How To Prevent Blisters On Hands? Practical Tips Explored!


Got blisters on your hands? Yeah, it’s common! But should you be worried about them? Being a fitness freak you might be experiencing a lot of hand blisters due to lifting. We might try a lot of do-it-yourself home improvement things but still get them unnecessarily. Be it the daily hand movements that can cause blisters or any other activity, these slow down the progress and become an issue. 

But what can be done? Fortunately, there are solutions! Your life can be blister-free with the help of some homemade remedies or homemade strategies! Want to explore them? Let’s get started.

What Is The Reason Behind Blisters?

Blisters are caused by any sensitive ailment- these are friction forces and pressure forced on skin that can occur at any time. People who are involved in repetitive activities or have a routine that involves a particular hand movement all the time may encounter some blisters. You have to know the root cause before going for the treatment.Β 

Practical Tips To Prevent Blisters On Hand

Any prolonged contact with the rough surface can cause blisters and end in pain and annoying things. Let us go through some of the practical tips that can save your hands:

πŸ‘‰ Wear The Right Gear

Wear The Right Gear

Blisters can be seen on hands and feet so make sure to wear proper gear to safeguard the hands and feet. What can save your hands? It is the gloves, you heard right! These miracle little things can help your skin breathe easily and also retain moisture! They can also develop these blisters due to weightlifting. They protect your hands in a manner, like never before. If you have enough padding and protection in your hands, you will be able to save yourself from blisters.Β 

Coming to the feet part, they also need security and can be well protected with the help of well-fitted shoes. These shoes will provide proper support and safeguard the feet. If you are wearing a small, or large size shoe, you will be at risk of developing blisters. Some of the concerned activities for the same might include gardening or other sports activities.

πŸ‘‰ Skincare

Wearing proper gear is one thing and hydrating. Your skin is another. You have to make sure that you are actively protecting your limbs. The limbs should be protected from inside as well and this is when the hydration part comes in. If your skin is properly hydrated, it will maintain its elasticity.

Later it can reduce the risk of developing blisters! You can apply the lotion or hand cream to help your hand be at ease. All the areas where you can see the friction coming in, use these moisturizers to maintain suppleness in the skin. All these measures will help you with the prevention of blister formation. Just drink a lot of water and you will be okay with the hydration part.

Management Of Blisters

  • You should know the proper technique and get guidance from the professionals. Want to know the secret? You can always work on the technique of getting breaks! Make sure to use the equipment properly and get the proper guidance from someone who already knows how to use it.
  • Another thing is to use the tools properly and grip them accordingly. If your grip is incorrect, it can lead to pressure and blisters.
  • Always take breaks between the tasks. You do not have to continuously perform an activity!
  • You can also activate the other muscle groups and use alternative activity therapies. This will prevent the prolonged stress on your hands and can easily help you recover.

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Developing the blasters is common, and one should always make sure to keep the area clean. You can apply the moisturizer and cream, and wash your hands so that the bacteria and dirt cannot be there for long. Make sure to keep the blister area clean to prevent further infections and use the protective bandages. Make sure to follow the preventive measures and get help from the alternatives to protect yourself from getting blisters. Sensitive skin should be treated accordingly and one should not worry about these little bumps.

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