Red Clover Benefits For Skin: Explore Its Benefits


Do you have purple clover growing around in your backyard? If yes, then you are in for a beauty remedy. Purple clover more commonly known as red clover is a beautiful flower and herb with medicinal properties. We are not talking about small help here, it has claims that can treat cancer and menopause symptoms.

But its popularity increased with the skin benefits and improving the hair texture. You must have even seen the picture of red clovers in many beauty products. This flower holds the power to address the tiniest flaws in a human being. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the health and skin benefits of cow clover. We will also cover the ways to use red clover for your skin and hair health. So, if you are a herb enthusiast, or want to improve your skin health then this blog is for you.

Potential Health Benefits Of Red Clover: All You Need To Know!

Potential Health Benefits Of Red Clover

Red clovers are easily available in the market, both physical and online. These extracts can be found in the form of supplements, essential oils, tinctures, and topical creams. Let us understand the health benefits of purple shamrock:

Skin And Hair Benefits

With this beautiful flower, you can improve your skin and hair health. Isoflavones or estrogen properties are found in red clover which helps to maintain skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Many senior adults drink red clover tea for this purpose, as the collagen production in their bodies has decreased over time. It is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which combat free radicals and soothe inflamed skin.

As far as hair health is concerned, red clover is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium, which contribute to hair strength. Studies have shown that red clover is beneficial for treating conditions like psoriasis and eczema. While improving the blood circulation in the hair follicles, it also promotes healthy hair growth and alleviates the possibility of hair loss. 

Improves Bone Health

Cow clover is rich in isoflavones, a plant compound that can mimic the characteristics of estrogen. Women especially experience joint pain and lower bone mineral density after a certain age, because of the decrease in the production of a hormone called estrogen. 

Studies have shown that taking 5 ounces of red clover extracts for twelve weeks can help with less BMD loss in the spine and neck. Some studies have proven a profound connection between consuming red clover and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis. Therefore, it is safe to say that meadow clover has effective benefits for our bone health.

Treats Menopause Symptoms

Aging is a part of human life, but what comes with aging is not hearts and flowers. Women go through menopause which means they have decreased estrogen production, a primary sex hormone. With this, there are symptoms of hot flashes, mood swings, irregular periods, joint pain, vaginal dryness, and increased fatigue. 

Red clover tea has been traditionally used to treat night sweats and hot flashes for women experiencing menopause. Recent studies have shown that red clover has mild benefits in treating anxiety, vaginal dryness, and depression.

Good For Heart Health

Cholesterol plays an important factor in heart health, and isoflavones in the red clover, it is renowned for reducing lipoprotein or bad cholesterol. The high-density lipoprotein or the good cholesterol is increased with the intake of red clover and ultimately improves heart health. 

This has been proven in the study of 2015, where participants were given 50 gms of red clover for a year, and the result was a decrease in LDL cholesterol by 12%. Although the participants were women who were experiencing menopause, more research is needed to confirm the benefits for other individuals. 

Helps To Combat Cancer

Red clover has anti-cancer properties that can help with reducing the progress of cancerous cells. A study in 2019 concluded that red clover has anti-tumor properties and can act as a stimulant for hormone-dependent cancers.

Meaning, that breast cancer and prostate cancer can be treated with red clover extracts along with the standard medications. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help with chronic inflammation and provide relief for cancer patients.

How To Use Red Clover For Skin And Hair?

Red Clover Benefits For Skin

There are numerous ways to use red clover for your skin and hair benefits. You can even create your own choice of essential oil, cream, scrub, or cleanser from red clover oil. The most popular ways to use red clover for added benefits are:

Red Clover-Infused Oil

These are very easy to make and store. All you need is to dry the clover blossoms and keep them in a carrier oil for a few weeks. Once the infused oil is ready, strain it and apply it as an anti-inflammatory oil for your skin. It can be used for your hair as well, where you massage the infused oil on your head and leave it on for a day.

DIY Red Clover Mask

When you prepare tea from red clover extracts, you can use the residual extracts for a face mask. Dry the extracts and mix them with honey and yogurt for your customized cooling face mask. Keep the red clover mask on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it with cold water. For preparing a hair mask with red clover extract, you can use aloe vera gel and coconut oil. Keep this mask on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it with water.

Final Result

Red clover extracts are helpful for your hair, skin, and body. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can help fight the common cold and even chronic diseases. You can always count on purple clover for effective results.

As a precautionary measure, you should do a patch test before applying the face mask or hair mask. Although it is herbal, there is no harm in being patient. Even drinking red clover extract tea can help you improve your overall health. So, let us start enjoying the tender and nurturing care of red clover.


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