Best Liver Detox Juice Recipe You Can Try At Home


Do you use liver detox products available in the market that claim to cleanse your liver? It’s high time to realize that such products may not have any health benefits as projected. Tinsay Woreta, M.D., a Johns Hopkins hepatologist says that the United States Food and Drug Administration does not regulate these products. The more alarming part is that they are not uniform and have not gone through adequate clinical trials.

Top 8 Liver Detox Juice Recipes You Can Try At Home

Here we introduce to you some easy-to-prepare liver detox juice recipes. All it takes is a few minutes, and you can make them at home with simple ingredients used in day-to-day cooking. Detox water can be a valuable addition to your weight loss journey, as it helps to flush out toxins and boosts metabolism, aiding in shedding those extra pounds more effectively.

Liver Detox Juice Recipes

1. Amla juice

Amla supports the functioning of the liver by flushing out toxins from your body. All you have to do is sprinkle a pinch of salt on amla pieces, add a tablespoon of cumin seeds to it, and blend. For best results, drink amla juice on alternate days for 15 days.

2. Ginger and lemon drink

A ginger and lemon drink offers the amazing benefit of supporting the detoxification of your liver. Furthermore, the drink strengthens your liver and protects it against damage. Let’s see how you can prepare the ginger and lemon drink. First, squeeze the juice out of half of a lemon. Now, crush an inch of ginger into a glass of lukewarm water and mix all the ingredients.

3.  Olive oil and lemon juice

Take two teaspoons of virgin olive oil and mix it with the juice squeezed out of 1 lemon. Drink the olive oil and lemon juice daily for 10 to 15 days for a month. For best results, repeat the cycle three times a year.

4. Beetroot juice

The presence of antioxidants in beetroot juice makes it an excellent drink to detox your liver. In addition to cleansing your liver, the juice protects your liver against damage from free radicals. Rich in nutrients such as folate, betalains, pectin, and betaine, beetroot juice supports the functions of your liver and maintains its well-being. Also, some studies show that beetroot juice improves the flow of bile which in turn betters the detoxification process. 

5. Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit is the most recommended fruit for maintaining liver health. The presence of naringin and naringenin, the two main antioxidants in it play a major role in supporting liver detoxification. Grapefruit is also a great anti-inflammatory that cuts down the damage caused to the liver and restores its health. Last but not least, grapefruit juice aids in maintaining the health, functions, and well-being of the liver.

6. Mint tea

The next item to try out is mint tea. It is the essential oil in mint that helps flush out the waste. Making a mint tea is pretty easy. Put some water and fresh mint leaves in a kettle and allow it to simmer for a while. When you get to sense the aroma, it indicates that the mint tea is ready.

7. Carrot juice

The Retinoic acid present in carrots offers protection for your liver. To prepare the carrot juice, you need carrots, lemon and ginger. The first step is to peel the carrots and ginger. Now, blend them and squeeze lemon into the juice and your carrot detox juice is ready.

8. Orange juice

Orange juice contains high levels of potassium and Vitamin C that protect the cells of your liver from toxic substances. To make the orange juice, the ingredients required are oranges, carrots, tomatoes, and radishes. Put all these ingredients in a juicer and your detox orange juice is ready.


Hope you are super excited to try out all 9 liver detox juice recipes. As you might be aware, the liver contributes to your overall health. Due to the modern-day lifestyle and irregular eating habits, the human body is prone to high levels of toxins. These toxins can adversely affect the functioning of the liver. Thus, it is advisable to go for a detox at regular intervals. The liver detox juice recipes discussed above are not just easy to prepare but also provide enormous health benefits.

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