Risk Factors Of Frequent Urination: Most Common Reasons Explained


Frequent urination is a condition when the individual feels the urge to flush out the bladder more than usual. If someone is experiencing the same thing, it might be an indication of a lot of health risks. This urge to urinate will not just become inconvenient, but it will also cause you pain and a burning sensation in the genitals.

Moreover, you would have to find a restroom to answer nature’s call even when you are out or having an important meeting or appointment. Some people may experience the same condition even during sleeping hours, which is again a difficulty. In this article, we will let you learn about and understand the health risks behind the urge to urinate frequently.

Risk Factors Of Frequent Urination 

Risk Factors Of Frequent Urination

🔹 Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

This is one of the common health risks behind the strong and immediate urge to flush your bladder out. In this case, the individual would most probably be suffering from a higher body temperature too. A typical symptom of this particular cause or risk is fever and chills. Severe abdominal pain would also be expressed in individuals with this medical condition.

🔹 Diabetes 

This can be another valid reason why you are experiencing a frequent urge to urinate. In this case, your body is trying to flush out the unused glucose in your body through urine. Moreover, this symptom can also be an indication of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes found in individuals.

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🔹 Pregnancy 

If you are a lady and belong to the childbearing stages of life, then the frequent urge that you experience to urinate might also be the cause of pregnancy. Right from the early stages of pregnancy, ladies may start to experience this symptom.

This is because of the excessive blood production in their body. In such cases, the kidney would have to filter more blood than usual, which may lead to excessive urine production and thereby the frequent urge to flush it out.

🔹 Prostate Issues

Your frequent urge to urinate may also be a risky warning of your hidden prostate issues. Men with an enlarged prostate may experience frequent urinary bladder contractions and thus feel the need to have toilet visits more often.

This is because of the pressure exerted by the prostate gland against the urethra. Hence, if you are male and experiencing this condition, you might be at risk of prostate issues that require proper medical attention and treatment as soon as possible.

🔹 Diuretic Usage 

Diuretic usage becomes excessive in the human body, mainly through medications. If you are someone who is taking medicines for higher blood pressure or fluid buildup in your body, you can also be at risk of a frequent urge to urinate caused by excessive diuretic usage.

These medicines reach the kidneys through the blood; they flush more fluid from the body than usual. This causes urination to be more frequent and inconvenient for individuals.

🔹 Interstitial Cystitis 

This is again a medical condition when individuals experience the symptoms of frequent urination. Hence, your frequent toilet visits may also be signaling the risk of this particular disease, which can only be confirmed through detailed medical checkups and consultations.

🔹 Stroke 

Neurological diseases such as thirst can also be a reason for your frequent urge to urinate. The nerves that connect to the urinary bladder may get damaged and thus cause the tendency to urinate more. To have an early diagnosis of these neurological issues, these frequent urges to urinate should be treated well.

🔹 Hypercalcemia

If the calcium levels in your body are beyond the normal level, you might experience the same condition and flush out your bladder more often. This can only be detected through detailed routine blood checkups and examinations.

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Even if these are the major reasons behind the sudden and strong urge to urinate, there might also be other reasons causing the same condition. Critical medical conditions such as cancer and thyroid issues may even express the symptoms of frequent urination.

Hence, if you do not address and treat the condition properly, you might be living carefree with the risky signs of serious medical conditions shown by your body. Hence, it is important to treat it with the required care in order to stay safe and to avoid the inconvenience that is persistent with your frequent urge to clear your bladder.

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