How To Know If Intermittent Fasting Is Working? Unveiling Secrets!


Intermittent fasting has now become one of the most popular diet methods for those who are on their weight loss journey. It is a method of splitting your meals to more frequencies and reducing the portions you consume every time thereby making the total calorie count you consume per day a lower level than before.

The working mechanism of intermittent fasting is unique and effective when compared with the rest of the weight loss techniques. How it retains energy in the body of the individual is also something different.

So, if you are also following this type of dieting technique and wondering if it is working out in your body, this article is specially written for you. You will get a clear picture regarding the effectiveness of this dietary pattern in your body, by the end of this article.

Possible Ways To Identify If Intermittent Fasting Is Working

Some of the most prominent ways through which you would be able to identify its effectiveness have been given below. 

1. Reduced Appetite 

In most cases, people who are gaining unwanted weight would also be experiencing severe appetite levels which may lead them to overeat. While you are on intermittent fasting, and if it is showing results on your body, you will start experiencing a reduced hunger level than before. This is because the body will start to burn more accumulated fat stored inside it to generate energy.

When energy generation happens just with the fat stored inside the body, it would give no signal to eat further to produce energy. Basically in the case of intermittent fasting, fat becomes the primary fuel source of the body, making its burning process more accelerated and effective. Hence the appetite levels would get suppressed gradually. 

2. Reducing Body Fat Percentage 

When you are on an intermittent fasting routine, you may also find the body percentage falling significantly. This would only happen if you are doing the fasting properly and consistently without fail. The significant reduction found in the body fat percentage is because of the consumption of the accumulated fat by the body for a range of physiological activities.

Along with the reduction of fat percentage, you would also be able to see the growth of muscles since this type of fasting may also promote the working of muscle-protecting hormones including growth hormones. It is the working of these hormones that is responsible for the preservation of muscle mass while the burning of fat stored in the body. 

3. Enhanced Bowel Movements 

If intermittent fasting is working in your case, you will be able to experience enhanced bowel movements. Your bowels will always stay cleansed and healthy. Gut detoxification happens more effectively than ever before. This is done by stimulating the Migrating Motor Complex (MMC) of the body. The stimulation of MMC would also help in flushing out all the possible bacterial infections and leftover food that remains in the gut. This would help in preventing the gut issues such as bloating and the pain caused due to it. 

4. Improved Energy Levels 

Another important benefit, that can be easily identified to determine the effectiveness of intermittent fasting is an improved energy level. This is caused due to a process called autophagy that happens inside the cells.

This is a kind of cell clean-up that can be experienced while intermittent fasting starts to show results in your body. It is a process where the cells themselves flush out the ineffective mitochondria from them. Thus more effective mitochondria would get synthesized, resulting in a significant spike in the energy levels of the individual. 

5. Suppressed Cravings For Sugary Food Items

Results of effective intermittent fasting can also be found when you experience a reduction in your cravings for sugary food items. People who consume less protein and other required nutrition are the ones who experience an increased sugar craving. Such issues would be resolved with proper intermittent fasting, resulting in a suppression of the cravings for sugary foods. 

The Bottom Line

Now that, you know how to determine whether you are carrying out intermittent fasting in the right way or not. It is important to know about these signs and learn them to analyze your progress if you are working on a particular dietary pattern to make your weight loss journey much better. 

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