What Kills Gut Bacteria? Identifying What Undermines Your Microbiome Health


If you tell a group of naive people that there’s a bacteria living inside of their body, they will exchange a grimacing stare and vehemently rebuke it. Millions of people are unaware of helpful harmless bacteria that live inside the body. Out of ignorance, these gut bacteria do get killed. Sometimes it is a result of getting treatment for harmful bacteria that results in killing these bacteria.  But there’s more to it. This article focuses on what kills the gut bacteria and what can be done to prevent the killing.

Understanding Gut Bacteria

Gut bacteria are referred to as gut microbiota which are all microorganisms. Specifically, bacteria that live within the gut. The gut is made up of the intestinal tract which includes the stomach, intestines, and bowel. The place where there’s the largest number of microorganisms in the body is the bowel.

Every person on earth has a different gut bacteria. The human gut bacteria is made up of over 100 trillion microorganisms that weigh around 200g which can be compared to the size of an adult hamster.

Gut Bacteria

Why Are Gut Bacteria Important To The Body?

Gut Bacteria are not just there for nothing, they are essential in carrying so many helpful functions to the body. When humans eat what they can’t digest such as dietary fibers, they assist in breaking it down for easy digestion. When a harmful microorganism gets into the body, the gut bacteria attacks thereby defending the body from its harmful effects. This microbiota makes it easy for vitamins to be absorbed at ease and it can also affect mental health.

A recent research reviewed the earliest signs of Parkinson’s disease to have commenced with gut bacteria. This recent finding signifies the depth of discoveries yet to be made on gut microorganisms and their impact on the brain.

How Gut Bacteria Can Be Killed?

Conducted studies on mice reveal that a wide range of stress such as isolation, crowding, and heat stress can reduce the functionality of gut bacteria and gradually expose helpful gut bacteria like lactobacillus to fatality while heralding the harmful bacteria clostridium. Extreme stress causes to increase in harmful bacteria and a decrease in friendly bacteria. 

Not getting enough sleep at the right hours daily leads to health hazards. Recent ongoing research has shown that sleep deprivation can affect gut bacteria. Lack of sufficient sleep can affect the brain, body, and hormones leading to obesity and numerous detrimental health hazards.

The lack of carrying out physical performance to burn energy and enhance better living. Not engaging in exercise can reduce beneficial gut bacteria like Bifidobacterium and Akkermansia.

If you have an infection caused by harmful bacteria, doctors recommend antibiotics to eliminate and annihilate this deadly bacteria but doing so can lead to harming the gut-healthy bacteria.

Excess Alcohol generally disrupts mental health. Findings have also shown that excess Alcohol can cause serious harm to gut bacteria. But red wine when taken in moderation can result in multiplying gut bacteria while dry gin is as poisonous as snake venom. Taking dry gin instantly can lead to death.

Probiotics are a type of fiber that passes through the body undigested. This leads to an increase in gut bacteria. Learn to eat food that contains probiotics like lentils, peas, bananas, asparagus, leeks,  onions, and nuts.

When your meal plan centers on a single diet daily it can harm the gut-friendly bacteria. The food you eat daily is what gives the gut bacteria nutrients to grow and stay healthier.

Smoking causes several detrimental health issues that can lead to untimely death. It tends to reduce the diverse gut bacteria.


Gut Bacteria health is important for healthy living. The gut bacteria display many essential functions that help the body grow well and work perfectly. To keep gut bacteria alive, eat food rich in probiotics, make sure you quit smoking, and sleep very well. Having enough sleep will preserve the gut bacteria and decrease the harmful bacteria. The gut is made up of trillions of bacteria that will carry out their specific functions. If anyone dies, the functions it performs halt and it might trigger a serious disease in the body. Endeavor to avoid anything that can kill the gut bacteria.

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