cravings, which in the long term lead to you consuming more calories. As long as your hard earned muscles are hidden under a stubborn layers of fats, you won’t see results even after a toughest workout.

Finished Products

The same also is applicable to finished products, when strength training, you should pay particular attention to eating functionally by paying close attention to your calories intake, nutritional values and your personal needs.

This is hardly possible with ready made products as they are also full of unhealthy fats, sugar, flavor, enhancers and empty calories.

Tips: Compose your meal from unprocessed foods and season sparingly. Use high quality protein such as quark, egg or poultry before you indulge in completely oversweetned sugar shakes , which usually not only have more calories but also contain less protein than most natural protein sources.

Training medication and a balanced diet without guidance and knowledge will do more harm than good when we try to build muscles.


It is and remains the enemy when it comes to losing weight and building muscles, beer, wine, etc. not only have a lot of calories, but they also paralyse fat metabolism, in addition regular alcohol consumption affects the hormone levels which can even inhibits the growth of muscles. High quantity of energy is needed by the body to even breakdown alcohol.

Isotonic Drinks

Iso drinks are often marketed as sport drinks. But the high calories energy sources are not suitable for any athlete. If you primarily want is to build muscles, you definitely don’t need iso drinks, as strength training doesn’t put as much strain on your electrolytes store as endurance sports.

During strength training you should only drink water, by the way, milk and protein drinks are not at all suitable for replenishing your water reservoir.

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Unfortunately sweets that are full of sugar and fat are only food for your belly fat and not for your six-packs, because the body can’t do much with this type of energy. In addition, the simple carbohydrates are digested quickly. Your blood sugar levels skyrockets, only to then rapidly plummet down. This means that your cravings for sweets are guaranteed and your stomach will respond quickly.


Satisfy your craving for sweet with fruit in combination with protein rich diary product such as quark or cottage cheese. It is best to treat yourself to this treat before training. So you will have the full power from carbohydrates in the fruit to give your all on the dumbbell.

Wheat Flour

For the love of your muscles you should avoid wheat flour and instead use whole grain product. The high glycemic index in wheat product also causes your blood sugar levels to rise briefly, only to drop shortly afterwards.

This is due to the short chain, easily digestible carbohydrates, which provides quick energy but do not provide your body with sustained energy.

Since your muscles need constant food , you should use higher-fiber options such as brown rice, whole grain pasta or brown bread.

Be disciplined and carefully select what you consume, how you consume and when you consume them. With these, your muscle building process will yield favorably.

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