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Many women desire larger, curvier breasts as a beauty ideal. While plastic surgery is an option, it comes with risks and expense. The good news is that natural methods can help enhance breast size safely and economically.

This article explores scientifically-backed ways to increase breast size using diet, exercise, massage, and strategic lifestyle adjustments. Read this article to learn about natural breast enlargement methods.

Is It Possible To Increase Your Breast Size Without Surgery?🤔

Possible To Increase Your Breast Size Without Surgery

Listen, I know how tempting breast implants can be. But before going under the knife, I urge you to try embracing what mama nature gave you first! I’m going to let you in on natural secrets that can subtly perk up the girls over time.

First things first – work out your chest! Strengthening those pec muscles gives a nicer lift than any push-up bra. Massage the breasts daily too in gentle circular motions using softening oils to increase healthy blood flow.

Now for the fun part: eating for a perkier rack! Stuff your cute face with yummy berries, flaxseeds, fennel and mint teas rich in plant compounds that encourage breast tissue. Trust me, your boobs will thank you!

Don’t forget your daily cream slathered on the twins containing wild yam and other herbs that naturally promote perky tone. And because we all need to unwind – treat yourself to a relaxing essential oil breast massage!

Patience pancakes the natural way can subtly boost what your mama gave you. And learning self-love for your God-given body is the real winner. But if you still opt for implants later, no shade! What matters most is feeling comfortable in your own beautiful skin.

How To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally – 10 Ways Explained!

10 Natural Ways to Get Bigger Breasts

1 – Target Upper Pecs with Strength Training

One of the most effective natural ways to increase breast size is by building muscle in the pectorals, the chest muscle layers underneath the breast tissue. Focus on upper chest exercises using dumbbells, resistance bands, or bodyweight at least 2-3 days per week. Target moves like incline chest presses, incline dumbbell flyes, and wide grip pushups. Strength training won’t directly grow your breasts, but toning the chest muscles can provide a subtle lift.

Target Upper Pecs with Strength Training

2 – Do Chest Opening Yoga Poses

Certain yoga poses open the front of the chest and shoulders which can improve posture for a perkier breast appearance. Poses like Chest Expansion Pose, Cow Face Pose, Fish Pose, and Camel Pose stretch the pecs and front delts, counteracting rounding from sitting at a desk all day. Try holding chest opening poses for 30-60 seconds, taking 5-8 breaths. Yoga stimulates circulation which nourishes breast tissue.

Chest Opening Yoga Poses

3 – Massage with Plant-Based Oils

Massaging your breasts enhances circulation and lymphatic drainage using long, firm strokes directing fluid toward the armpits and upper chest. Using nourishing plant oils like coconut, almond, or olive oil can moisturize skin for plumper looking breasts. Massage before bed with oil warmed in your hands, spending 2-3 minutes on each breast using a spiderweb pattern outward from the nipple.

Massage with Plant-Based Oils

4 – Eat Estrogen-Promoting Foods

Estrogen is the main female sex hormone which plays an important developmental role in feminine curves like the breasts. Eating certain natural plant foods can gently promote healthy estrogen levels for breast growth such as: flaxseeds, sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, soy foods like edamame and tofu, oats, quinoa, apples, oranges, coffee, and more. These foods contain plant compounds that mimic estrogenic activity.

Eat Estrogen-Promoting Foods

5 – Apply Wild Yam Cream

The roots of wild yams contain a chemical similar to estrogen and progesterone which can be absorbed through the skin. Look for a wild yam cream at health stores and rub onto the breasts and surrounding chest area twice daily. The hormone-like compounds in wild yam may stimulate breast tissue. Just don’t take wild yam orally as it can cause toxicity.

Apply Wild Yam Cream

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6 – Hydrate with Water

One of the simplest ways to make your breasts look fuller is to hydrate, hydrated, hydrate! Drinking adequate water keeps breasts plump and supple by flushing out toxins and enhancing skin’s moisture content. Set a goal to drink at least 64oz of water daily and carry a bottle with you. Infuse your water with fruit like berries, citrus, cucumber or mint to encourage sipping throughout the day. Staying hydrated pays beauty dividends.

Hydrate with Water

7 – Start a Exercise Routine

Developing an exercise routine not only burns fat which makes breasts more prominent, it also boosts circulation to the chest. This nourishes breast tissue and skin. Get moving daily even just for 20-30 minutes of cardio like walking, jogging, cycling, dance aerobics or HIIT training. You can also alternate cardio with yoga, Pilates or barre which tone the chest. Moving your body kickstarts estrogen production too.

Start a Exercise Routine

8 – Massage with Essential Oils

Using aromatherapy adds pleasant scent and medicinal benefits to your breast massage routine. Dilute potent essential oils like fennel, rose, lavender, clary sage, geranium or frankincense into a neutral carrier oil according to package directions. Use 6-8 drops of oil per ounce of carrier oil. These aromatherapy oils relax tissue, promote circulation, balance hormones and have mild phytoestrogen effects.

Massage with Essential Oils

9 – Minimize Caffeine

Limiting intake of caffeinated coffee, tea sodas and energy drinks is smart – excess caffeine elevates cortisol which can interfere with estrogen production and breast growth. Restrict yourself to 1-2 small coffees or teas daily if you need your caffeine fix. Replace excess coffee breaks with herbal teas, lemon water with mint or hibiscus tea which is high in phytoestrogens.

Minimize Caffeine

10 – Consider Botanical Supplements

Some botanical supplements support breast enhancement goals when used properly under professional guidance. Options include red clover extract, saw palmetto, dong quai root, blessed thistle herb, wild yam root and fennel seed. Research each supplement’s effects and be mindful of potential side effects before trying them. Work with an integrative provider to determine if supplements could benefit you.

Consider Botanical Supplements

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Is Clove Oil good for breast health?

While some claim clove oil helps lift breasts when massaged in, there is no proof it works. Massaging any oil into the chest area may temporarily ease mild pain and stiffness through its anti-inflammatory effects, and gently stretching the skin upwards could temporarily make breasts appear perkier. But there are no properties in clove oil that permanently lift or enhance breast size or shape. For real breast lifting effects, professional medical procedures would be more reliable options.

Final Verdict

While making your breasts notably larger through natural methods takes time and consistency, subtle increases in breast size, lift and suppleness are achievable using science-backed approaches.

Focus on chest-strengthening exercises along with daily breast massage using serums high in plant estrogens.

A balanced diet and active lifestyle also support healthy breast tissue by promoting circulation and normal estrogen levels. Be patient with yourself and treat your body with care as you enhance your feminine assets.

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