Remedies For Burning Stomach: Find Ways For Natural Soothing


Stomach burning is a common problem that is caused by indigestion, reactions to certain foods, stomach infections, certain medications, and more. It makes your tummy feel on fire and reaches your heart, giving you discomfort. Some aren’t serious and pass through time. Besides, some can last for more than an hour, giving you severe pain and making you feel all sorts of miserable.

Home remedies or professional medication can both relieve the burning sensation in the stomach. Moreover, if somehow you have suffered this ache or are looking for remedies for the burning sensation of the stomach, then here are the best remedies to follow.

Top 7 Remedies For Burning Stomach

Remedies For Burning Stomach

Treatment for a burning stomach can be done through over-the-counter and prescription medications. However, there are many home remedies that will keep the doctor away, and you can take them immediately. Also, it will help restore your natural gastric balance and functioning. Let’s see some of them:

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🔹 Bitters And Soda

Soda is considered an unhealthy drink but often contains herbs such as cinnamon, Finnell, mint, and ginger that help to get a burning sensation in the stomach. It is helpful in recovering from nausea in some people where bitters such as Angostura aromatic, peychaud’s, and others heal up from stomach aches easier and faster.

🔹 Chamomile Tea

If you are feeling a burning sensation in your stomach and heart, then a nice cup of chamomile tea can help get rid of it. It has an anti-inflammatory property that relaxes your stomach muscles and makes them healthy. Also, it reduces the pain of cramping or spasms, and you are back to your daily routine like before.

🔹 Peppermint

Mint leaves are considered naturally cooling remedies that help to aid any digestive problems due to the menthol present in them. So, it is advisable to take the mint leaves with boiled water or prepare a cup of mint leaf tea to cure the burning sensation in the stomach. If you are having a heavy meal, then it can cure acidity or acid reflux. Moreover, you can include jaggery in it because it is also a great way to cure stomach problems or cool down.

🔹 Apple Cider Vinegar

An upset stomach makes you uncomfortable, and you are probably suffering from mild pain. Apple cider vinegar is also one of the best remedies for a burning stomach that heals quickly. It contains citric apple vinegar, which helps to decrease starch digestion and keeps the gut healthy. You can take it with honey on a spoon twice or three times a day.

🔹 Heating Pad

If you are suffering from a high-burning sensation in your stomach and heart, a heating pad would be the best idea to treat it at home. Here, the warmth of your stomach will distract you from any cramping or pain or relax your muscles.

🔹 Brat Diet

The brat diet is normally called banana, rice, applesauce, and toast, which helps to cure the feeling of fire in the stomach. These foods are low in fiber and contain no salt or spices. You can take it individually and try cooking it properly.

🔹 Ginger

Ginger is the traditional remedy that helps to cure everything, whether cough and cold, nausea, stomach ache, or others. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that give relief from pain and discomfort. You can either take it as capsules, juices, or candies.

What Is The Right Time To Consult A Doctor?

Indigestion or overeating is not the reason for visiting a doctor immediately. The above remedies can help you get well soon, but there are certain conditions that require a visit to the gastroenterologist.

Situations such as stomach burning lasting more than 6 hours or coming back throughout the day need to see a doctor. Also, weight loss, feelings of fullness, and others happen, and it calls for consulting a doctor instead of relying on home-based products.

Foods To Avoid

A burning stomach is a natural problem that can happen suddenly. If you know the remedies, then you can easily recover quickly and without any side effects. Also, such foods and drinks must be avoided that cause a burning sensation, like milk and dairy products, caffeine, fried foods, chocolates, citrus foods, alcohol, and more.

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