FortBite Reviews: Does This Dental Health Supplement Effectively Promote Dental ellness?


FortBite is a new supplement released on the internet. It claims to improve oral health by supporting dental and gum hygiene. A more recently produced and launched supplement, FortBIte dental health supplement has, though, received significantly positive reviews for having stayed true to its promise, especially for those suffering from oral health-related problems. Keep reading the FortBite review to find more information about the product

FortBite Reviews: What Are The Ingredients And Their Benefits In This Oral Health Supplement?

From an outer view, FortBite appears to be a unique tooth and gum-supporting supplement and comes in the form of a toothpaste. The manufacturer claims that FortBite oral support supplement consists of 100% natural ingredients that coordinate together to provide both protection and strength to your teeth and gums to enhance your oral health. Now, it is my responsibility to check and determine whether these claims are true and whether this teeth-and-gum-health-supporting formula is indeed worth its promise.

Thus, through this FortBite review, I will be sharing facts related to what FortBite dental health formula is, how it works, the benefits it provides, and its advantages and disadvantages. I will also be detailing the FortBite ingredients section to determine the uniqueness of this product, as well as regarding the use, side effects (if any), and finally, the FortBite customer reviews. Assuming that you must have gained an overall idea regarding this supplement by this time, I am sure that my final verdict on FortBite will ultimately help you decide on its quality, specifically its efficacy and safety.

FortBite Review
Supplement NameFortBite
Formulated ToDental Health
FormulationPowder Form
FortBite Ingredients🍀Bentonite Clay
🍀Kaolin Clay
🍀Calcium Carbonate
🍀Lemon Peel and Stevia
🍀Clove and Peppermint
🍀Natural Cinnamon Extract
🍀Myrrh and Ginger

Benefits✔️Improved Gum and Teeth Health
✔️Enhanced Oral Health
✔️Healthy Stomach and Digestion
Pros100% Natural Ingredients.
✅Non-GMO, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Dairy-Free Contents are Present.
✅Follows GMP-Certified Manufacturing Practices.
✅Made in an FDA-Approved Lab Facility.
✅No Reported Side Effects.
✅Comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Bonuses.
Cons❌ Delayed Response can be Noted.
❌ FortBite can Only be Availed Through its Official Webpage
FortBite Side EffectNo Side Effects are Reported
Price$69 per Bottle
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityOnly on the FortBite Official Website
Official SiteClick Here

What Is FortBite?

FortBite is a new teeth-cum-gum-supporting formula that aims to provide good oral health by rendering strong teeth and healthy gums. The formula happens to be a toothpaste, which consists of an exclusive blend of naturally sourced ingredients and nutrients to support your teeth and gums.

The formula comes in containers or jars, and each jar contains about 3 oz or 90 mL of tooth powder that when utilized will not only support your teeth and gums, but also help prevent bad breath. Since bad breath is a true indicator that you are infected with oral plaques, this is enough to risk your teeth and gum health to the point of losing your ability to bite or even chew. Since this formula is packed with an exotic blend of 11 natural ingredients, these are more than likely to support your teeth, gum, and overall oral health by removing any hidden plaques from them.

I left to mention that this teeth-and-gum-supporting formula has a sweet and flavorful taste, which is due to the Stevia and Lemon Peel contained within it. All in all, FortBite dental health support supplement, which has been understood to have resulted from a new scientific discovery, is expected to offer what it claims to.

How Does FortBite Work?

The FortBite Formula for teeth-and-gum health works with the help of two prime FortBite ingredients that are considered to be natural clay-like substances. These are the Bentonite Clays and Kaolin Clays.

Unlike any other dental procedures or supplements that are highly derived from chemicals, the FortBite dental health support formula is composed of the two aforementioned naturally obtained clays and other nature-derived ingredients and nutrients to firmly support teeth and gum health.

Upon digging deeper into the working mechanism of FortBite dental health supplement, I must iterate that the Bentonite and Kaolin clays contained within this formula can effectively help pull out the harmful and nasty chemicals that may have infested your mouth during certain dental procedures. Not only this, any bacteria or virus that may simply invade your mouth to damage your teeth and gums and further enter your bloodstream, can be efficiently prevented by this formula permanently, leaving you with cleaner and healthier gums and teeth. It is no wonder that your oral health will be improved and even enhanced in this process. This is the reason why the manufacturer of FortBite oral health supplement mentions that every ingredient within it, including the Bentonite Clay and Kaolin Clay, is powerful enough to strengthen your teeth and gums, and in the event, also promote your stomach health. The logic is that if your mouth, teeth, and gums are infected, you are likely to have the infection pass on to your digestive canal, infecting every organ within it, especially your stomach.

