How To Get Rid Of Weed Eyes? Tips To Prevent Weed Eyes!


Weed – one of the most anticipated drugs in the world (at least in the countries where it is legal!) gives you a lot of positive outcomes but one- red bloodshot eyes! Every person who is taking weed can be detected with the help of eyes (it is that red and bad). For people who are natural weed enthusiasts or someone who is new to this would know what we are talking about. But is it normal? Obviously not! It is annoying (as your eyes look weird and red) because it looks scary and red. But wait, it can be cured!

This is not something that is commonly encountered by the people who smoke weed but is one of the side effects that a person might get post-weed consumption. The bloodshot or red eyes are also called weed eyes which are majorly encountered when the blood vessels are dilated. This dilation of the blood vessels is caused by the THC (or people also call it cannabinoids). Many people worry about the same but should not- it is a natural indicator of a person taking weed (or someone who has not slept for much time!).

Harmless but something to be improved is called red eyes (you have to make sure to let go of this temporary side effect). So in this discussion, we will make sure to go through some of the most wanted (and tried) tips for the same. 

Tips & Tricks To Prevent Weed Eyes

🔶 Make Sure To Take Enough Water

This is always the best solution- to stay hydrated (be it any life problem you have in life, to be honest). Your red eyes can also go away with the help of water intake and it also helps your eyes to get back the mosquito lost. The redness or the dryness in the eyes can be cured with the help of water intake and you’ve to make sure to sip and take mindfully, accordingly. What your eyes will feel is refreshed and better ( and that’s what we want!).

Make Sure To Take Enough Water

🔶 Ever Thought Of Artificial Tears

For people who have naturally occurring dry eyes can go for this hack- artificial tears for red eyes. It will help your eyes be lubricated and also a quick feeling of relief will also affect the red eyes. Your dryness will go and you’ll be able to feel better than before (but make sure to take the dosage that is safe and recommended). You do not have to overuse the product but can keep the dry eyes solution in handy (a little bottle is all you need).

🔶 Use Of Cold Compresses

Your cold compressions do not just cure joint pains but also help to relieve other symptoms like dry or red bloodshot eyes (you heard it right!). This technique is simple and very effective and can help your eyes get instant relief like never before. There is a clean cloth and there is cold water, dip them together and you can place it on your eyes to feel at ease like a lot. This is just a normal cold pack of cloth that is wrapped around and also provides a soothing sensation and you’ll feel better.

🔶 Choosing The Strains 

You have to know the level of red eye level and the cannabinoids can have different effects but the straining is one of the effects as well. The lower level of THC may also unbalance stuff and it will lower eye redness so make sure to strain and the effect will be way too less than expected.


You have to make sure to get through all these factors like a pro and don’t have to take cannabis as a joke. Make sure to blink properly and also have the least smoke exposure (at the end of the day it is a drug and one should be looking into the matter). You also have to look after your health and hence blinking along with an active lifestyle is very important (you have to take one day at a time). One should not be ignored for sleep and getting enough sleep is very important and better for people who want to take health to a stable and effective level. 

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