How To Lose Face Fat? 5 Effective Methods To Try!


A sharp face cut with chiseled jaws, sculpted cheekbones, and no glimpse of a double chin and pointed nose is the definition of good looks. Every single person has the desire to get this look. However, the reality is that even if there is fat on the face, it looks bad.

The bulges on the tummy or the stubborn fat on the back of the love handle go away with exercise, but then the fat on the face takes its own time before bidding adieu.

6 Easy Ways To Lose Face Fat

Face fat is an accumulation of excess fatty tissue on the face, giving it a rounder and fuller appearance. Chubby cheeks and puffy under eyes are not a pleasant sight for many, and getting rid of them requires some additional effort.

Ways To Lose Face Fat

Five effective ways to lose face fat are as follows:

1. Well-balanced Nutritional Food

The best way to lose weight from all parts of the body is to eat a well-balanced diet. A healthy body reflects its image from a healthy face. Eating fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables goes a long way in getting a sculpted face and also keeps the signs of aging far away.

Importantly, include a healthy source of protein in the diet, as it helps in repairing the tissues and reducing fat. Protein helps build strong facial muscles, and thus, weight loss occurs. Cut sugar, salt, and fried items from the diet for good looks.

Avoid unhealthy fat and include healthy fat in the diet for fat loss from the face. Sodium is also a culprit. Excess sodium can cause water retention in the body. Limited sodium intake prevents water retention in the body and leaner it gets. Similarly refined carbs like sugar can result in unwanted fat around the belly and on the face. Thus opt for natural sources of sugar like jaggery or stevia.

2. Stay Hydrated

It is a well-documented fact that hydration is key to a healthy body. Drinking plenty of water and fluids flushes out the toxins from the body, especially the face. Thus getting the desired look is possible through glasses of water. Water removes harmful toxins from the body and promotes better fluid circulation thus reducing bloating and puffiness.

Drinking less water causes the body to store water in the body and face, thus making the face look fat. Drinking plenty of water reduces hunger pangs, and thus, fat loss happens. Drinking detox water that is water infused with fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs can help in increasing water intake and give additional benefits of the added ingredient. 

3. Sleep Like A Baby

Sleep deprivation or not getting sufficient sleep can shoot up the cortisol level, and stress hormones in the body can cause binge eating habits or stress eating habits and thus cause weight gain to the body and face. A good sleep at night for six to eight hours prevents water retention in the body, helps detox the body, and burns fat faster, thus getting a thinner and leaner face.

It is not about the fat but lack of sleep can play mayhem with hormones and thus cause puffiness or swelling on the face. Sleeping for extra hours that are more than the desired hours can also cause the face to swell up and result in gaining weight. Therefore sleep adequately so that hormones are not disturbed. 

4. Lifestyle Changes

The best way to lose facial fat is to maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is possible only by making lifestyle changes. An overweight person is bound to have more fat around the face as compared to a person with a healthy weight. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, and stay hydrated for fat reduction. Fruits and vegetables open the gate to chiseled features.

Avoid fatty and processed food which are major causes of ailments. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco to get the desired look. The three can result in a swollen face, which looks fat. It is also unhealthy to consume the three elements as they can trigger several diseases. Avoid stress as it causes weight gain, especially around the face. Stress is bound to happen but handling it is an art. Meditation is the key to a calm and composed mind and body. Meditate regularly and see the aura that it gives to your face and body.

5. Effective Facial Exercises

Facial exercises help tone the face. It is a myth that it helps in spot reduction. Rather, it helps in getting a rejuvenated and toned face that looks thin and lean.

Facial Exercises

Some of the most effective facial exercises are as follows:

1. Lip Pull Exercise

Keep the head straight and lift the bottom lips upwards as far as possible by stretching out the jawbones. Hold the position for fifteen to twenty seconds and do the set fifteen times. The exercise is best for getting A complete facelift, A pointed chin, and sharp jawbones.

2. Chin Lift Exercise

Stand straight and bend the face backward so that the ceiling is visible, then pull the lips to A kissing position to create strain at the jawline. Hold the position for fifteen to twenty seconds; it works best for a defined chin and jawline.

3. Fish Lip Exercise

Keep the head still and suck the cheeks and lips inside the mouth. Do it twenty times a day holding the position for fifteen seconds. It is an exercise to which even the celebrities swear by. The exercise helps to tone and stretch the cheek muscle giving it a slimmer look. 

4. Jaw Release Exercise

Sitting in a neutral position, closing the mouth, and pretending to chew the food. Do the exercise for twenty seconds for ten seconds, and it helps reduce jawline. 

End Result

Spot reduction or losing face fat is not easy. Thus eating healthy and maintaining a calorie deficit is important. Importantly getting on an exercise schedule is very crucial for weight loss. And getting the crisp look.

Starting on a complete weight loss regimen and giving priority to health is important for losing face fat. A well-sculpted face does not result in a day, it is consistent efforts and healthy practices that help in getting a beautiful face.    


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