Nutritional Support for Bone Health In Athletes – Does It Increase Athletic Performance?


For every individual to have a healthy lifestyle, enough sleep, and a balanced diet are necessary, which gives positive energy and a good mind. Similarly, for athletes who peak their body performance in numerous events, energy boosters are needed to keep their bodies and bones healthy. With intensive exercises, nutritional support is important to beat fatigue and perform their best in sports.

When the athlete has low bone density, it leads to stress fractures, and osteopenia which is caused by to lack of vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients that impact energy availability. However, if you are a beginner in athletics or have some experience and need an idea about nutritional supplements for maintaining healthy bones, then this article is right to read. Here, you will know nutritional support for athletics and diminish bone breakdown or odds of fractures.

Nutritional Support For Bone Health In Athletics To Stay Longer In Sports

As an athlete, your nutrition affects bone health and overall long-term performance in their sports. Moreover, calcium is a vital source of maintaining healthy bones over the years, but apart from this, there are many important nutritional supports that you can adopt with the help of specialist practitioner advice to boost energy.

Nutritional Support For Bone Health In Athletics To Stay Longer In Sports

Let’s see some nutritional ideas to maintain healthy bones in athletics-

1] Vitamin D And K

Many studies show that vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency in the body leads to less calcium absorption. So, in athletics, more energy is needed than the ordinary people performing their daily activities. 

Being athletic, if you want to boost your sports, vitamin D intake is essential to maintain healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. The food sources of vitamin D are fish, liver, cheese, and egg yolks. Similarly, vitamin K becomes essential in female athletics to improve bone health. It can be obtained in leafy vegetables, broccoli, and beef liver.

2] Low Acid Diet

A low-acid diet is another essential nutritional support for athletics to reduce the acid load in the body. So, the PH level should be maintained for athletics before drawing calcium out of bones. Some low-acid diets include vegetables, fruits, and protein foods such as cinnamon, curry, ginger, and more. It helps balance out more acidic foods regardless of animal meats, fish, whole grains, dairy products, etc.

3] Boron And Vanadium 

Boron and Vanadium are considered as the bone metabolism for athletes that boost their performance and maintain healthy bone. Some of the food that includes these healthy supplements are vegetables, nuts, beans, mushrooms, black pepper, shellfish, and whole grains. Moreover, if you cannot get into these foods, adding calcium-rich food to your diet, like forfeited food, blackstrap massacres, and vitamin D status, is vital. 

4] Calcium Intake

Calcium is a vital metabolic and nutritional support for every individual, especially for athletes who deliberate their bodies to become the best. It improves the bone, muscles, cardiac function, nerve transmissions, hormonal secretion, and more. Also, it reduces the risk of injuries such as bone fractures, maintains healthy bones after retirement from the sport, and more. It is available in food such as dairy products, dark green vegetables, fish such as sardines and salmon, and more.

5] Phosphorus Intake

Phosphorus is considered another most important mineral needed in every individual’s body. Being athletic, you need more energy to chase your competitors and also maintain a healthy body. Similarly, for healthy bones, too much phosphorus can lower the calcium level in the body. So, a consistent level of phosphorus can reduce the chance of bone fractures, especially for female athletes. It is available in seeds, legumes, whole grains, and others.

6] Iron Intake

Iron deficiency is common in athletes, especially females, and it greatly impacts their endurance sports performance. So, taking the proper supplements is necessary to reduce the effects of low bone density, energy consumption, and more. It is available in foods like lean red meat, leafy green vegetables such as spinach, swiss chards, kale, leagues and beans, seafood, fruits, and more. Besides, it is also necessary to check the iron levels in the body because too much intake can cause uncomfortable and dangerous side effects. 

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The Power Of Nutritional Support For Athletics For Healthy Bones

Every athlete wants to improve their performance and results in the upcoming events in their sports. Maintaining a healthy body and mind is necessary to eat the competitors. However, the above supplements are important for athletes to gain healthy bones. 

Also, talking to the doctors before taking new vitamins and minerals or other supplements is crucial to avoid causing adverse side effects. Moreover, vegans or athletes following vegetarianism must take particular measures to ensure particular nutritional losses. 

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