How To Prevent Diarrhea After Drinking Alcohol? Preventive Measures


Diarrhea after drinking alcohol can make your daily life a disaster. People already have hangovers after drinking alcohol, which causes difficulty in performing normal activities. If you suffer from diarrhea along with a hangover, then the situation can get worse. 

You may have to stop going to work due to diarrhea, which can cause a financial loss as well. We will explore this topic in detail, along with some efficient preventive measures for alcohol-induced diarrhea. If you regularly consume alcohol, then these preventive measures can be very beneficial for you, so let us continue.

Get An Understanding Of Alcohol-Induced Diarrhea

Alcohol is the reason for many problems like diarrhea. People know the influence of alcohol on the human body, but they still consume it without worrying about their health. Alcohol enters our body and is stored in the stomach for a long time. 

Alcohol can cause irritation of the intestines and inflammation of the digestive system, which can lead to diarrhea. Also, alcohol can interact with certain foods, especially with spicy dishes, which can be the reason for diarrhea after drinking alcohol.

Top 6 Preventive Measures For Alcohol-Induced Diarrhea

Diarrhea after drinking alcohol is one of the common concerns and usually lasts for a short period of time. You can prevent diarrhea by modifying your lifestyle choices and by limiting or avoiding drinking alcohol. We have prepared some tips that can help you prevent diarrhea after drinking alcohol, so let us explore them.

1] Choose Your Drink Wisely

You may think all types of alcohol are the same, but it is not true. People drink any type of alcohol for the same reason, which is to relax and have some fun. Different types of alcohol have different alcohol content; for example, whiskey and rum may contain 30% to 40% alcohol, while beer may have 10% to 20% alcohol content.

Some individuals can be vulnerable to higher alcohol content, which can lead to diarrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to choose your drink wisely. Opting for low-alcohol beverages like beer and wine can be easy for your stomach to digest.

Stay Hydrated

2] Stay Hydrated

People often drink alcohol with cold drinks and sodas, which can cause extra dehydration. You can face many problems due to dehydration, including discomfort in the digestive system. Therefore, you should drink a decent amount of water during and after the consumption of alcohol. Water can be helpful for your stomach to function normally and prevent dehydration. It can be beneficial for your overall health, including preventing diarrhea after drinking alcohol.

3] Be Careful With Food Choices

You know that alcohol can interact with certain foods, and therefore, you need to be careful with your food choices when you drink alcohol. Include bland foods like bananas and toast on your menu when you drink alcohol. Avoid spicy dishes as they can cause irritation to your digestive system, which can ultimately lead to diarrhea.

4] Avoid Caffeine And Dairy Products

Combining caffeine and dairy products with alcohol can cause many health issues, including diarrhea. Caffeine is known to accelerate metabolism, which is not good in the case of diarrhea. Dairy products like milk and cheese should also be avoided when you drink alcohol. They can upset your stomach when combined with alcohol, so you must opt to avoid such food items when you drink alcohol.

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5] Identify Your Allergies

Alcohol contains many types of ingredients, and if you have allergies to some of those ingredients, then you can face consequences. Diarrhea can occur due to your allergies to several ingredients in the alcohol. If you identify your allergies, then you can choose a drink with ingredients that suit your body.

6] Drink In Moderation

Drinking in moderation is essential to avoid many problems and prevent diarrhea as well. Excessive drinking can cause difficulty for your organs to function properly, including the stomach. You need to limit your alcohol consumption to prevent diarrhea.


Diarrhea is one of the common concerns after drinking alcohol. We have explored this topic in detail to understand its cause. We have also suggested many tips that are helpful in preventing diarrhea after drinking alcohol. Remember that diarrhea after drinking alcohol lasts for a short time, and if it does not stop on time, then you must seek medical help.

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