How To Treat Runners Toe? How Does It Caused?


A Runner’s toe is a common problem in athletics, caused by consistently putting pressure on toes. Besides, other sports people like soccer players, tennis, rock climbers, and dancers mostly suffer from this problem. In this case, you may see purple or black toenails or even break off, giving a painful sensation or heavy bleeding.

Also, you may experience swelling of the toe under the nail or growing of the new toe over the old one. If you are suffering from these conditions or want to know everything about runners toe, then you are at the right article. Let’s explore what a runner’s toe is, how it causes it, what tips can be adopted to prevent it, and others.

How Can You Define Runners Toe?

According to medical concerns, a runner’s toe is also termed a jogger’s toenail. It makes your toe look ugly with black and greyish color, leaving you with much pain. Also, it is normally caused by repetitive sport or activity due to pressure, friction, or others. It causes your front toe to get damaged and causes too much pain while walking, running, or doing extra activity.

Causes Of Runner’s Toe

A Runner’s toe can be a reason for much pain, discomfort, and difficulty doing daily activities. Let us see some causes, either natural or injuries, given below-

1] Due To Injury, Trauma Or Infection

Suppose you have suffered any injury due to accidents, wrong running technique, or others. Also, continuously doing the same activity can lead to clotting of blood near the toes and cause blackening of the toes. Besides, certain infections due to environmental factors are other reasons for having black toes and severe pain. 

Causes Of Runner's Toe

2] Too Tight Or Too Big Shoes

Wearing too short or large shoes may lead to discomfort while running and walking and lead to black toes. The size of your leg and toes differentiates and causes them to hurt or not allow blood flow to pass to the vessels.

3] There May Be Fungal Infections

If there are certain fungal infections due to water, allergy, or other, it can cause black toes and leave you with redness, itchiness, and changing color of your toes. It creates bacteria to live and further causes pus or removal of toes. 

4] It Might Be Due To Cancer

The hormonal changes or cancer-causing elements in the body are also other reasons for having a black toe. It does not appear suddenly; you may experience it after a certain period. Also, you can see a band or cuticle extending into the cuticle, which causes a change of color. 

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What Are Some Preventive Measures To Treat Runner’s Toe?

A Runner’s toe has a painful impact on the body of athletes or individuals. Also, they are unable to run, and the best preventions are having rest, using proper shoes and slippers, and others. Let’s see some ways to treat runner’s toe-

👉 Get Shape Of Your Toenail Properly: The first and foremost important element in preventing black toenails is properly getting your nails’ shape. Also, check your nails regularly and ensure they don’t rub on your shoes. 

👉 Properly Lace Your Shoes Before Running: You might run for hours if you are athletic. So, it is necessary to tighten your shoelace properly to avoid certain injuries caused by hitting or overpressing. It could prevent blood from clotting on the nail and does not cause a black color over it.

👉 Take The Help From Professionals: If you are having severe pain, pus, or foil smell on the toe of the leg, it is essential to get help from professionals or a podiatrist. They will drain off the infected area and give proper medication to get relief sooner. 

👉 Let the toenail properly Grow: If a black toenail turns purple or greyish, you can let it grow naturally and trim the affected nail. It will help dispose of infected nails, and new, healthy nails will grow. 

Bottom Line

Many factors can cause black toe, and continuous activity is a major cause of this situation, especially for athletics. Here, if the pain extends for a couple of days, you must take medical advice and get treated sooner. Also, see other factors like unstoppable bleeding, looking infected, having difficulty walking or standing, and others. 

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