Does Your Nose Get Bigger When You Gain Weight?


The question that the nose is getting bigger with an increase in weight cannot be justified alone. This is because the shape and size of our noses depend on various factors such as genetics, type, and age. This delves into the doubt of the nose getting bigger with weight, so sleek below and get the answer to your question.

Understanding The Biology Of Nose

The nose is an essential organ that helps us to breathe. Its other functions are smelling and sensing taste. The structure of the nose consists of cartilage, bone, mucous membrane, turbinates, sinuses, and septum. It has millions of olfactor receptors that sense and process odor molecules and nasal passageways that warm and filter the inhaled air.

Types Of Noses

Types Of Noses
  • Roman Nose

This type is named because the nose resembles ancient Roman sculptures. The Roman noses are a bit bent and curved, which might make it look a bit bigger, and weight does not have a role to play.

The bulbous nose type can look bigger due to the excessive presence of cartilage in the nose. Thus, it can be said that weight gain has nothing to do with nose size in this type.

  • Turned Up Nose

Turned noses are smaller in size and have a dent in the bridge. This type has wide nostrils, which give it an appealing appearance.

  • Greek Nose

Greek Nose is one of the most appealing nose types because it has a straight structure and narrow sides. It often does not have bumps on the nasal dorsum. Apart from this, the Greek nose may look smaller due to a lack of curves and humps.

Impact Of Genetics In Size And Shape Of The Nose

The size and shape of your nose also depend on the genes you inherited from your parents. It has a key role in forming the structure of the nose. There are five genes that determine the shape of your nose, and they are GL13, PAX1, DCHS2, RUNX2, and EDAR. Thus, putting on weight doesn’t change the fundamental structure of your nose. It just changes how other people see it.

Try Controlling Your Weight

Although nose size perception can be impacted by weight gain, it’s crucial to put health and well-being ahead of appearance-related worries. Moreover, leading a healthy lifestyle can enhance the appearance of your face. 

The best-looking skin can be maintained with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and balance. Maintaining hydration and shielding your skin from the sun’s damaging rays are two more ways to look young and live.

Does Age Matter For Nose Shape And Size?

According to studies and research on FARC, nose shape and size can change with your age. With age, your skin can lose its strength and structure, resulting in sagging. However, it can vary with gender as in boys, the shape and size of the nose settles till 14 years; on the other hand, for girls, it may be at the age of 12.  

Is it possible To Make Your Nose Slim?


If you want a slim and narrow nose, then surgery can be an option for you. Plastic surgery or rhinoplasty can be done to alter the shape and size of your nose. In this process, surgeons operate on the underlying bone. And cartilage. Moreover, this has nothing to do with weight gain, as the surgery is mainly focused on changing the fundamental structure of the nose.

Makeup And Contouring

Makeup, too, cannot slim your nose directly but, instead, create an illusion of a slimmer nose. There are several makeup techniques you can use to contour your nose to appear narrower and more sculpted. You can use make-up such as foundation and Concealer, blending, and setting powder to make your nose look slimmer.

Closing Thoughts

After going through the article and analysing each factor of a bigger nose, we can conclude that the nose does not get bigger with increasing weight. However, gaining weight can indirectly create a delusion of a bigger nose, as with weight, your face muscles gain fat, which results in a stretch of muscles and sagging. So make sure to perform regular exercise and have a healthy diet.

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