Gluteus Minimus Exercises – Will It Strengthen Your Hips?


Did you come across any Gluteus Minimus exercises on the internet? Before delving deep into the benefits of these exercises, it’s quite necessary to understand what exactly gluteus minimus is and how it functions. In the later sections, we will explain in detail whether Gluteus Minimus exercises will help strengthen your hips.

What Is Gluteus Minimus?

To start with it is the glutes that help shape the butt and stabilize the hips in the human body. The gluteus minimus is one of the three muscles that make up the glutes. It is the smallest among the gluteal muscles and the other two are the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. The gluteus minimus and gluteus medius specifically aid the gluteus maximus in raising your leg out to the side and also in rotating your thigh inwards.

Conditions Associated With Gluteus Minimus

Practices such as sitting for long periods, sitting with your legs crossed for extended periods, and standing with your weight shifted to one side can weaken the Gluteus Minimus. The most common problem associated with the gluteus minimus muscle is wear and tear on the muscle which can lead to pain over the greater trochanter. Termed as the greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS), this condition generally happens due to a gluteus medius or minimus tendinopathy.

In the case of a gluteus minimus tear, the person will experience pain outside the hip, especially when rolling onto the affected side. It also makes activities such as walking and exercising painful. 

Gluteus Minimus Exercises – Will It Strengthen Your Hips?

When you practice buttocks lifting exercises, it involves training your gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Despite contributing to the shape and firmness, there are many benefits associated with it. Let’s explore each one of them in detail.

Top 5 Benefits Of Gluteus Minimus Exercises

Benefits Of Gluteus Minimus Exercises

1. Improves Pelvic Alignment

While walking or running, your gluteus minimus contracts to maintain pelvic alignment. When your gluteus minimus becomes weak, your hip will sag downward as you pick the other leg off the floor. An improper pelvic alignment can lead to several lower body issues in the long run such as severe hip pain, improper knee tracking, and balance issues.

The benefit of gluteus minimus exercises is that it protects against pelvic alignment issues. Also, if you are already suffering from those issues, the gluteus minimus and gluteus medius exercises will help improve it.

2. Boosts Athletic And Training Performance

In the case of all athletic movements and exercises, hip stability is of utmost significance. One of the major factors that contribute to your hip stability is the strong gluteal muscles which are offered by the Gluteus Minimus Exercises.

3.  Enhances Your Aesthetics

The benefit of doing gluteus minimus exercises is that they provide firmness and also contribute to sculpting your glutes. Having said that aesthetics also depends on dietary choices. Thus, eating right is the key if you want your glutes to grow or appear more toned.

4. Offer Relief From Trendelenburg Gait And Other Injuries

In the case of patients suffering from Trendelenburg Gait, a condition that happens due to the inability to maintain hip alignment, doctors generally prescribe gluteus medius and minimus exercises. A weak gluteus minimus can also lead to ACL injuries, ankle injuries, and hip injuries. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure and thus doing gluteus medius exercises will help keep your gluteus strong.

5. Effective For Rehab

Bodyweight or banded hip abduction exercises fall under the category of gluteus minimus exercises. They are effective for people coming back from an injury. The benefit of doing these exercises is that it helps regain hip strength and stability. 


Hope the article alleviates all your doubts about whether Gluteus Minimus Exercises will help strengthen your hips. Practices such as sitting for long periods weaken the glues and also make them tight. That’s where doing exercises and stretches for the gluteus minimus comes into the picture.

Exercises such as lateral lunges that require hip abduction will directly train and strengthen your gluteus minimus. Also, you can do single-leg exercises that activate and engage the gluteus minimus as you need to have hip stability while doing these exercises.

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