Benefits Of FortBite Dental Support Supplement

If you are or have started utilizing the FortBite formula for teeth, you are expected to achieve the following benefits.

  • Improved Gum and Teeth Health: Thanks to the two clays present within FortBite dental health supplement, i.e., Bentonite and Kaolin clays, (described as ‘volcanic clays’), these are powerful enough to remove and absorb any type of infection hiding within your teeth and gums, making them healthy and strong.
  • Enhanced Oral Health: It can be ascertained that with improvements in your teeth and gum health, you can eventually possess enhanced oral health. 
  • Healthy Stomach and Digestion: With healthy gums and teeth and an overall clean mouth, you are likely to achieve an improved stomach and digestive system, again thanks to the FortBite ingredients contained in this dental health-support formula.

How To Use FortBite Oral Supplement?

The FortBite dental and gum health support formula comes in a powdered form in every jar. Instructions in terms of its usage involve brushing your teeth two times a day by applying this powder to your toothbrush. You need, however, to gently brush your teeth with this powder continuously for the minimum period specified on the product label. After brushing, you should rinse your mouth with cold water. The expected FortBite result is strong and white teeth with healthy gums, and more so, a refreshing fragrance in your mouth after usage.

Ingredients Used To Formulate FortBite Dental Health Support

The prominent ingredients involved in FortBite dental health formula to improve teeth and gum health, as well as enhance oral health include the following:

 FortBite Ingredients
  • Bentonite Clay: Popularly known as calcium Bentonite clay, this substance is primarily derived from volcanic ash. It takes its name after Fort Benton in Wyoming in Western US. Has multiple health benefits associated with it, one of which is to strengthen teeth and gums. Due to the unique elements present within it, this clay can absorb toxins from your body, improving skin tone, digestion, etc.
  • Kaolin Clay: Also known as China clay, Kaolin exists as a soft white silicate material and is mainly used in making Porcelain dishes, paper, etc. Besides this, the Kaolin clay also has certain health benefits linked to it. One of these includes absorbing and removing toxins and dirt from the body – similar to what the Bentonite clay does. Due to its toxin-absorbing properties, the Kaolin clay is used to prepare mouthwash solutions. 
  • Calcium Carbonate: A naturally occurring antacid, calcium carbonate mainly serves to relieve heartburn symptoms. Its other purpose is to improve calcium deficiency – the main cause of tooth and gum decay. The calcium carbonate present in FortBite dental health formula, thus, helps safely remove plaque and stains from the surface of teeth.
  • Lemon Peel and Stevia: Being the other two most important ingredients in this dental and gum-support formula, both lemon peel and stevia have individual roles in rendering strong and healthy teeth and gums. Of note, it is the vitamin C in the lemon peel that helps render that white color to the teeth. Stevia, on the other hand, is commonly used as a natural sweetening agent in toothpaste in the form of stevia leaf extracts

Besides the aforementioned FortBite ingredients, It also consists of the following components that assist in the processes mentioned above:

  • Clove and Peppermint
  • Natural Cinnamon Extract
  • Myrrh and Ginger


Pros And Cons Of FortBite Teeth Support Formula

With what has been discussed so far, the following advantages could be expected with FortBite dental health formula usage:

  • FortBite ingredients are 100% natural.
  • Non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free contents are present.
  • Follows GMP-certified manufacturing practices.
  • Made in an FDA-approved lab facility.
  • No reported side effects.
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and bonuses.
  • Delayed response can be noted.
  • FortBite can only be availed through its official webpage.

Side Effects Of FortBite

No side effects have been reported from using FortBite oral health supplements. This statement would be enough to suggest the effectiveness of this oral health supplement in offering what it promises or claims. It also seems to amplify the point that you can safely utilize this product. Based on its texture and purpose, it is clear that you can use FortBite dental health support as a toothpaste. The instruction to gently brush your teeth with this powder twice daily should not invoke any doubts, fears, or risks regarding the safety of its usage. However, if you are still concerned, you can talk to your dentist about using this teeth-cum-gum-health formula.

