How To Prevent Hanging Belly? – Effective Workouts And Dietary Explained!

Written by Elizabeth Brown

Hanging your belly can be one of the most annoying and concerning things if you are someone who is conscious of your appearance.

Apart from appearance, it can also be a severe issue for your health in a lot of aspects. A hanging belly can be caused by unhealthy eating patterns, lifestyle patterns, diseases or infections, and so on.

If your hanging belly is not caused due to any serious illness, it can be easily tightened and flattened with the help of some exercises and lifestyle changes.

This article will discuss some effective workouts and dietary and lifestyle changes that can help you achieve the same. 

What Are The Effective Workouts And Dietary For Hanging Belly?

Discover the methods for dealing with a hanging stomach with this all-inclusive advice on efficient exercise and eating plans.

Discover a variety of focused workouts and dietary changes that can assist you in developing a tighter, more toned midsection.

Effective Workouts For Hanging Belly

Leg drops

Leg drops and several other workouts that are similar to leg drops can be quite helpful in reducing the fat accumulated in your belly region.

Apart from leg drops, you can also consider workouts such as burpees. Considering this particular issue of a hanging belly, it would be better to do slow burpees in order to increase the efficiency of the workout.

You can also consider doing toe tap leg raises, which can be helpful in the same way. One of the greatest advantages of these workouts is that you do not need the help of any equipment in order to get this done.

For the same reason, there is no need to join the gym for these kinds of workouts. 

Ab Wheel Pikes 

This is another important workout that you can do with the help of an ab wheel. It is done by bending your body from the point of your waist.

Since the target areas of this workout are your lower and upper abs, it can easily work on the hanging belly issue that you are facing for the time being.

It is also one of the best cardio workouts you can do with the help of simple equipment.

If you can do this workout on an inclined slope, it can significantly increase the intensity of your workouts and thereby bring you faster results. 


Bridges, especially hip bridges, can be highly effective if you would like to reduce the fat accumulated in your body.

It can focus on your ab muscles and tighten them over time. Apart from that, you can also focus on the muscles of your glutes by doing this particular workout.

Thigh muscles would also get enough attention and work out by doing this. Since it focuses on three different muscles and muscle groups, it can be considered a total winner among all the workouts that have been mentioned here.

Along with burning the accumulated fat in these regions and strengthening the muscles there, it can also significantly improve the core strength of your muscles and the overall body if you can do this on a daily basis without fail.

There are a lot of variations for this particular exercise. Hence, make sure you are doing the ones that specifically focus on the ab muscles. 

Intermittent fasting 

This is a way of fasting that also has variants, just like the exercise mentioned above. If you are someone who is doing this type of fasting, it is important for you to fast sometimes on alternative days or on a single day in a week.

In some cases, people are also seen fasting twice a week and having food on the other days. There are also peculiar time periods for eating if you are on this type of diet.

The count of calories that you consume every time may also vary and get reduced in this case. Instead of consuming a whole lot of calories at a time, intermittent fasting suggests you split the calorie intake of a day into several parts and have it accordingly.

This is one of the best and most sensational ways to burn the accumulated fat in your whole body, specifically in the regions of your upper and lower abs.

Even if the results are quite amazing and guaranteed, it is important to have extreme dedication and perseverance in order to follow this particular type of diet and fasting.

Hence, make sure to stick to it for a stipulated period of time if you embark on the journey of intermittent fasting in order to reduce your apron belly, otherwise known as hanging belly. 

Reduce the intake of refined carbs 

It is also important to reduce the intake of refined carbs if you would like to burn calories from your belly region.

If you are someone who is consistent in having refined carbs, it may lead you to frequent pangs of hunger, which may end up with you overeating more than the calorie intake that is permissible on a daily basis.

Apart from that, refined carbs can easily get transformed into a layer of fat that appears, especially in your belly region. It can also slow down the process of your metabolism and thereby reduce the pace of your entire weight-loss journey. 

Have a sugar diet 

Having a sugar diet is one of the most effective things that you can do when it comes to losing weight from your abdomen.

When you cut sugar, especially processed, refined, and added sugar, from your diet, you may notice a significant reduction in the fat percentage of your body in a matter of 2–3 weeks.

Apart from that, it may also increase your metabolism and thereby help you increase the speed of your weight loss and fat loss. 


Now you know what to do and what not to do if you are someone who is struggling with the accumulated fat in your belly region.

Apart from that, you may also notice an improvement in your overall health and wellness when the fat in your belly region gets burned out.

If your hanging belly is caused by any kind of health issue, these workouts or dietary plans may not work for you.

In such cases, make sure you have a consultation with an expert medical practitioner, and then seek the required treatment to get rid of the hanging belly. 


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Elizabeth Brown is a registered and licensed dietitian with over 10 years of experience helping clients successfully achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals. She received her Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Washington and completed her dietetic internship at Harborview Medical Center. Elizabeth specializes in bariatric patient care, working closely with bariatric surgery teams to provide pre- and post-operative nutrition counseling. She has supported hundreds of patients in preparing for weight loss surgery, adopting the required dietary changes, and making lifestyle adjustments for long-term success. She stays up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in bariatric surgery aftercare through her membership in the Obesity Society (TOS) and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). She is an avid speaker and educator, presenting regularly at local and national conferences on topics related to post-bariatric nutrition and weight maintenance.

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