Joint Mobility And Flexibility – 5 Best Joint Mobility Exercises To Improve Flexibility


The mobility of our joints can be a very important thing when it comes to general movements. These days there are a lot of factors that can affect the health of the joints. Having joint stiffness or joint pain can also reduce joint mobility and flexibility.

Before you rush to doctors or get over-the-counter medication, remember that there are healthy choices that can improve the mobility of your joints. Also, note that there is no use in starting to do it in their moments when you are at extreme levels. 

Go through the below list of joint mobility exercises and start doing them. 

5 Best Joint Mobility Exercises To Improve Flexibility

Here you can find 5 exercises and each of them is to support the flexibility and mobility of 5 different joints in the body. There is an exercise to improve the mobility and flexibility of shoulders, one for ankles, one for the hip, one for the neck, and one for the spine. 

1. For Shoulders

Doing these shoulder exercises can also improve your posture. 

Flexibility Excercise For Shoulders

For this, you can take a broom. 

  • Stand straight
  • Make sure that your feet are placed apart the shoulder width
  • Hold the broom parallel to the ground
  • Hold it as wide as possible
  • Lift the broom naive your head
  • While doing that, your arms should be straight and your core should be in a good posture
  • While doing that make sure that you have  a good balance
  • Now bring the broom behind your head 
  • As far as you can
  • Maintain the position for 2 – 4 seconds 
  • Return to starting position

2. For Ankles

This ankle mobility exercise can improve your balance when you do other workouts. You no do not need any additional equipment to do this

  • Stand straight on an even ground near the wall
  • With one hand, touch the wall. This is for support
  • Now, gently rock forward onto the toes
  • Make a tip-toe position
  • Now slowly rock backward
  • For this use your heels
  • While doing this lift your toes off the ground

3. For Hip

This hip exercise can improve the total body balance and contribute towards your stability. You do not need to use any additional equipment for this. 

  • Stand tall on a straight floor
  • Keep your feet apart from each other at a hip-width
  • Give pressure to the feet towards the ground and raise one knee towards the chest
  • Form a circle in the air with the raised knee
  • Form a circle like first bring it up and across your own body,
  • Then out to to side
  • Then place it down in the original position
  • Now do the same with the other knee

4. For Neck

With this exercise, you can improve the flexibility of your neck movements and can also get relaxation from neck pain and strain. You do not have any equipment to do this. 

Flexibility Exercise For Neck
  • Sit straight on a straight floor
  • You can also use a yoga mat and sit on that
  • Place your hands on your lap
  • Tolt heads towards one side
  • Keep tilting until you feel it is getting stretched 
  • Now roll the head forward
  • Bing the chin near to the chest
  • Now come back to the original position
  • Repeat the same with the other side 

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5. For Spine 

This exercise can help improve the flexibility of your spine joint. You do not have to use any equipment when you do this exercise. 

  • Bend down on the floor into the hands and knees position
  • The hand should be facing forward, feet should face backward
  • Make sure that your hands are below your shoulders and the hip comes above your knees
  • Now curl your toes under bend your neck and bring the head to a position where you are looking at your abdomen
  • While doing this raise your tailbone, tilt your leg backwards
  • Now bring your belly downwards and come to the original position

If you feel that your mobility has reduced beyond the healthy level that you feel pain when you move, then you are to visit a doctor. Maybe your condition is not due to something related to age, or due to bad posture, it can be something else. Get clearance from your doctor before you start doing these. 

The Bottom Line 

Now you have gone through the list of 5 best joint mobility exercises to improve flexibility for joint mobility and flexibility. These exercises can be performed every day if you wish to get results faster. Or, if you can not find enough time to do this daily, then try to do it at least 3 times a week.

There is no necessity that you should be doing all these only after you feel challenges in joint mobility and flexibility. You can start doing this even before you have any issues. This can only help to improve the flexibility of your joints. 

However, note that if you feel joint pain and when you do this, then there may be something wrong in the way you do this. In that case,  make sure that you are following the right instructions. You can ask someone to monitor you when you do that or can take videos of you doing the exercises and find out if you are doing anything wrong. 


Q. What improves joint mobility?

For you to improve your joint mobility you need to make sure that your joints are flexible. You can do daily warm-ups and stretch the joints. If you cannot do it daily, then do it at least thrice every seven days. 

Q. How do you train flexibility in your joints?

In order to train flexibility in the joints you can start doing joint mobility and flexibility routine exercises. Some of them are wrist flexor stretches facing backward, closed chain elbow rotations, quadruped spinal circles, and quadruped shoulder circles. 

Q. Are flexible joints weaker?

When your joints are looser and stretchy than usual healthy ranges, then it means that the ligaments that are supposed to make the joint stronger have become weak. But the joints need to be flexible to healthy levels. 

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