How To Heal Inflamed Urethra In Females? Tips & Treatment


Urethritis in females is an inflammatory disease that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body. Also, the urethra is the tube that you pee through, which gets inflamed and leads to infections, hormonal imbalance, trauma or other chemical irritants. Females suffering from this disease find it difficult to urinate and have frequent pain. 

Although it can be treated at home with relaxation if it is a minor pain, severe pain needs medication and advice from experts. However, if you are confused or want to know about how to heal inflamed urethra for fast recovery, then you are at the right article. Here is the treatment that is needed to cure urethral problems in females and get back to their normal daily lives. 

Ways To Treat Inflamed Urethra In Females 

The inflamed urethra in females is common but can cause severe pain while urinating, performing intercourse, irritation and burning effects. However, proper medications and rest can cure this disease and help to recover quickly.

Inflamed Urethra In Females 

Let’s see some ways to treat this infectious disease-

1] Antibiotic

If the urethra is inflamed due to bacteria, then an antibiotic or drug is provided to cure it in females. Here, doctors can prescribe a list of antibiotics that help to kill bacteria that are causing Urethritis. Azithromycin and doxycycline are the most common antibiotics that are provided to treat this disease. Also, you can take it orally, and proper tests are performed to know the cause. 

2] Dilation

Urethra dilation is considered the quick process to treat scarring in your urethra, which takes less than an hour to treat. It is managed by pain relievers to cure burning pain, discomfort, and problems faced during peeing. It will give fast recovery, and you will be able to get back into your work after a few days.

3] Urethroplasty

Urethroplasty is another type of treatment that is done to cure inflamed urethra in females. In this case, some tissues are cut to get within reach of the urethra and remove the part causing infections or pains. Also, it includes switching to the new kind of catheter if one is used. Here, doctors use shops or lubricants to remove the odour. 

4] Endoscopic Urethrotomy  

Endoscopic urethrotomy is another way that helps in the prevention of inflammatory urethra in females. Here, doctors perform the minor’s medication or ask some questions relating to the cause. They inject a thin optical device into the urethra and insert the instruments to remove the infected parts by vaporisation with a laser. Moreover, it is the fastest way to recover and causes minimal scarring or less risk of infection. 

5] Permanent Catheter

If there is a urinary blockage, then it can cause infections or a burning sensation that might be severe with time. So, the doctors treat by inserting a small tube into the bladder and draining urine that is blocked. Also, it treats the chemical or traumatic infections that cause swelling in the tube, narrowing of the urethra or others. Moreover, proper rest and expert advice can help to heal this infectious disease and get rid of it in a faster and safer way.  

The above ways are the best ways to treat the urethra in females and help to recover quickly. Moreover, by following the healthy tips, you can avoid being infected or needing surgery. 

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Tips For Healthy Urethra

A healthy urethra helps to provide comfort and better living, and you can perform your work efficiently. Let’s have a quick view to overcome this syndrome-

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 
  • Eat food that may prevent UTIs, like antioxidant foods, healthy cooking oils, multivitamins and more. 
  • Clean And Rinse the parts after Urination to avoid the risk of infections. 
  • Practise safe sex with precautions and avoid intercourse with multiple partners. 
  • Avoid Being Irritans and do not use clothes, hands or others that can cause rashes, spots or infections.  
  • Always try to wear loose-fitting clothes and cotton underwear to stay comfortable. 
  • Get regular examinations from a doctor if any problems persist and more.

Final Takeaways

Inflammation in the urethra is caused mainly in females because they are shorter in size as compared with males. Also, proper hygiene and treatments can cure it quickly and help it recover in a few days. However, you can take advice from doctors if there is severe pain or swelling after the medication or minor surgery. 

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