How To Burn Shoulder Fat? 5 Best Exercises For Sculpting Strong Shoulders


Fat is a word that could create a lot of distress in people. Most of the time it comes with a negative connotation as to something that can harm people adversely. For the most part, it is true to an extent. However, scientifically fat means something that is extra to the body and restricts it from reaching its full potential. This is where exercises come into play. Unlock a leaner physique by incorporating exercises to burn shoulder fat effectively. Transform your shoulders with targeted workouts starting today.

Multiple exercises are concentrated on different parts to reduce the fat. This article will talk in particular about shoulder fat. We will be looking briefly into its causes and origin while suggesting 5 best exercises to get rid of them.

What is shoulder fat and why is it important to lose it?

The term is self-explanatory as it refers to the fat that finds its place near the shoulders of an individual. While mostly affecting the arms, it can also hide the arms and muscles that are defined in a particular area. However, there are a few reasons why you should get rid of them.

Burn Shoulder Fat

Firstly, having shoulder fat could make your face seem fatter. It adds to the overall look and most times, diminishes the appeal. Secondly, having fat around the shoulder could disturb one’s posture. This could lead to a bent silhouette rather than a straight one. Thirdly, it is also a reason why some people could sense pain near the arms or back. Mostly because it would be impossible to lift it. Lastly, shoulder fat could undermine your self-confidence immensely which means getting rid of it should be a priority.

Reasons for shoulder fat

The major reasons for increased shoulder fat are:

  1. gaining weight– If you gain weight, your shoulders will also show the change and can look fatter than they used to. This can also lead to its sagging.
  2. Sitting or stooping– If you are someone who stoops a lot and is also known to sit for long hours, chances are you could develop shoulder fat.
  3. Age– Age-related issues can cause the fat to be deposited near the arms and therefore the shoulders.

The five best exercises to burn shoulder fat

1. Pushups

It hardly needs an introduction because it is one of the most celebrated workout routines in the world. Primarily concentrating on the shoulders, chest, and triceps, pushups not only burn calories magnificently but also help build muscles which is the primary aim of shoulder fat reduction.

As it strengthens your shoulder and back muscles, you can also see how your posture gets corrected. To perform this you have to lay straight with your face toward the floor and then lift it using your hands only. It has multiple variations including the one with fingers only or two fingers or knuckles to test your limits.

2. Shoulder press

Something with shoulder and press in its name could not miss the chance to reduce the fat around the shoulders. Looking to work the deltoid muscles, it can also stabilize one’s triceps as well as back which is the aim. Like pushups, one could look into varieties of shoulder presses to be performed according to your stamina. This means one can sit on a bench with their shoulders straight and then use dumbbells to make their muscles move.

Additionally, the other forms also entail using barbells and machines which all could give similar results. However, this is a form-oriented exercise which means your back should be straight at all times along with your shoulders. Deviating from the same can cause a lot of harm than gain.

3. Planks

Planks are not as easy as it seems and even 30 seconds of the same could lead to major weight loss. To perform them you should lay flat on your stomach and raise yourself with the help of your elbows. Along with the shoulders, it is known to play a part in perfecting the obliques, abdomen, and lower back muscles. If you are suffering from consistent back pain, you might want to perform planks frequently. Similar to shoulder press, planks also require you to position yourself in a certain way and alter which could cause your back to hurt and an injury is also not out of the picture.

4. Chair dips

To improve the form and increase the stamina of your shoulders, one should incorporate chair dips into your workout schedule. This means using the arms of a chair to hold your weight on it. It is not an easy exercise to do and therefore requires a lot of patience and inner strength. Targeting the back shoulder muscles, chair dips require hardly any equipment and are easy to work out in any area with an elevated surface that has arms. When performing the act you should be aware of how your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle which otherwise can make the whole task futile.

5. Arm circles

Often dismissed as one of the simpler ones among the bunch, arm circles are more effective than you could imagine. All you have to do is form clockwise and anti-clockwise circles using your arms. However, it is a spot-targeted exercise and helps the shoulders increase their flexibility abundantly. You could also engage in its variations by stepping up one foot at a time and performing lunges. With minimal support, you can get the shoulder and triceps of your dreams.


While exercising to Burn shoulder fat, you should be wary of the postures you keep. Any change in them could have severe results that can even damage your spin. So it is helpful to have a spotter initially to correct the posture when you perform these. Most of them require no equipment and can be carried out in an open space where your mind can also remain stress-free.

Additionally, you should also be aware that weight loss or fat loss applies to the whole body, and losing weight generally can also help you lose shoulder fat. To make sure these exercises work, you should never end your calorie deficit diet which is equally important.


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