How To Dissolve Cataracts Naturally? Most Effective Ways To Treat Cataracts


Searching for effective natural ways to treat cataracts? This poses a lot of queries and concerns for individuals who are affected by cataracts. Medically, surgery may prove as the only procedure for absolute cataract treatment without any admissible natural method for cataract treatment.

In lieu of this, we will examine some researched natural ways of treating cataracts without conflicting with the medical outlined standard suggesting surgery as the only alternative for the treatment of cataracts.

Major Causes Of Cataracts Explored!

The crystalline lens, a bi-convex lens located behind the pupil of the iris and allowing the focus of images on the retina, is the sensitive plate of the eye if we compare the latter to a camera with its film. Aging of this lens manifests itself in the majority of individuals by a loss of its elasticity and therefore becomes difficult to focus near images.

But this aging can also manifest itself in a more pathological manner through a progressive opacification of this crystalline lens. Hence, the consequence of this will be a gradual decline in visual acuity over months and years and there will come a time when individuals will complain of seeing objects as if through frosted glass or a waterfall, this condition is called cataracts. 

Major Causes Of Cataracts

Without treatment, this opacification will increase and lead to almost complete blindness, and the older people get, the more likely they are to suffer from cataracts. It can also be a complication of diabetes, whether insulin-dependent, and therefore tends to manifest early or non-insulin-dependent. When this opacification of the lens has become significant, the only best treatment in this type is surgical replacement with a flexible artificial lens. However, there are rare postsurgical complications of cataracts, but in some cases, few such cases do exist, more reasons people always look out for natural ways to dissolve cataracts. 

Some of these few and minor complications may include: Infection as a result of poor management and carelessness, edema of the central part of the retina may resurface, which can lead to a permanent reduction in visual acuity, retina detachment which can be operated on but which may also lead to a permanent reduction in visual acuity.

Natural Plant-Based Treatment And Preventive Measures

Natural plant-based treatment can prevent or naturally treat lens aging which will in turn help in the prevention of cataracts. Some of these natural plant-based substances are: Eugenia, pterocarpus, and jambolana are a few others that are efficacious in the treatment of cataracts.

Preventing aging of the lens still remains the best treatment since we know that even if aging is inevitable, it does not affect all individuals in the same way. Cataract is an excellent example, as it is aged related to macular degeneration, although there are differences in the pattern of aging in the individuals which can be linked to nutrition or lifestyle.

The best method to prevent this is through a suitable diet and changing lifestyle that may accelerate the cause of cataracts, as this will help to reduce the oxidative load on the ocular structures and in particular on the lens.

Natural Ways To Treat Cataracts

There are some natural and useful substances that can be used for the development of food supplements to be used as natural remedies for the treatment of cataracts, and they include the following:

  • Lutein
  • Vitamin C, E
  • Selenium
  • Glutathione
  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Vitamin B2,3,4 and 5

Others include vaccinium myrtillus; very rich in anthocyanosides. Anthocyanosides are the complex bioflavonoids most capable of protecting the lens and retina from oxidative damage. All these substances are present in natural food that can be recommended for individuals who are affected with cataracts.

In the event of cataracts that develop as a result of diabetes, it is strongly recommended to add acetyl-carnitine and Quercetin. Quercetin is a molecule that is part of the water-soluble bioflavonoids, it has been shown that it potentiates the activity of vitamin C and that it blocks the enzymatic activity of aldolase reductase, which is particularly abundant in the eye and which catalyzes the conversion of glucose into sorbitol. This sorbitol is then itself reduced to fructose.

The intracellular accumulation of sorbitol and fructose and the resulting osmotic phenomena are causative factors in the genesis of tissue damage in diabetics. Acetyl-carnitine is another natural product that has been shown to decrease the protein denaturation process called glycation, particularly in the lens by 42%.

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Conclusively, it should be noted that surgery is still the most appropriate way to get rid of cataracts, and most cataract surgeries are successful. Preventive measures are still the best natural methods to deal with cataracts, and some of these measures are quitting smoking, if applicable, protecting the eye from the sun, and eating a nutritious diet. After all, preventive medicine is more affordable when compared to curative medicine.

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