How To Get Rid Of Neck Lines? Simple Remedies To Get Rid Of Them


Do you ever notice a neckband on someone’s neck, but with a closer look you realize that it is just their skin but with a fold on it? These are commonly found in individuals with obesity, senior adults, or someone without a sharp jawline. A more suitable term for the neckline is a double chin.

For some, you might see the three black lines on the neck with the perfect straight line, and for some, it may just be two lines on the neck. In this blog, we are exploring the cause of necklines and how you can get rid of them. 

How Are Neck Lines Caused?

To solve an issue, it is important to understand the root of the problem. Since there are several factors that come into play for necklines, we are going to take a closer look at them.

✔ Aging

You must be familiar with the aging process, how it brings wrinkles and loose skin to your body, the same concept applies to the neck. After age, your body reduces the production of collagen which is responsible for skin elasticity. With no collagen to hold the skin tight, you tend to have wrinkles and fine lines.

✔ Exposure To Sun

Living a hectic schedule can surely bring stress and fine lines to your face and neck. The reason behind this is there are sunscreens and lotions designed for your face, but there are very few for your neck. Sun’s UV rays are just as harmful to your neck as it is to your face. Also, there is a major probability that 1 out of 9 people will leave their necks while applying sunscreen on it, 

✔ Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Individuals with obesity when they lose weight, their skin is stretched out, which gives way to saggy skin and necklines. This factor also plays a part in genetics, where the skin is prone to wrinkles at an early age. 

✔ Skin Creasing

When there is frequent creasing in the skin like sitting in one position for too long or having your head down all the time, it can lead to necklines. Or the common term, “Tech Neck” or “Text Neck” where you are engrossed in your phone for most of the time. Looking down at your phone gives you necklines. 

How To Get Rid Of Neck Lines?

Necklines are not just limited to elderly people but also youngsters who scroll through their social media all the time. You can try some of the home remedies or seek professional help to get rid of these lines. 

Neck And Face Exercises

✔ Skin Care Routine

The major factor for the lines on your neck is because the skin is too dry and exposed to the Sun. Moisturizing it twice a day will benefit you. Remember to use sunscreen on your neck when you are applying it on your face. This will reduce the impact of UV rays and prevent the necklines from developing. It will also promote healthy skin and eliminate irritation.

Using neck creams, vitamin C serum, and retinol cream at night will also help you eliminate those lines. The purpose of skin care is to prevent the skin from drying and keep it supple. You can also scrub your neck twice a week to gain benefits from this skincare routine. An ideal routine would include a scrub, moisturizer, and night cream for beginners. 

✔ Neck And Face Exercises

Stretching and yoga exercises focused on your neck and face can help you get rid of those stretchy lines and wrinkles. You can start by rolling your shoulders clockwise and anticlockwise during your breaks or on your workout routine. Also, try to maintain a posture while you are working or are using your phone. Keep the devices at eye level all the time to avoid developing creases on your neck.

✔ Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a protein produced by our bodies to keep us looking young and healthy. But as we age, the production of collagen in our body reduces. So, to maintain a youthful glow, you can consider consuming collagen supplements. It will not only target the wrinkles on your neck but also improve skin elasticity and texture. 

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In summary, while necklines are a natural part of aging, there are ways to reduce their appearance. Using broad-spectrum sunscreen daily along with moisturizers containing antioxidants and peptides can help improve skin texture and elasticity.

Non-invasive procedures like laser treatments, ultrasound therapy, or radiofrequency can also tighten loose neck skin. With a consistent skincare regimen and healthy lifestyle habits, it is possible to minimize neck wrinkles and achieve a smoother, more youthful look.

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