How Long Does It Take FortBite To Show The Result?

As seen on the jar, the minimum time to notice the expected benefit or result is 30 days. This is why every supplement comes with a trial package of this duration. Of note, this is the same with FortBite dental health support. The intention is only to allow you the shortest time possible to experience the stated change. Suppose you are not satisfied with using the product within this period, you can return the product within the time specified on the product label. If you have decided to continue past the 30-day trial period, you can order the package you choose to use and wait for the results. You need to be consistent in your usage of this formula.

FortBite Customer Reviews And Complaints

The FortBite reviews that I have come across so far have been positive for the most part. Moreover, customers have provided a 5-star rating to this dental-cum-oral support formula. With only a few of them complaining of delayed to no responses with the trial package purchased, I have rarely encountered any other complaints, such as a burning sensation in the mouth, itching, etc. The comparatively fewer complaints regarding FortBite dental health supplement usage seem enough to determine its efficacy, quality, and safety. The delayed results experienced by some customers also tend to confirm that the ingredients are natural. Hence, no artificially accelerating effects. For those who have noted no benefits, it may be probably because of their insensitivity to the supplement. 

How And Where To Order FortBite? And Pricing

At present, you can only buy FortBite dental health support through its official website. The product is not available in any other e-commerce sites or retail stores.

As for the pricing of this teeth-and-gum-support supplement, this depends on the number of packages you purchase. Details are as in the table below:

Package Name and NumberSupplyPricing
Basic (One jar)30 days$69 per jar
Good Value (Three jars)90 days$177 ($59 per jar)
Most Popular (Six jars)180 days$294 ($49 per jar)

All the three aforementioned packages come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied or have not achieved any benefit from the use of FortBite dental health formula regardless of the package/es you purchased, you can conveniently return them – both used and unused to the seller within 60 days and your money spent on the same will be refunded in the full amount.

Bonuses With FortBite Dental Health Supplement

When you buy a three or six-jar pack of FortBite dental health support, you can receive the following bonuses:

FortBite Dental Health Supplement Bonuses
  • Bonus #1: How to Deep Clean Your Teeth Better Than The Dentist: This book consists of methods to clean your mouth and teeth without going to your dentist. Unlike the pain and the expenses of undergoing clinical dental procedures, this book/let offers you simple DIY procedures in a stepwise manner by only utilizing natural ingredients.
  • Bonus #2: 30-Second Bad Breath Fixes: This book offers natural solutions or ingredients to fix your embarrassing bad breath. Rinsing your mouth with these will help freshen up your breath.

Verdict – FortBite Reviews

My final verdict is that FortBite – the oral health supplement is legit, especially because of the quality criteria it has met in terms of efficiency, efficacy, and safety. Of note, I could confirm this based on the overall positive customer FortBite reviews I have fetched from an authentic health journal. I think this verdict will be reasonable enough for you to determine the reliability of using this dental health-support formula. Nevertheless, I understand that you cannot be confident enough. Hence, I would insist you have a word with your dentist regarding this oral health supplement before you can make your final decision to purchase the same.


Q.1 Can I discontinue the toothpaste I have used so far and utilize this formula instead?

No, you cannot unless you have spoken with your dentist about the effectiveness of utilizing this oral health supplement.

Q.2 Will it be wise if I use this oral health supplement with my ordinary toothpaste?

No, you can only use one. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to try this new oral health supplement/formula or stick with your usual toothpaste.

Q.3 What if I forget to use this supplement in between?

Do not worry. You can put reminders everywhere in your home or bathroom. Just make sure you are consistent with your usage. You can only use either your old toothpaste or this supplement.

Q.4 Will the lemon peel ingredient in FortBite decay my teeth?

No, though lemon peel is high in acidic content, it helps whiten your teeth. You should know that every ingredient contained within FortBite dental health formula is formulated in appropriate amounts so that you do not experience any side effects.

Q.5 Is it okay for me to completely switch to FortBIte if I find it helpful?

Yes, you can. However, you need to secure/pre-book your orders prior so that you do not run out of your supplies.



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