How To Fix Your Ph Balance Overnight? 7 Home Remedies That You Can Try


Have you been experiencing a burning sensation and itchiness around your vagina? You should check your pH balance for it. When the pH balance is not between the range of 3.8-4.5, then you have an imbalance pH. Maintaining vaginal health will keep the bacteria away from your intimate parts and function properly.

The acidity of your vagina should be equivalent to the acidity level of oranges. Several studies show that vaginal pH is of utmost importance for women’s health. In this blog, we are going to explore How to fix your pH balance overnight and Try home remedies to restore your pH balance.

What’s a normal Vaginal pH level?

A normal vaginal pH level typically falls within the range of 3.8 to 4.5. This slightly acidic environment helps maintain a healthy balance of bacteria and prevent infections.

However, individual pH levels can vary, and changes may occur due to factors such as menstrual cycle, sexual activity, or underlying health conditions. If concerned about vaginal health, consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable.

How Do You Know If Your pH Balance Is Optimal?

The pH balance term means potential Hydrogen levels in your vagina. This means that your vagina homes healthy bacteria which is important for keeping your vagina free from infection. If your pH balance is too high then you might notice:

  • Redness in and around your vagina
  • Itching and burning sensation while you pee or have sex
  • Chunky and yellow vaginal discharge
  • Strong unpleasant urine smell
  • Discomfort in your vagina

What can affect vaginal pH?

  1. Menstrual Cycle: Vaginal pH can fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle, being slightly more acidic during menstruation.
  2. Sexual Activity: The introduction of semen, which has an alkaline pH, can temporarily raise vaginal pH levels. However, this usually normalizes over time.
  3. Douching: The use of substances like soaps or other cleansers within the vagina can disrupt its natural pH balance.
  4. Antibiotics: Medications, such as antibiotics, may impact the balance of bacteria in the vagina, potentially affecting pH.
  5. Hormonal Changes: Factors like pregnancy, menopause, and hormonal contraceptives can influence vaginal pH.
  6. Infections: Bacterial Infections

Home Remedies To Restore pH Balance Overnight

If this pH balance is not restored then you might catch a bacterial infection, or create a complication for fertility, or during pregnancy.

Home Remedies To Restore pH Balance Overnight

Most importantly, your sexual health will suffer if you do not treat the pH imbalance. Staying hydrated would be the first step towards balancing your pH. There are other remedies that you can try at home.

1. Wearing Cotton Panties

Cotton pants are much more comfortable and breathable for your intimate parts, especially if you are trying to maintain a healthy pH balance. These help your vagina to dry after you use a loo, unlike synthetic fabrics. 

Lacey, microfiber, silk, satin, and mesh panties are surely attractive and give you a sexy appeal, but you cannot use them every day. As these materials trap the moisture and give way to bacteria and yeast to grow in your vagina. 

2. Probiotics

These are natural flora for your body that help healthy bacteria maintain acidity in your body. Eating a balanced diet with fiber and protein will do good for your body AND vagina. You can try including yogurt, miso soup, kombucha, pickles, or buttermilk in your diet to restore the balance in your pH levels. 

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is commonly found in every household and can be used to restore the pH balance. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to remove the bacteria growth in your vagina.

Drinking apple cider vinegar or consuming these tablets, will give you healthy digestion and promote a favorable environment for the growth of healthy bacteria.

4. Remove Stress From Your Life

Stress is not only bad news for physical and mental health but also for your pH balance. Stress equals increased levels of cortisols which interrupts the balance in the alkaline levels in our body.

You can include workout routines, eight hours of sleep, and a balanced diet for managing stress. Deep breathing exercises, indulging in a hobby, and quitting intoxication in any form are also great to eliminate stress from your life.

5. Say No To Sugar

Sugar plays an important role in the growth of the yeast or bacteria. Try cutting off sugar from your diet in small servings and then gradually increase to sugar-free meals. If you are craving something sweet then you should try snacking on fruits like oranges, apples, cherries, or blueberries. Or you can use jaggery as an alternative to sugar for your milkshakes and drinks. It is a healthy alternative to sugar. This way you can maintain your sugar levels and pH balance.

6. Keep Away From Unprotected Sex

Semen has a higher pH value and when it comes in contact with the vagina, it can also increase the risk of pregnancy. Have safe sex with condoms and water-based lube if you are trying something new.

This will help to keep your pH levels intact and avoid irritation or burning sensation.

7. Eat Garlic

Garlic is rich in antioxidants and is good for immunity. Include garlic in your diet for a healthy diet and pH balance. Eating garlic bread, cream of garlic soup, or garlic mashed potatoes is not only delicious but also good for your vaginal health. You can also eat garlic supplements to increase the concentration. 


Restoring your pH balance overnight is achievable through simple diet and lifestyle changes. Eating more alkalizing foods like lemon water, apple cider vinegar, vegetables, and yogurt can help neutralize excess acid.

Limiting acidic foods, managing stress levels, and practicing good hygiene also promote pH regulation. With small but impactful adjustments, you can wake up feeling balanced and refreshed. Monitoring your symptoms and responding accordingly will help maintain homeostasis long-term.

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