Preventing Falls And Injuries In Seniors – Common Reasons For Falling


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 36 million falls are reported among older people. This results in approx. 32, 000 deaths each year. Seniors are the most vulnerable to falls because, at this age, the body loses its strength and ability to recover fast. Thus, in this article, we’ll explore ways to prevent falls and injuries in seniors, along with understanding why it is important and its reasons.

Why Is Fall Prevention In Seniors Necessary?

Falling accidentally or unexpectedly can be dangerous for older ages. It can cause painful injuries like fractures and much more. In elders, most cases of hip fractures are because of falling. Besides, if the impact is on the head, then the injury could cost their life.

Seniors at the age of 65 and above are more likely to fall as it is the time when our body is vulnerable, just like a baby. In addition, recovery at this age also becomes a long tail process. Thus, it is important to prevent falls in elders.

Common Reasons For Falling

  • Weakness is one of the common reasons for falling in seniors, as with age, our body gets weak and vulnerable.
  • Most elderly people tend to have poor eyesight at the age. This can cause them to fall by collapsing with objects or misplacing their foot while walking.
  • Improper Balance can also be a significant reason for falling in seniors. With age, the body tends to lose its ability to balance properly.
  • Another reason can be joint pains and cramps that can tense the muscles and lead to falling in seniors.
  • Ignorance of health, such as not paying attention to your sugar and blood pressure. While too much low sugar can make the senior fall, high blood pressure can cause to fall.

Injuries In Seniors By Falling

At the age of 60 and above, our body tends to become weak and fragile. Thus, falling in seniors can cause severe injuries.

Injuries In Seniors By Falling
  • Falling can cause bruises, which can be painful for older age.
  • Muscle strains can also be painful injuries that can be caused by falling.
  • Seniors can suffer from bone dislocations to fractures as, at age, bones lose their strength.
  • If the impact is directly on the head, then the injury can be serious, such as brain damage, blood clotting and skull fracture.

How To Prevent Falling In Seniors?

1] Exercise Can Be A Way

Regular exercise can be a great way to prevent falls and injuries in seniors. This is because work can help them strengthen their core and posture. This will ultimately improve their body balance and structure.

2] Clear The Walkways

Make sure to clear the path that seniors access. Avoid having furniture and huge electronic equipment in the way. This is because the seniors might collapse with them and fall. Moreover, if you have children at your home, make sure they don’t clutter the path with their toys.

3] Provide Sufficient Lighting

Most older people have poor eyesight, which reduces their visibility and makes it difficult for them to find their path. Thus, it is important to have sufficient lighting in darker areas, especially in narrow corridors, staircases and other part of houses which they asses.

4] Prevent Weakness With Diet

Weakness can be managed with a proper diet. Include calcium, iron and vitamin-rich food in the diet of seniors. This can strengthen their body from the inside and also make sure their overall health condition is fit and fine. 

5] Assistive Equipment Are Friends

Assistive tools and equipment such as canes, walkers and handrails can be effective to prevent falls in seniors. These can provide balance and support to them and make their movements easy and hassle-free.

6] Give Their Foot A Good Grip

To prevent falls and injuries in seniors, ensure they wear proper footwear that has a good grip on any type of surface. This can save them from falling by slipping. Besides, wearing a good pair of shoes can make sure that, by chance, if they fall, their ankles are safe from twisting or fractures.

In Closing

Preventing falls in seniors is important because it can be a matter of life and death to them. Falling can cause serious injury to them. Thus, go on to keep your lovely seniors safe from falling with the ways you come across through this article.

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