My Blood Sugar Is Over 300 What Should I Do: How To Reduce It?


The blood sugar level is the necessary maintenance that every individual must ensure to remain healthy, fit, and fine. However, if your blood sugar level rises to 300, it means that your insulin level has increased, leaving you to become a diabetic.

So, it is essential to take proper precautions to avoid further complications. Although diabetes is preventable, if not cured in the early stages, it can make a person physically and mentally disbalance. 

Moreover, to prevent your blood sugar from rising, there are many ways through which you can easily regulate and lead a normal life. However, if you are unaware or want some ideas to lower your blood sugar levels, then you have landed the right article.

Here are the best ways by which you can easily regulate your increased blood sugar level and get controlled from life-threatening diseases.

How To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Immediately?

Normal blood sugar, which is approximately 80 mg/dl, is safe and ensures that a person is healthy and diabetes free. Moreover, there are different types through which you can define blood sugar level, like Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), which is measured after a fasting period; Postprandial Blood Sugar, which is normally measured after Meals; and Random Blood Sugar, which is derived at any time in the day.

My Blood Sugar Is Over 300 What Should I Do

However, if it goes above this measurement or, say, 300, then it is considered as a frequent rise in blood sugar level. Besides, high blood sugar levels show certain symptoms that make a person feel uneasy, mild pain, or improper working of sense. 

So, considering these factors can help you take early warnings and take preventive measures to protect yourself from further complications. 

Is Blood Sugar Of 300 An Emergency?

If the person is suffering from an immediate rise in blood sugar level or above 300, it can have a severe impact on the body and mind. Some of them are given below:

  • It can adversely affect various organs and lead to defunctioning.
  • Further, it may contribute to various cardiovascular issues, nerve damage, kidney problems, and impaired wound healing.
  • Besides, it may affect cognitive functions, such as difficulty in memory and concentration.
  • It can often lead to uncontrolled diabetes.

7 Healthy Ways To Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a serious disease that is often caused due to heredity, improper insulin resistance, and other causes. However, if you have over 300 blood sugar, some protective measures must be taken immediately to control it, which are given below. Also, along with this, you should follow some long-term preventive ideas to maintain your blood sugar levels and live a healthier life. 

1] You Should Stay Calm And Peaceful

If your blood sugar level rises to 300, you must stay calm and peaceful in the situations that you are dealing with. Also, avoid panic as it can elevate the situation, and talk to your well-wisher to resolve the situation. Moreover, take a moment to breathe and evaluate yourself to show that you can tell the situation to others. 

2] Stay Away From High-Glycemic Foods

Saying away from glycemic foods or fat-enriched foods is a long-term protective measure to regulate blood sugar when it gets above 300. You should avoid potatoes, rice, bananas, or other sugary foods. You can opt for low-carb, high-fiber foods and vitamin-enriched foods that help regulate glucose levels in the body.

3] Try To Monitor Blood Sugar Continuously

Another best strategy to regulate blood sugar levels is to monitor your sugar continuously once the treatment is over. Besides, you can use a glucose meter or visit the doctor immediately to treat it. Moreover, they will provide the best remedies to treat or will provide certain precautions to decrease blood sugar levels. 

4] Tell Your Health Conditions Clearly To the Physician

If you have a high blood sugar level above 300, it is necessary to tell doctors or people nearby about your health condition so that they can provide you with immediate treatment. Also, you must communicate clearly about the symptoms, recent actions, or certain medications that you have taken earlier. It will help your physician to give medications or insulin through oral pills or injections and immediately control the situation. 

5] Take Insulin Through A Pump Or Other Ways Along With Balanced Nutrition

When dealing with high blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia, it is necessary to take insulin in the form of an injection or medication that immediately supports a healthier glucose level. Besides, if you are having type 1 diabetes, it can immediately be cured with the help of an insulin pump. Besides, you must take a balanced and nutritional diet so that increases in glucose levels might be decreased. 

6] Must Follow Weight And Stress Management Technique

Managing stress and weight is essential for living a healthier and happier life. But if you are going through high blood sugar levels, you can bother these factors as these change lifestyles. So, try to regulate stress by being happy, talking to healthcare experts, and reducing weight if it has risen. These are long-term qualities that help in regulating blood pressure and sugar levels. 

7] Must Understand Medication Interactions

Some people have medical interactions that can sometimes lead to high blood sugar levels. So, it is necessary to understand medical interactions and duly take protective measures by talking to your doctor. It will help to regulate your glucose levels and keep you safe and healthy, along with avoiding certain infections. 

Bottom Line

If you are dealing with elevated blood sugar levels, it can be indicative of an underlying issue. So, addressing them promptly is key to preventing complications and ensuring a healthier future. The above-detailed information about higher blood sugar levels can eventually help to deal with such critical situations. Besides, preventive measures can help to recover from high glucose cases within the body shortly and safely.

Moreover, to maintain sugar levels in the body, it is necessary to drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits. It will help you to remain active, promote a healthy gut, and boost mental and physical well-being. 


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