Liver Donor Requirements: Evaluating Fitness 


Liver transplant surgeries are now heard more often than usual. And unlike before, these surgeries are also having a greater success rate. The reason for these successes is nothing but the advancement of technology in the medical field, contributions done by new research and studies, the strict abidance of the protocols and requirements for a successful health transplant, and so on.

In this article, we will let you know and understand the mandatory requirements for a liver transplant and how the authorities evaluate whether a person is eligible to become a liver donor. We will also let you know, how the authorities can help someone go from unfit to fit to become a donor through slight deliberate changes in diets and routines. 

The Process Of Liver Donation And Fitness Evaluation 

When it comes to the fitness evaluation of the donors, it does not simply mean physiological examination. The team comprising transplant experts and doctors would do rounds of physical, mental, and psychological evaluation of the willing donors in order to understand whether they are fit for the surgical process, the aftercare, and everything related to it.

These rounds of evolution are done to ensure the health and safety of both the donor and the recipient. It would also help the involved authorities to have a smooth process throughout the surgery without any technical, legal, or health complications. 

The Process Of Liver Donation And Fitness Evaluation

When these procedures are strictly followed, the success rate of the liver transplant surgery would also have a significant spike. These tests of fitness evaluation would be supervised by expert doctors so that you can feel completely safe in their hands. When it comes to the duration of the evaluation procedure, it may differ from to person.

According to the preference of the donor, it may be longer or shorter. However, two weeks can be regarded as the average duration required to complete the entire procedure of fitness evaluation for a liver transplant surgery. 

The Requirements For Liver Transplant Surgery

1. Matching Donor 

The match between a donor and the recipient can be found out by looking at their blood groups. This does not mean both of them should belong to the same blood group. Compatibility between blood groups is analysed through some of the other different criteria. 

2. Medical Examination 

A medical examination is crucial in order to understand whether the donor is physically fit for a liver transplant surgery. There are a group of tests to be completed under this test. Some of the tests in the list can be conducted at a laboratory that is near your location. However, some tests should be strictly done at the laboratory associated with the hospital from where you are planning to undergo the surgery.

Blood pressure, heart rate, and lung functioning tests come under the physical tests of medical examination. Blood and urine tests are also done to detect the risk of any liver diseases in the future. To know the health condition of your bile ducts and liver, MRI scans are also done. CT angiogram comes last in the list of tests and this is performed to know the health of your blood vessels. 

3. Awareness 

An awareness session is also conducted for the donors in order to let them know the health risks of liver transplant surgery in the short and long term. In these sessions, the team of experts would also be patient enough to answer all your doubts and give you directions regarding the procedure. It can also help them have an idea about the mental and emotional fitness of the donor to undergo the procedure. 

4. Psychological Examination 

This session is to understand whether you are donating all by your will or on account of any force. This session would also help the doctors understand the possibility of better aftercare and support that can be availed by the donor from the end of their family or friends.

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Wrap Up

Now you might have understood that being a donor requires a lot of eligibility criteria that need to be satisfied. But, if you really want to be a donor and are not eligible according to certain criteria such as being overweight, you can take the support of dieticians in losing weight. However, being healthy with no past or potential liver disease risks is important and cannot be compromised at any cost. 

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