How To Lose 20 Pounds With Hypothyroidism? Discover The Effective Ways


Hypothyroidism is a condition when you will be struggling with weight-related issues. No matter how hard you work out or follow a healthy and balanced diet, your weight may fluctuate and this can be a serious issue. You may not be able to lose weight just like others and it is highly likely for you to be depressed about the same. This article is all about the healthy tips and tricks that you make use of to lose weight even while living with the health condition of Hypothyroidism. 

Weight Loss And Hypothyroidism 

Just like other human beings, people with hypothyroidism also need to cut down their calories, eat smaller portions, work out regularly, and follow a healthy lifestyle to shed those extra pounds of fat accumulated in their bodies. But you also need to take care of some other things since your thyroid gland is inactive for the time being.

Since hypothyroidism lowers the metabolic activities in your body, there are higher chances for you to gain unwanted weight on the go. Hence the first and foremost step is to take the treatment promptly and try to fix the issue, which will then lead to weight loss. Along with the treatment, if you are eating right and working out properly, you will be able to see significant results within a short period. 

Weight Loss And Hypothyroidism

Effective Techniques To Lose Weight During Hypothyroidism Condition

These are some of the easy and effective techniques that you may make use of if you are trying to lose weight during a hypothyroid condition. 

1. Say No To Sugar And Simple Carbs 

Sugar can easily lead to weight gain not just in people who are suffering from hypothyroidism but also in healthy individuals. Simple carbs also do have a similar effect. When we consume simple carbs, it may get digested too soon leading us to crave food quite soon.

This may end up in overeating and consequent gaining of unnecessary weight. It is also important to choose vegetables with low starch content to reduce carbohydrate intake. Sugary drinks should also be avoided strictly. 

2. Prefer Anti-Inflammatory Foods 

People with hypothyroidism may also experience mental health issues such as depression. They are also more prone to joint aches and pain due to overweight. Such issues can be fixed by having foods with anti-inflammatory properties. This can also help in strengthening the immune system of the individual.

Leafy vegetables, fatty fish, fruits, and nuts belong to this category. These foods may also reduce the workload of the liver to digest the processed foods. So the combined efforts in the processing of the consumed calories help in greater metabolism and subsequent weight loss. 

3. Have More Meals In Fewer Quantities 

People with hypothyroidism should always go for meals of smaller portions with increased frequencies. This would help them control the blood sugar levels in an individual and thus prevent unwanted weight gain. While consuming meals, also make sure that it has all the macronutrients balanced with complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

However, it is also important to note the calorie intake while having more frequent meals. The calorie count should be in a deficient pattern rather than going overboard with it. It is important to understand that you are not consuming a proper breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Hence portion control should be followed strictly when it comes to this kind of dietary pattern. 

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4. Keep A Food Diary 

Keeping a food diary can be helpful if you are trying to lose weight being in the condition of hypothyroidism. Even if you are not able to analyze the health level of your eating patterns, you can take this diary to your dietician and they will be able to help you out in the same, by suggesting diet tips. Apart from that, it may also help you include the missing macros and micros essential for weight loss in your diet. 

5. Exercises 

Exercise cannot be avoided if you are suffering from hypothyroidism. Your metabolic rate would be much lower and you need to enhance it by increasing your body temperature by working out regularly. 

Wrap Up

These are the most effective ways in which you can easily reduce up to 20 pounds even while having a hypothyroid. However, always try to seek an expert opinion while starting a new lifestyle pattern to avoid complications. 

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