Growth-Related Injuries In Young Athletes: The Hidden Dangers


Athletes are prone to injuries and it is more in the case of young athletes. When you are young your body is still growing and developing. That is the bones grow faster than the muscles and ligaments around them. When the length of the bone is more than that of the length of the muscles and ligaments there will not be the necessary support and cushioning. This can cause more sprains, strains, and other injuries than a normal range.  

Let us know what can be done on your part to prevent these injuries from happening to you and have an impact on your sports career as well as your growth. The preventive measures that you can implement in your daily life are added below. Let us read. 

How To Prevent Growth-Related Injuries In Young Athletes?

Growth-related injuries in young athletes can be prevented to an extent by employing the tips given below. However, it can not be ensured that you will not be injured at all, but the intensity of the injury and the impact that it can have on you will be reduced. 

Growth-Related Injuries In Young Athletes

  • Help in the body’s flexibility

Doing flexibility exercises and exercises that help to stretch the muscles and the body can help you in this. Make this a regular part of your daily routine. Even if you are not going to the sports-specific training on one day, you can do these exercises at home. 

  • Balance works can help 

As this is a time that the boy undergoes new changes the young athletes can do balanced workouts that will help the brain to learn to control the body that is under transformation. 

  • Get additional help

You can check athletes to know the changes that are happening in your body with time and do the things that can help the body in its changing rather than hurting the body.

  • Wear the proper protective gears

Wearing protective gear can prevent injuries and reduce the impact and intensity of the injuries. So use pads, cups, eyewear, and helmets. 

  • Follow the right technique

There is the right way to do each action in a sport. Learn that technique and start to progress slowly and improve with time. 

  • Practice safe playing

Safe playing can be implemented as you can restrict yourself from exposing the body parts that are under the growth of excessive pressure and force. 

  • Say yes to breaks

Taking enough breaks and getting rest is important, the body needs to cool down and get time to come back to performance. 

  • Say yes to water and fluids

Drink a lot of water and fluids that are protein-rich drinks and electrolytes and a combination of all these can support the body.

  • Avoid overtraining

Overtraining can only stress the body and lead to further damage. Make a proper schedule or training and do not train after that time. Strictly follow that.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleeping is essential at the time that the body naturally repairs the damage that has happened to it. 

  • Don’t do anything that hurts you

If doing a certain activity hurts your muscles or joints, stop doing that. 

You should be careful enough that the training and sports that you engage in during these young years do not interrupt your growth spurs and that it does not harm your growth. 

The Bottom Line

Growth-related injuries have the potential to affect growth and also the career in sports. When you are in your growing years it is necessary to take care of your training and workouts and there should be balance in the body. As the bones of the body grow faster than the muscles surrounding them, you are more prone to injuries. Therefore take precautions and get medical help without much delay, if needed. 


1. What is sports injury-related growth?

During the young years, when the body is still under growth. So the growth spur of bones and muscles are different which causes more injuries. 

2. Can injury affect growth?

Sports-related injuries can affect growth. Some of them can interrupt the natural growth spurs. Sometimes the growth will be haltered and sometimes there can be overgrowth.

3. Should I stop playing to prevent growth-related injuries in young athletes?

You do not have to stop playing sports altogether to prevent growth-related injuries as a young athlete. There are several tops 

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