How To Lower HCG Levels After Abortion? Ways To Reduce HCG Levels!


Pregnancy is a beautiful moment that every woman enjoys with love, affection, and care. During these periods, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels are usually high, which is responsible for the nourishment of the embryo in the womb. However, due to some complications, abortion happens and leads to many hormonal and body changes into the body. After this, it is necessary to lower the level of HCG to reduce the symptoms of pregnancy. 

The normal HCG level in women is considered as 5 mIU/mL and goes to 25 mIU/mL when pregnant. Besides, if you are at the risk of miscarriage or had it happen, then it should tend to decrease following 3 to 4 weeks. But if the test shows normal, it can indicate the following pregnancy. Let us explore in this article how you can lower your HCG level naturally so that you return to your normal routine. 

Some Ways To Reduce HCG Levels After Abortion

Going through a miscarriage can be a devastating experience for every woman. It takes much time to return your hormones back to normal phase and live a healthy life. For this, normal HCG levels in the body play a major role in doing so. Let us look at some ways to reduce HCG levels after abortion-

1] Take Proper Medications And Diet

After a miscarriage, your body undergoes several physical and mental changes. So, taking proper medication after advice from a gynecologist can give you early relief from increased HCG levels. Also, a balanced diet of fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and others acts as a healthy supplement and nourishes the uterus lining, making it healthy for future pregnancy expectations.

2] Have Regular Visits To The Doctor

Once the abortion happens, either naturally, missed, or taking the wrong medications, it is necessary to consult a doctor. You can visit them regularly for medical check-ups and blood tests and ensure your HCG levels in the body. It can ease your emotional well-being and provide your body support by taking supplements provided by them.

Ways To Reduce HCG Levels After Abortion

3] Allow Hormones Levels To Decrease Naturally

Sometimes, you should leave everything to the time when something miserable happens to your body and mind. If you have undergone any miscarriage type, allow hormones to decrease naturally rather than taking medicines. It takes up to 6 months for your uterus lining to build up naturally after abortion procedures. Also, it naturally decreases as the hormones present in the body won’t allow nutrients to supply to the fetus. 

4] Include Fertility Medication

Taking fertility medication is another way to lower the levels of HCG after having an abortion. It is used to alter hormone levels and thereby increase the chances of getting pregnant. Also, in many cases, it is used to rapidly increase HCG levels and thereby decrease when the placenta is removed from the lining of the womb. It allows your body to reach the normal stage rather than waiting for the natural way to reduce HCG levels.

5] Inculcate Yoga, Medication Exercises Or Deep Breathing

If you want to lower the HCG levels in the body after having an abortion, try some yoga, exercises, and deep breathing to get relief from physical and emotional pain. You can perform some morning yoga-like cat pose, seated forward foot, and tears. Similarly, perform light exercises like walking aerobics to get muscles to relax. Moreover, perform medication or deep breathing that would ease you in avoiding emotional stress, anxiety, and torture, which are caused by miscarriage. 

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6] Coordinate With Your Doctor For Blood Tests 

Lowering HCG levels in the body can help get back to normal life after miscarriage. You can visit a doctor and let them perform some regular blood tests to get a report of your hormone changes. Also, it would ease giving the right medication needed after abortion to set your uterus and avoid further complications. 

Bottom Line

Abortion can have a deep impact on the heart, mind, and body of the woman. With the increasing HCG levels, they can undergo many changes. It can give positive results even if you are not pregnant. So, it becomes crucial to have regular visits to the Doctor and lower the levels of HCG. It can avoid further pregnancy issues and keep your body and womb healthy. 

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