How To Get Rid Of Wine-Belly? Common Methods To Prevent Wine-Belly


People who want to be fit and healthy might have heard of or encountered the issue of wine belly. The specific belly fat condition is termed due to the fat accumulated in the belly based on what one consumes to get it. Mostly alcoholics are the ones prone to this. Let us explore the condition and see what you need to do to prevent or get back on your feet.

What Is Wine-Belly?

First, let’s look at what is wine-belly, It is a condition where fats accumulate in the belly due to the excess consumption of wine. Other similar conditions like beer-belly exist which is the belly fat due to consumption of alcohol. There are a few such conditions common with people.


Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Wine-Belly

Let’s start by knowing the effective ways to get rid of Wine-belly. A few of the common methods include:

Mind your sipping

Starting with the basics, You should be aware of how much amount of wine you consume. Research or enquire an expert on what is the right amount or acceptable each day, week, or overall month. Ensure to pour a reasonable amount and savor it slowly. This helps you enjoy and also prevents you from excess consumption. 

Measure the Glass

Mark your wine glass with the right measurement for consumption, This helps you to not over-pour and have to drink extra as you have a visual representation. The standard serving amount is said to be 5 ounces make sure not to exceed

Stay hydrated

Hydration is crucial for taking care of numerous factors and bodily functions. Staying hydrated not only helps in preventing dehydration but also lets you control your intake of wine by differentiating the both. 

Red over White

As you may know, there are several types and flavors of wine available in the market. Among the common options choose red wine over white and any other. Red wine also comes with several health benefits with higher levels of antioxidants like resveratrol and fewer calories compared to others.

Watch the sugar and Alcohol.

Many types of wines are loaded with high sugar or Alcohol. As it sounds obvious these sugars or Alcohol and its excessive consumption can lead to weight gain. Opt for wines with lower sugar and alcohol content and avoid wines like dessert wines and wines with low alcohol content ABV. 

Proper Diet

Aside from the wine practicing a healthy and balanced diet would help you to an extent although wine consumption must be monitored. Do not substitute wine for any meal and prefer fruits and vegetables. Remember to include lean proteins and whole grains in your diet. 

Avoid Before Sleep

Choose not to consume wine before bedtime as it causes distress mid might or sleep resulting in disturbed sleep patterns and lack of sleep. This affects your metabolism and gain unhealthy weight.

Be physically active

Actively taking part in physical activities like exercise, cardio, and strength training would be helpful to manage weight. Exercise helps burn the calories that are built by the consumption of wine. Focus on a combination of strength training and cardio to stay fit and manage weight. 

Consider Wine Alternatives

Less Alcoholic and several properties with benefits are available as alternatives to several drinks including wine. The options could be sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice and much more

Visit a healthcare expert

If your consumption turns out to be an addiction and things are above your control visit a healthcare expert to analyze your condition and help you take necessary safety measures. They will provide guidance and help you overcome the issue effectively. 

Other Methods 

Few of the other simple and efficient ways include :

  • Keeping track of your consumption to stay accountable and consume the necessary amounts
  • Set specific limits to the amount you consume this adds up to your discipline and avoid overindulging.
  • Prefer not to touch wine while you’re stressed or emotional, during this time try controlling your emotions or they will control you leading to overindulging. 

Wrap Up

In summary, Getting a wine belly has been a huge concern for people who often drink wine. You need to understand finding a balance and taking efforts to exercise stay hydrated and have a clear awareness is what is needed for a fit and healthy life without bidding farewell to wine. Do follow the steps and live a healthy life. 

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