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Penis friction burn is often painful and disturbing. This can be as a result of nonlubricated sexual intercourse or forceful sex. Sometimes when friction burns appear on your penis, you might get scared or worry about catching sexually transmitted diseases that do not majorly cause penis friction. If you are experiencing penis friction and need an urgent solution to it, read this article till the end. More details about the causes and prevention will be addressed.

How Does Penis Friction Burn Look Like?

Penis friction burn is a wound-like redness on your penis skin. Friction can take place in any part of the body, most especially when skin rubs on a nonlubricated surface. It usually results in a graze, similar to heat burn. It does get sore to touch, with the skin becoming red, swollen, or tender.

Friction Burn On Penis

Lots of people argue that penis friction is from sexually transmitted diseases while others disagree with this opinion. The following are what causes penis friction.

  • Intense rubbing: this generally is what leads to skin friction and is also applicable to lenis friction. If you notice friction in your penis that means you must rub it on a hard dry surface.
  • Vigorous masturbation: masturbating vigorously can cause penis friction. If you aggressively pull your penis while in the process of nonlubricated masturbation, you will certainly get penis friction. 
  • Fitted clothes: wearing fitted clothing can cause penis friction most especially during physical activities like exercise. 
  • Intense sexual intercourse: having intense and continuous sexual intercourse can cause penis friction. When your sexual partner gets dry or so not well-lubricated during sexual activities, it can lead to penis friction.
  • Use a coarse towel to dry the penis: after you bathe, you might want to keep your penis dry, wearing your clothes direct can lead to bad odor. Vigorously drying your penis can result in painful friction.

How To Prevent Penis Friction?

Penis friction caused during sexual activities might make sex boring and not enjoyable, to prevent penis friction of any kind, read below:

🔸 When engaging in sexual intercourse, endeavor to use a lubricated condom or stimulate your sexual partner to produce more natural lubricant. If you like it rough during sexual intercourse, reconsider it and take it slow and steady. Being rough in sex can cause penis friction.

🔸 If you engage in masturbation, do not draw your penis vigorously, be gentler. Don’t just hop on and grab your penis, to commence use a water-based lubricant, this will help to prevent friction burns.

🔸 Maintaining proper hygiene by washing your penis with mild soap and warm water after sexual intercourse can help prevent irritation that can lead to friction burns.

🔸 Don’t be rough on the penis after taking a shower and trying to keep it dry.

🔸 Avoid wearing tight clothes, so air can penetrate and keep the private area free from irritation that can lead to friction burn.

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How To Get Rid Of Penis Friction Burn?

Minor penis friction burn can heal itself in a week or less but below are a few things you can do to fasten the healing process

  • Apply fragrance-free moisturizer like petroleum jelly or aloe vera on the affected area
  • Wear breathable, loose-fitting clothing for comfort.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse until the areas are completely healed
  • Do not masturbate while I’m penis friction burn.

When To See A Doctor For Treatment

If you did not engage either in rough, non-lubricated, or unprotected sexual intercourse nor masturbate or wear tight clothing and you discover a red sore in your on your penis, it might be a sign of an underlying issue that requires n urgent medical treatment such as Balanitis, Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Endeavor to seek immediate medical attention for proper treatment to avoid detrimental health risks.


Penis friction is usually painful and sometimes goes away on its own. There are just fewer simple ways to get rid of penis friction fast. Maintaining proper hygiene is very necessary, most especially after sexual intercourse, always try to clean up and dry mildly to avoid getting irritated and friction burn. If you notice a troubling red sore in your penis, seek medical attention. Sometimes penis friction does come from underlying health issues, this friction can last longer than expected, causing severe pains.

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